Custom Deliveries. 66-70. This requires a Guild Hall Rank 14 and costs 20 Masterwork resources. After unlocking Masterwork Recipes II, you can buy the Masterwork Recipes III from the Artisan. There may be better rotations or macros currently out there, but these work, and these work well. Just like the last time this was posted, I need to ask why there's such a focus on 'no food' when there's a vendor food that gives 43 CP. Also, with the release of newer, more difficult recipes, be aware that these macros may become obsolete in the near future (probably in like a month, who knows). Hawke must find crafting recipes and resources and then take them to crafting stations in Dragon Age II.Once a resource has been located, all crafters will be able to use it. You can even address that issue by removing all of the over-melds from the 'no food' macros by replacing them with Tempura Platter and you end up with 7 CP extra. Dwarf Quests. It's outdated material, but rotations still work for leveling and can be tweaked to get you where you need to be. Lv.70, 80 durability (also works on