Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To reach Achieved, the student could move beyond stating a reason for the development by explaining why the Escalator Scheme was necessary. His vulnerability is reinforced by a two shot of two schoolgirls laughing at him for trying to look more fashionable even though the girl on the stairs states: “what do kids know about fashion?” This dialogue could be understood using dominant or oppositional readings (Stuart Hall – 1980): young people really don’t know about fashion or they can humiliate older teachers because they do. (See exam paper – May 2013), 2) What the examiners expectations are? This could include the conflicts between maintaining our identity while being competitive overseas (7), and the need to sustain film-makers domestically (8). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They have begun to outline the nature of the scheme and included some supporting evidence (1). Course Name: Media Studies Course Code: 8572 Specimen Paper. YOU SHOULD use the links available to understand: 1) What the Questions are? For a more secure Merit, the student could look at wider impacts on the industry. Section A: TV DRAMA TEXTUAL ANALYSIS (50 Marks) – Resources, Unit G322 – Section A – Textual Analysis – Salesian School, Unit G322: Key Concepts – Section B – Film Industry, Practice Questions – Section B: Film Industry, Section B – ‘Film Industry by the Numbers’ – BFI, 5884, Nathan Cordero – ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ and ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’, Case Study – Joshua Davey – Iron Man 3, Ill Manors, Chris Bonning – ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ & ‘The Sweeney’, Eleanor Stapleton – ‘Men In Black 3’, ‘Les Misérables’ and ‘Sightseers’, ‘Man of Steel’ (2013) Dir. Finally, a medium close up of two teachers reveals one trying to persuade the other to go back to his usual dress code while the presence for the first time of only adults in the frame signifies the end of the non-diegetic music. He is framed in medium shot. Skip to main page content | Skip to secondary navigation | Skip to summary access keys list, Download all these exemplars and commentary (PDF, 423KB). ( Log Out /  Please be testing yourself and looking at the way the answers are structured in the exemplars. Candidate B, Question 1 There is clear knowledge and understanding of the task although the introductory paragraph is contextual. It assists teachers to make assessment judgements at the grade boundaries. High Achieved. Tide - exam style comparison question (Eduqas A Level Media ... Media Studies AS and A Level: A2 Media STudies How to get the ... k53 questions and answers for learners licence pdf, glencoe science physics principles and problems chapter 6 answers, ap human geography chapter 4 study guide answers, examen de ingles para tercero de secundaria segundo bimestre, ap biology chapter 21 reading guide answer key, preguntas de examen de conducir el salvador, civil service exam philippines schedule 2019, english grammar worksheets for grade 9 with answers. CONTENTS. (See Slideshare links below). Paper 2: Question Paper Solution: Mark Scheme. ( Log Out /  To reach Merit, the student could analysis of the impact of Netflix and binge viewing by exploring the impact this has had on the television industry, and providing further evidence to support the claims. You must use a different media … This student has identified Netflix as a significant development in the media and has described its use in the industry (1). The student supports their points with evidence from three New Zealand films as case studies (5). David Fincher), AS Film Studies Exam – Past Papers and Exemplar Answers, Section B: British Film – Identity Study – “The Troubles”, Set Adrift On Memory Bliss - PM Dawn (HQ Audio), Itzhak Perlman plays Flight of the Bumblebee, Go to for more information on the expectations for, Visit for a breakdown of EACH Technical Area and the terminology you need to apply in your analysis when deconstructing the. However, the connotations of age and wisdom are disrupted in this scene as a close up reveals a girl who describes her parents as a “dad who never comes home” and a “mum who is a ho-bag”. The camerawork challenges the traditional meaning of low angle and high angle by representing the subject shot in low angle (the teacher) as vulnerable; he is trying to appeal more to his pupils by dressing younger. It is assumed the student has taken notes on the second, thrid and fourth screenings and on each occasion added to his/her initial observations by splitting the notes page into one column covering textual analysis and opposite, in the second column, identifying how each aspect reveals a representation. