You bought an expensive guitar and should get something like this working as you would expect. Check your inbox for an email for me—you'll need to confirm your subscription there. Nur für Abholer. ... Intonation is the last thing to set so get your action, relief, nut and pickups sorted out first. Also the TC Electronics PolyTune, or Boss TU3 would do the job. Vintage Epiphone Firedbird? I think it was mentioned earlier in the thread, if not, it was another thread, and bears repeating here. Possibly repeat previous steps to make sure relief is OK and string height isn't going out of whack. 2-Wege Sustainiac Switch (On/Off) Thanks a lot. Du findest ihn unter einer kleinen Kunststoffabdeckung, dem „Trussrod Cover“. Richtet man den Blick parallel zu den Saiten entlang des Halses, also lugt man mit einem Auge zugekniffen über den Sattel in Richtung Bridge, so erkennt das geschulte Auge einen mehr oder weniger ausgeprägten Bogen. That is an awesome top, congrats on the new Lester!! I find Peterson and TC Electronics stuff to be best, for me, for this. I keep the Snark on my workbench though and use it when I'm stretching strings and to get the intonation at least close before I hook it up to the Peterson just because the strobe tuner can spark a migraine for me. It happens to everyone who plays a stringed instrument. I have three Gibsons, and have had great experience with all of them. And, as a last resort, you can have the original holes plugged and the bridge re-mounted. Since it's not right on the middle I might think it's a bit off. are you trying to set intonation with new strings? Hier ist jedoch Vorsicht geboten. That will throw the reading off. 1 Volumen- und 1 Tonregler What about string height, neck relief??? I have both the StroboPlus HD and the Strobo Clip, the only tuners I’ll trust. However, on either bridge, you’ll occasionally have to flip one yourself. This can be a bit tricky—drop your bridge pickup down a little if it helps get to the screws and be careful not to scratch or dent the pickup. Frische Saiten sind enorm wichtig, wenn du deine Gitarre einstellen willst. Man fährt sich gern mal auf Standard-Saiten ein. Bei Fragen können sie sich gerne bei mir melden. Beim Zug am Tremolo-Hebel bewegen sich die Saiten konstruktionsbedingt in Richtung Griffbrett und neigen dazu, bei zu flacher Saitenlage aufzuliegen. I will also stretch them like this before any gig or jam. Repeat as necessary to make sure string height and relief are where they need to be. If the slot is in the middle of the saddle, you can flip it around. The adjustment screws can be a bit fiddly to access so be careful. Well no tension spring in saddles, so you don't have that to contend with, If flip it, just start a new slot in the "right" spot, But it seems strange you A saddle is all the way forward. not really, it's one of the primary setup details. Der Abstand der beiden Auflagepunkte der Saite auf der Gitarre sind die Ausgangspunkte. Nimmst du deine neuen Saiten aus der Packung, so stellst du fest, dass diese ein ganzes Stück länger sind als die übliche „lange“ Strat-Mensur mit 25,5“. Bring the string back up to pitch and continue intonation. But the amount of gold required to buy one can be too much, especially for players who had to scrimp for their $250 Epi Les Paul. Usually, the adjustment screws are accessed from the back of the bridge. In den meisten Fällen folgt dann auch eine Neulackierung des Halses. • Also einfach neue Saiten drauf – und du wirst dich wundern, wie brillant der Sound wird. JavaScript is disabled. While there are any number of slight variations, there are two types of bridge fitted to most Gibson electrics. Good luck and best wishes whatever you choose to do here. Approach this with caution and talk to your trusted repair person rather than forcing the matter. Gitarrensaiten Unboxing. Im using this tuner because its very accurate. How to Intonate Your Electric Guitar. Gehe Schritt für Schritt vor und stelle sicher, dass du dabei immer diese Form der Wölbung beibehältst. For tuning on the fly while playing, OK (maybe) but for intonation? Ist die Abweichung zu groß, musst du den entsprechenden Saitenreiter an der Bridge einstellen. Zieht man den Halsstab an, so wird die Kraft „gegen“ die Saiten größer, die Bogenform nach hinten wird etwas mehr ausgeprägt und die Saitenlage verringert sich. You should have fresh strings (of your usual gauge and brand) installed, properly stretched, and tuned up as normal. My Les Paul is the leading online community and marketplace for Les Paul guitar fans. Hast du den Hals deiner Gitarre wie oben beschrieben eingestellt, geht es jetzt an das Setup der Bridge. