I've just made labneh for the first time and your tips for marinating were very handy. Secondly, you made it with Fage? What a great little blog you have here. 2. That's also a nice alternative. Here's yet another Ellie recipe that is on my very very short list of must makes! Thanks for stopping by ... and sharing your feedback. Can't wait to try my little labneh balls once they've infused the flavour! Fill one mason jar with harissa and lemon zest, top with balls of cheese. Labneh … Pour olive oil over the mixture and cover. Add labneh balls to a cheese platter, serve with fresh Challah or alongside olives and crudites. And I love Greek yoghurt too (definitely have to get my daily fix in! Seal the jar and store in the fridge. In fact, I have got so obsessed with the stuff of late and have started adding it to just about anything. I, like you, do not like to waste oil, or any ingredient for that matter. Don’t be afraid to try this recipe, because although there are a few stages to the process, it’s … Add labneh balls to a cheese platter, serve with fresh Challah or alongside olives and crudites. Also, don’t forget that the marinated olive oil can be used to! Roll remaining cheese balls in fresh dill and chives, place in third jar. Separate the cheese into three equal parts. We then spice it with fresh garlic, parsley and salt. Thank you for your recipe! The oil will become liquid once again. I don't know why, but I tend to get excited when I make homemade cheese or yoghurt.... or kefir for that matter. First of all, I love labneh. Half-fill a jar (large enough to fit all the rolled labneh: about 10cm wide and 12cm high) or airtight container with olive oil and drop in the balls. Unavailable per item To create this award-winning Mediterranean soft cheese, we make yogurt with pasteurized cows milk and drain it through cheesecloth until it is thick. Aside from using labneh in the traditional way on mezze and cheese boards, I have been smothering my poached eggs and toast with it in the morning, and slapping it on the ol’ jacket potato. I can't wait to use them on the mamaliga bites! Try to roll them of similar size. Any suggestions? I guess I feel the results are worth it. It's delicious and I hope you enjoy it as well. It's another alternative if you don't want to use oil. I have and the contents solidified? Lightly flour your work surface and roll out the dough into a round slab making sure its thin. Yes, since the oil is refrigerated, it will keep for quite a while so you can use it for another batch. Put the bowl with the sieve placed on top and the yoghurt ball in the fridge for 12-24 hours. Once the labneh is ready, remove it from the cloth and scoop out the labneh onto a plate. You can hang the ball off a wooden spoon, but I find it much easier to leave the ball sitting in the sieve and then place the sieve over a large bowl. You can't beat homemade goodness:). Thanks for the recipe, I make this cheese a couple weeks ago and I eat it with home-made English muffin.Atika. Pour olive oil over cheese and cover. 3. Keep for up to 1 week or so. In a large bowl put the flour, sea salt, yeast, sugar, water and olive oil and mix. We used to eat this dish when we lived in Saudi. Use it for salad dressings, drizzle on top of pasta or splash some wherever you use the labneh. Marinate for at least 8 hours or up to 1 week in the refrigerator. I really enjoyed making this cheese as it wasn't hard to make at all. Cover, refrigerate and leave to marinate for 24 hours before eating. 2. So easy to make there is simply no excuse to not try it yourself! Place the dough in a clean bowl and lightly oil it. wow...i didn't realise this was so easy to make...my mama used to make this...can't wait to try it this weekend... Oh, I simply love greek yogurt, so making these cheese balls will be great! Serve as a tasty and classy appetizer with toasted bread/baguettes/crackers or with pita bread. balls with your hands or a cookie scoop. To a sterilized jar, add herbs/seasonings and most of the oil. Serve spread on crackers or crusty bread and topped with a sprinkling of sea salt. Then twist the cloth and make a knot so it forms a ball (yoghurt ball). Since most of the seasoning has the tendency to settle at the bottom , I like to "roll" the closed jar gently or turn upside down a few times to redistribute the seasonings. Heat the oven to the highest temperature. I assume you need to keep it in the fridge, right? I used the smoky paprika, chilly flakes salt and oregano to marinade. They have such a wonderful taste and they are fantastic on plain saltine crackers! 4. I made the cheese many times and continue making it, but I only marinated it like you once. 3. Try adding some balsamic vinegar and using it as a dip for crusty bread...yet, another appetizer. Marinate the labneh with whichever herbs you like best. Pour olive oil over the mixture and cover. You are welcome, Atika. This stops the yogurt taking on any odors from the fridge. Lift your eyes toward heaven and believe the One who holds eternity. 1. Place dough onto a baking tray and put into the oven for 7-10 minutes. I wish I had thought of that!!! I didn't realize how soft the cheese was going to be (like cream cheese). Marinated Yoghurt Cheese Balls(Labneh)...a great Appetizer. Leave yoghurt to drain in the fridge for a minimum of 1 day or if possible up to 3 days. Before I know it, I've used all of it. I also love Fage. And thank you for your kind comment:). If I don't plan on making a new batch right away, I will usually use the oil marinade for: 1.salad dressings,2.as a dressing for roasted/grilled vegetables3.as a marinade for chicken, fish,4.for stir-frying 5.as a pasta sauce(I will add some minced garlic to it)and other ways:)...If you want to try another alternative without(the oil), try rolling the cheese balls in various chopped herbs or nuts. Place the cheese balls in a jar and fill with olive oil, an additional teaspoon of za'atar and the chives. I've been making this for years. Fresh bread, olives, pita bread – or chuck it on what ever you please! Ellie, imi plac foarte mult retetele tale :), Mihaela, Esti o scumpa!...Multumesc pentru vizita. Pour away the whey that has drained out, I do this a few times over the 1-3 days as it fills up quite quickly. Lay  the balls on a plate and place uncovered in the fridge for a couple of hours. For mine, I didn't add too much salt, just because I made a small batch and knew it wouldn't last long:). So I place the jar in front somewhere in my fridge so I see it... and use it. Hi Ellie! Happy you tried the recipe. Cover, refrigerate and leave to marinate for 24 hours before eating. I've also skipped the marinade and rolled the cheese balls in minced fresh herbs. Store bought labneh can be delicious but is usually a fairly soft consistency. ENJOY! ~Ellie, Imi place ideea asta, arata superb! Used spices brought back directly from the Mediterranean from last business trip. Place the cheesecloth bundle into a mesh strainer over a bowl. Marinate for at least 8 hours or up to 1 week in the refrigerator. Love me some soft cheese. Thanks so much for sharing - currently curing in fridge and looking forward to adding it to meatless Monday dinner tomorrow! Sa sti ca mi-a placut foarte mult branza asta....este usor de facut si mai ales ca poti sa le schimbi adaugand diferite erburi.