The best Kala ukulele will not be the lowest cost. From tiniest to largest, these are a soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. But once you determine what are important features that matter to you make it easier to decide. ONE ukulele. I do zip it up in its gig bag when not being However, an advantage that you’ll get when choosing Makala over Kala is that you’ll get to save money because it’s cheaper. The custom dolphin bridge gives it that playful touch, but serious sound that beginners and professional uke players will appreciate. amzn_assoc_bg_color = "FFFFFF"; I received a Makala concert ukulele for my birthday this past May. The Makala baritone is one of the cheapest models you can find for baris. In fact, it’s not only a good but a great ukulele brand for so many years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You cal also opt to join Makala communities online and buy cheap secondhand Makala ukeleles from other users. The attention to detail and the company’s passion for creating the best ukulele in the world have only solidified their standing in the ukulele industry. On some frets there are a couple of light buzzes, but nothing to drastic. If you are buying for a classroom of children, then buy them in multiple colors and it will have quite the effect. Strings sound awful, so I tried Aquilas – now my lovely Makala sounds great. Uke guy at a local store tells me he displays them out of reach because they show every little ding. The ukulele had a born-on date of July 2007, so you have an idea of what vintage my “hatchet” is. I recommend Reasonably priced, this Tenor sized ukulele is a value for money and is great for both beginners and advanced players. If you enjoy the design and look, then order it and you will be quite pleased. Dark brown, pretty wood, brass frets, geared I’m interested in getting myself a beginner’s ukulele. There’s no store that selling light blue burst. This will always be subject to endless debates and everyone will not be able to come up with a consensus. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ukhu-21"; If yes then solid wood may not be the ukulele build you’re looking for. It’s looks so pretty and sounds great considering the price. Outlined with a crappy white decal. We definately pick up the Makala’s to muck around on, I find them very good to pick on (mainly I have to use them as my other is a Kala 8 string tenor & my son wont let me use his flash one he bought from Alistairs in Cuba St that often). ... And there are reviews made by Kala ukulele … In the world’s current business set up, globalization has made China the go-to country when it comes to producing brands from big companies. What you need to think about is that if the brand makes ukeleles that look good, sound goods, and feel good, don’t hesitate to check it right away. Aside from design, the materials that make up a ukelele affect its sound. This product uses a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Absolutely super as first ukes. add visual interest to the sea of wood. It's my first ukulele and I don't regret buying it at all. Many artists and groups like The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Hirie, and Twenty One Pilots play Kala ukuleles. [Is that howls I hear from the traditionalists?!] Nylon strings feel very cheap. Honestly, I think I would cry if my makala ukulele ever got broken or stolen. . I jinx myself. It means I can play it using mandolin chords and fingerings without having to learn another instrument! The The paint does chip too unless its really looked after – but great to take if u think u can con someone into playing with you. This means that the sound is great and it's highly durable and should last for a long time. Makala baritone ukeleles are ideal for singing in low pitch. At this price there is a chance for more and potentially worse defects. If you are a first time player this is a great budget uke to start with, not crazy cheap but not overly expensive. If you want a quality model with a great sound at a reasonable price point, this could be the ideal choice. Is it comfortable for your arms? You can take it to the beach, the river, the lake, or the mountains. If we had to choose one ukulele from our review, it would be the Makala MCK-C. We’ve reviewed it first for your convenience, but to sum it up, this model exemplifies Kala’s beginners’ line and is both affordable and high quality. The affordable price makes it is well within reach of most players and can be a great way to give the ukulele a try before you break your budget. I'm so happy! I hope that my Makala shark ukelele review and Makala dolphin ukelele review gave you all the necessary information for making a smart purchase. Read the Makala shark ukulele review and Makala dolphin ukelele review in this section to get an idea about the best Makala ukeleles in the market. Its a pretty solid uke. It does however come in blue and the regular wood color. Made of solid Mahogany wood producing a better quality sound than a, Made of solid Mahogany wood producing a better quality sound than a laminate or plastic constructed ukulele, Well-made brass fretwork results in even spaced and smooth frets for comfort, Soprano size may not be suitable for adults with small-sized hands, Solid wood build from Mahogany makes it a high-quality piece, Stunning ebony construction means quality, Satin finish gives it an antique look and feel, Great sound with sweet highs and mellow lows for a full rich sound, Strings go out of tune quickly but become stable after consistent use, Great sound and excellent over-all quality, Less prone to warping due to dry weather and humidity, Satin finish with bright, contrasting cream binding make it a gorgeous piece, Flexible in-between size is good for small and large hands, Sleek matte finish made from highly durable materials, May not be suitable for tall players and those with big hands, May take frequent tuning to achieve a more stable and accurate tune, Solid wood Mahogany means high quality and great sound, Great for beginners and advanced ukulele players, Comparable to higher-end competitor at a better price, May not be suitable for small adults and those with small hands, Original artwork makes it a one-of-a-kind piece of art, May not be suitable for tall adults and players with big hands. It’s hard to believe how a small piece of a musical instrument can produce a powerful sound that is not loud but is also not muted. That’s why you shouldn’t leave yet. Great sound, easy to play. The uke amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; If not, no problem we can look in to some other well-known uke companies, eventually you will spot one you like! Ideal for those looking to make the transition into soprano instruments, whether you are a total newbie or just fancy a change. Furthermore, the mahogany neck is resistant against bending and ensures that Makala Green Surf Shark Ukelele doesn’t sound out of tune due to continuous usage. This will surely give you more perspective in deciding if it’s worth buying your very first Kala ukulele. Better not do that when I graduate to a more expensive uke! Great little Uke. The white one is awesome. It wasn’t hard to name this model our top pick, and you’ll see why with the first strum. I am the Music Man. But hey I don’t mind helping to spread some smiles.”. happy little friend to have. These similarities are unsurprising as the man behind Kala, Mike Upton, started the company after leaving Hohner, Lanikai’s parent company. Kala ukuleles are made in California in all sizes; soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and their own invention the U-Bass. Kirk Shimabukuro demonstrates a tenor Makala ukulele. Required fields are marked *. And Makala concert ukeleles are perfect for recitals. I cannot wait to play it some days. All of the Makala’s are simple laminated ukuleles with no frills, they put all the focus into making low prices sound good. , what is the tuning on an MK-C Concert. So don’t just take our word for it, do yourself a favor and read reviews found online related to Kala ukulele purchase. this ukulele for travel, as it will deal with temperature extremes I live in a stererotypical NZ house, where, The Kala Soprano Starter Kit in Satin Mahogany, with open-gear tuners and Graph Tech Nubone nut and saddle, is more than adequate for a beginner to start with. The customer gets what they pay for so try and always save enough to have a great instrument from the start. is easy. Does your finger smoothly transition between frets without any problems? It’s perfect for me – inexpensive, decent quality, good sound. It will hold up well to weather extremes (within reason). We are featuring nine (9) Kala Products that are a testament to the company’s expertise in producing different types of quality ukuleles for beginners and professionals.