Using the same pan over medium heat, add the remaining butter, onions, and tomato paste and cook until the onions are translucent, stirring frequently for about 5 minutes. If you'd rather make a different starch, choose rice to soak up the sauce, and serve it with a green salad and some crusty bread. Earthy mushrooms, sour cream, herbs, and spices make an unctuous sauce for the meat. Put the rice in a pan with 400ml boiling water and a pinch of salt. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Vegetarian "Beef" Stroganoff With Vegan Beef Substitute, 14 Winning Ways to Use Leftover Roast Pork, Pork Loin Steaks With Mushroom Stroganoff Sauce, Top 10 Easy Recipes to Celebrate Chinese New Year. Add the salt and then cook the pappardelle as per the packet instructions (set a timer). Cook for 2 minutes until thickened slightly. All rights reserved. I try and respond to each and everyone. That's a great recipe and you could substitute different meats. Drain and reserve. Afternoons, weekends and days off will find me with a to-do list for my home. It's originally made out of beef cubes, and we kept some of the traditional elements, but took the liberty of leaving it up to the cook whether to use meat, pork, or chicken leftovers. Ingredients for Leftover Roast Pork Stroganoff, clockwise from left-500 grams of mushrooms, cut into quarters, 1/2 cup of light sour cream, salt and pepper to taste, 350 grams of leftover roast pork, 1/2 cup chicken stock, 1/2 a medium onion, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, a good handful or thyme and parsley and 40 grams of butter, Sauté the mushrooms in batches in a dry frypan on medium high heat until they have turned golden, Return all the browned mushrooms to the frypan and add half the butter (20 grams) along with the stripped leaves of thyme turning heat down to medium and cook away for about 2 minutes, Until bubbly and golden, remove mushroom from frypan and set aside till needed, To the same frypan melt the rest of the butter and add the onion, sautéing till just turning translucent then add the tomato paste and cook out for another minute, Add the white wine and mushrooms back to pan, And let bubble and reduce for another 2 to 3 minutes, Finish the sauce with the chicken stock and again let bubble away for a few minutes, Now add the roast pork slices and sour cream, Reduce heat to low and let meat warm through for about 5 minutes, sprinkle over finely chopped parsley. Tender pork, cooked with mushrooms and onions in a creamy sauce. Add the paprika, smoked paprika and onion. Use the same pan and add 1 tbsp of the oil until very hot. Stir the mushrooms, sprinkle with thyme and add 1 tablespoon butter. Taste and adjust seasonings. You have to choose which wine and stock to use depending on the protein of your choice. In a skillet, stir-fry pork in oil for 3-4 minutes or until no longer pink. Return the mushrooms to the skillet and add the wine. Add the sour cream, salt and bring to a simmer. Cook until browned, or about 3 minutes. Transfer this to the onion plate. Thank you so much for reading my ramblings and visiting my little blog. Add the remaining tablespoon of oil and cook the other half of the pork, again for 1 minute. It is budget-friendly, and also filling, as it is served on top of silky egg noodles. Enjoy staying home instead, after all, the good life starts at home. Fry the onions and mushrooms in a paprika infused butter. Copyright © 2019 Stay Home Instead. Bring to the boil and then cover … By meaningful I mean things like cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing and gardening-boring? For the wine, use white for chicken and pork and red for beef. You have to choose which wine and stock to use depending on the protein of your choice. It’s delicious, filling and completely made with fresh ingredients! Easy to make, this is a great meal for a busy weeknight.