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. The student has identified and described the development by outlining social media in action (1). ( Log Out /  G322 QUESTION 1 5 EXEMPLAR 1 5 COMMENTARY 6 EXEMPLAR 2 7 COMMENTARY 8 EXEMPLAR 3 9 COMMENTARY 11 EXEMPLAR 4 … Sun, tearfulness. For a more secure Achieved, the student could focus on one of the developments using social media to market New Zealand films and develop this in more detail. The pupils wear their uniforms casually rejecting stereotypical conformity with one girl wearing larger hooped earrings. A low angle shot of tan leather shoes walking slowly but confidently across the floor suggests connotations of authority. The Big As Media Studies Quiz - ProProfs Quiz. The older teacher uses his stereotypical calmness and authority to deal with the situation while diegetic dialogue parallels the anxiety that the editing represents with phrases uttered by the teacher like “where is his inhaler?” The club music is edited into a piece of music with more hip hop connotations and is used as a sound bridge to the next scene cutting to a low angle shot of a man in front of a set of doors. Pay particular attention to the A2 Case Studies & Exemplars section which has loads of exam stuff, including example questions and exemplar (love that word) answers. Zack Snyder – Event Movie Case Study – “Summer Blockbuster”, ‘Stalingrad’ (2013 – Distributed by: Columbia Pictures) Revision, ‘Taken 2’ (2012) – Film Franchise and Co-production Deal Case Study, Film Four – Low Budget Indie Case Studies, Ken Loach – British Film, Director and Studio Case Study – ‘The Angels Share’ (2012) and ‘The Spirit of ’45’ (2013), Mrs Brown’s Boys Da Movie (2014 – BBC & Universal Co-Pro) – Case Study, Unit G322 – Other Resources and Key Terms Glossary, ‘Kickstarter’ – ‘Citizen Journalism’ (Gillmor – 2004) Case Study, Exemplar ‘A’ Grade Answers – Summer 2013 onwards, Julian McDougall – Media Theory – Unit G325: Section B, Netflix – Student Case Study Exemplar Blog Page, “First Run-Digital-Movie-Release” – Case Studies, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – Case Study, Yahoo and 20th Century Fox – ‘XMEN’ Marketing, Section B Lesson Resources – 2014 onwards, Section B: Critical Perspectives in Media – Lesson Resources, Daniel Ah-Wan – ‘iTunes’ and Music streaming media such as ‘Spotify’, Deanne Sequeira – The rise in New Media and the impact on traditional media, Useful Links and Information – Section A and B, A2 Film Studies Exam – Past Papers and Exemplar Answers, FM4: Varieties of Film Experience: Issues and Debates, Section A: Urban Stories – Power, Poverty and Conflict, Section C: ‘Fight Club’ (1999 – Dir. The student has evaluated the scheme in terms of potential damage to the industry and its professionals by undervaluing their skills (3), the benefits of encouraging young filmmakers (4), the diffusion of risk (5) and the need to have a competitive and diverse film-making industry (6). They have begun to explain how and why the development has occurred through generalisations of what the situation was for the industry prior to the development (2), the cost effectiveness of using social media (3), and the reach of social media (4). The pupil’s body language is stereotypical as he leans against a wall while the non conformist way he wears his tie (not tied up properly, big knot) has stereotypical connotations of rebellious youth culture. TV mini mock: exemplar answers Teacher example 1 Compared with the past, David Gauntlett argues that in the media today ‘we no longer get singular, straightforward messages about ideal types of male and female identities.’ The student work shown does not always represent a complete sample of what is required. The student has analysed the significance of crowdfunding by exploring how it has enabled film projects to be made (2), its impact on supporters of the project (3), its role in supplementing the funding of film projects (4), and providing a learning platform for emerging film makers (5). In the following scene we see a male teacher positioned higher than his pupils behind a desk in a stereotypical classroom situation. GCE Media Studies OCR GCE in Media Studies H140 Unit G322 – Exemplar Answer and Commentary – Candidate B – High Level Answer 2.