Program start: Fall semester (September)Academic Calendar, Semester fee: €190,30 (further information) Tuition fees for international students from non-EU countries: €1,500 Tuition fees for a second degree: €650, Read more about the bachelor’s program in Business AdministrationBrochure on the bachelor’s program in Business Administration. for young professionals in the fields of accounting and taxation, 30 month part-time online Master program (M.Sc.) Contact the International Office at the Business School for further information. They spend the fifth semester studying abroad, and write their bachelor's thesis in the sixth semester. Besides we discussed cultural differences in social behavior, communication and business practices) Inclusive Business Model (how to target the Bottom of the pyramid with profitable business models. When her employer, DCL International, Inc., asked Tawnya VanGroningen to move from Canada to Germany to develop and grow the European business, she already held a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and had 7 years of work experience at the company in technical, sales and management roles. At the beginning, I had to get used to all this but this was exactly what made my experience in Bangalore so particularly Indian. Die Mannheim Business School bietet mehrere englischsprachige Master of Business Administration-Studiengänge an: den „Mannheim MBA“ als einjähriges Vollzeit- und zweijähriges Teilzeitprogramm, den "Mannheim Executive MBA", mit der École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales (ESSEC) in Cergy (Frankreich) den berufsbegleitenden „ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA“ und mit der Tongji-Universität in Shanghai (Volksrepublik China) den „Mannheim & Tongji Executive MBA“. I arrived in India on a Friday, got my room in the new hostel block and explored the campus a bit. Besides that, I took the chance to do some bargain shopping in the city Centre to buy both, Western and Indian clothes and accessories. [3] Die Lehrveranstaltungen werden größtenteils durch Professoren der Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre durchgeführt. IE-Programme setzten auf Markt­trends, und ermöglichen eine neue, praxisnahe Ausbildung unter Anwendung innovativer Methoden. Mirko Strube started his career as Inhouse Consultant at MVV Energie AG and was convinced that in order to take his career to the next level he needed to expand on his leadership skills. No matter what your current career goals are - as Germany's leading business school, we will enable you to achieve them. The bachelor’s program in Business Administration provides students with a comprehensive education in business and economics, and also includes soft skills seminars on topics such as conflict management and time management. Another great aspect is that you can choose from a wide range of modules, from accounting and taxation, to commercial law, to management. At IIMB you bid for the courses you want to take by allocating a maximum number of 1000 points to three to five courses of your choice. At the end of the week, we were allowed to change up to two courses in the add/drop process. I was very happy and much more relaxed after the exams were over. Today Tawnya VanGroningen is Managing Director of the European subsidiary of DCL International Inc., DCL Europe GmbH. Personally, I like Indian food and spicy food. My strategy for the bidding process was to select courses offered from Wednesday to Saturday and allocate 70 percent of my bidding points for my two favorite courses that were ranked highly and allocate the rest to the remaining three. There was a mock bidding which helped us to get a feeling which courses are worth what number of points. At the beginning I had the plan to use the weekends to travel in the south of India, however, due to the workload of the five courses I was not able to do so. The Business School at the University of Mannheim has been accredited by three accreditation agencies, earning itself the internationally sought-after triple crown. At night, starting at around 10:30 you can get rice, noodles and dosas at the night canteen for which you have to pay extra (for noodles about 0.30 € – affordable even for students).