Thus the lesson for us from this miracle is that all of us who have experienced Christ’s transforming power should proclaim it. 4:1), false worship (1 Cor. That touch was different from those who merely happened to accidentally touch Him. Instrumental Version - read the comments! 8:44; Lk. Acts 14:14+  But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of it, they tore their robes and rushed out into the crowd, crying out. It is 26.5 feet long, 7.5 feet wide, and 4.5 feet deep, with an elevated stern. Puritan poet John Keble captured this in one of his poems in which he watched the future as it drew near. We read that as he sailed over the Lake of Gennesaret in a ship with his disciples, “he fell asleep.” Sleep, we must be all aware, is one of the conditions of our natural constitution as human beings. The sea is at rest but the disciples are all churned up. "They were laughing in his face" (Hendriksen) Laughing is in the imperfect tense indicating that they kept on laughing at Jesus (they are no laughing now!) You go back “clothed and in your right mind”! Help us; please!” There is something interesting here in this story. of We think that we can handle it and that is a giveaway as to where we are spiritually. They never learn to swim or fish in deeper water where the real blessings are. Better to go through the storm with Christ than to have smooth sailing without Him. We often can't really believe in Jesus until we give Him all of our fears and concerns. (Believer's Study Bible), Hughes - You and I are Jesus’ family if we hear and do his Word (Ed: Doing does not save us, but doing demonstrates we are saved and have been given the Holy Spirit Who alone can give us the desire and the power to do God's will! The idea of “pressing” is seen literally in Acts 7:57: when the angry listeners wanted to cut off Stephen’s words, they pressed their ears between their hands to cut off hearing. It could be because they didn’t want to leave the area where they had been successful in doing their mischief among the people. Cookie Notice: Soul-winning is generally accomplished not by argument, but by testimony. I mean, you’re going to be ridiculed; they’re going to revile you. Was drowned (choked) (638) (apopnígo) means to choke or suffocate,   to stifle by drowning. ii. Demonic possession is when a demonic spirit resides in a human body, and at times will exhibit its own personality through the personality of the host body. Diegeomai - 8x in 6v - Usage: describe(1), described(3), gave an account(1), relate(2), tell(1). There was no need for the disciples to be afraid. 8:4; 2 Ki. I thought about something the other day. (BEC), To command (to order)(2004)(epitasso from epí = upon, over + tasso = arrange, appoint or place appropriately) literally means to arrange upon, i.e. "It was a jam!" I beseech thee, torment me not. Thou Son of David, turn thine eye and look upon the distress which is now before thee, and make thy suppliant whole. 22:19; 1 Chr. for Jesus is "more precious than silver... more costly than gold...more beautiful than diamonds" for in Jesus "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." i. 1:2; 2 Sam. Q: What great things has He done for you lately that you can tell others about? So clearly his testimony elicited a reaction and notice he did not go as a missionary only to his home town but throughout the Gentile province of Decapolis! And, apart from the erroneous theology, I would never want to be a Jehovah’s Witness! (Ibid). The demon did not want to leave his "host.". 13:5-6). Mk 5:18+ "As He was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed was imploring Him"  that he might accompany Him. He threatened them and they didn’t want Him to get too close. The wife says, “Let’s pull into this service station and ask how to get there.” He says, “I’ll find it, dear. Women who ministered to Jesus. Nothing I desire compares with You. (2) The Storm Wasn’t Going To Last Forever.       Throughout the whole wide earth. Sumpleroo is used figuratively in the other two uses describing a span of time in God's planning as being fulfilled or coming to an end. CHRIST had cast some demons out of a man. But He always does it tenderly. In context it is the Word of God, specifically Jesus' teaching. 18:15; Lk. Because Jesus knew that he had a more important ministry with his own family and community. Storms aren’t fun, either at sea or in real life. It’s easy for spiritual pride to slip in, where our knowledge of the Bible fools us into thinking that we are spiritually mature because we know so much (cf 1 Cor 10:12). I need to fill you in on something that learned as I was studying this particular story. John MacArthur on the timing of this event in the Gospel narratives - Both Matthew (Mt 12:46–50) and Mark (Mk 3:31–35) place this event involving Jesus’ mother and brothers earlier in His ministry, before the parable of the soils.