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. OK, on this one, we're assuming you have a Tun-O-Matic bridge . Back out the adjustment screw, flip the saddle 180º and re-insert the screw. If the 12th fret note is sharp, move the saddle back a little by turning the screw. If you’ve problems intonating your 8-gauge strings, you might have to flip saddles or move bridges (see below). I might be a little perfectionist. But I'll take your word for it that it won't work. Too much money to spend to be unhappy about something like this. This article written by Gerry Hayes and first published at, Tagged: diy-intonation, diy, how-to, how to, intonation, gibson, 335, 345, les paul, sg, firebird, explorer, flying-v. A hand-drawn, illustrated guide to setting up your own Strat. 3-Wege Sustainiac Mode S... Alte und seltene Renaissance-Laute (1913) Basslaute von Hermann Hauser (1882 - 1952) Gitarren- u. Lautenmacher in München; mit fein geschnitztem, geflügeltem Engelskopf am Stegende; L: 120 cm. Are the Pots used by Gibson in their Reissue Les Paul any good? so I'm no Gibson basher. The Nashville doesn’t. Use an appropriately sized screwdriver (usually a small-medium flat-blade). Another thing is that sometimes you can get a bad string from a fresh pack. You should have fresh strings (of … I agree with Bill 100%,, make sure it's not the tuner. I would be just as curious as to what was going in. [Warning: The following is just my opinion...] When a string is still playable, but nearing the end, it will have uneven wear. Stimme die Saite so genau wie möglich. If you can live with it, then that's your call, but not too many options here. Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver to remove one end from its hole and carefully move it so the screws are free. The saddle is already all the way to one of the sides. - how old is this. Paste as plain text instead, × So I err on the side of the saddle being set a little too flat when I put the kink in. I recently bought a new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's and it seems the A string is not perfectly intonated. If you care about intonation, don't use a Snark. Be gentle. Sicher, nicht ganz günstig, aber sehr umfangreich und optimal aufeinander abgestimmt. Every now and then, you might come across a Gibson that just will not intonate. The rest of your setup must be right for you before you start. Das Thema könnten wir auch auf das Abrichten der Bundstäbe ausweiten, aber diese Arbeit ist eher etwas für den Gitarrenbauer oder den Gitarrenladen in deiner Stadt. After the intonation is set, apply some of that nut sauce or lubricant to each strings notch in the saddle to help reduce friction at this contact point for better tuning stability. Intonation is the last thing to set so get your action, relief, nut and pickups sorted out first. First up, slacken off the string you’re intonating. If the 12th fret note is flat, move the saddle forward a little by turning the adjustment screw. Sometimes new guitars need to "work in" a bit. Another thing is when you check intonation, make sure that you are not fretting too firmly to the point where you are actually sharpening the note. Ganz egal ob Made in USA, Mexico oder Japan. Ein schlecht angepasster Sattel ist ein häufiger Grund für Tuning-Probleme. The wire clip in particular will probably need to be replaced afterwards. I try to do intonation with new strings immediately after they have been broken in, and only when I really need to reset the intonation (new guitar, different gauge or manufacturer, action or truss adjustment). Mit ordentlichen Saiten und einer gut eingestellten Gitarre wirst du nicht nur mehr Spaß am Gitarrespielen haben, sondern auch einfach einen geileren Sound bekommen. On the Nashville bridge, you can get lucky and find a model that the screws just ‘back out of’ but most often the screws are ‘captured’ by a clip of some kind. Usually, you can look at an ABR bridge and see that two or three bass-side saddles are installed ‘backwards’ (with the sloped or angled side pointing towards the neck). When I'm done, playing is like driving a Ferrari. So fungieren die Saiten quasi als Lineal. The big quirk on these bridges is the reversed saddles. × No. Mensur: 648 mm Pickup Height Adjustment. I try to do intonation with new strings immediately. I have a problem with intonation adjustment on my g-string on my Epiphone Les Paul. festem Steg. You get the string to read true instantly by just pushing it down at the saddle and nut and giving it a "kink" where it breaks. Make sure you give them a good stretch too - more so on the wound strings and don't tug too  hard on solid core strings as these aren't really too friendly with stretching IMEs.