Now - in March 2018 it is no longer cooling. moony73, if the refrigerator portion still isn't cooling properly, LG is providing warranty labor coverage up to 5 yrs., from the date of purchase, for sealed system issues on refrigerators.If you still need a repair, … Often I have found the compressors bad on those units not pumping any of the freon causing the unit to be … The compressor was replaced 5 days ago on Friday 1/4/2019. Five days later I am without a refrigerator and freezer again and have lost $200 -$250 in groceries. 4 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 21, 2017. It took three visits from multiple repair people to fix and replace the compressor, leaving him without a working refrigerator … My 14 months old LG refrigerator, a french door model (with freezer at the bottom) has stopped cooling… Either the unit is out of freon or the compressor is defective and not pumping freon. When Gary noticed his LG refrigerator not cooling in December 2018, he says a Sears repair technician determined the refrigerator’s compressor to be the problem. I have photos of the water leaking out of the ice maker on the door as well.” I bought my French door LG refrigerator in Jan 2018.