Becaus, What small victories are you celebrating today? Second- For the Monitor Riser i was thinking of buying a shelf I'm just wondering how long it needs to be to fit 3X 24" monitors and 2X 8" long speakers? If it can only fit a 5.1 AMP i would be satisfied. -Don't need a place to store PC, I will put in the corner of the desk if i have room. Started 1 minute ago There was an Ikea hacks website I saw when researching mine where someone did an L-shape desk. Started 7 minutes ago Join over 50,000 others in getting my FREE email newsletter full of DIY and home decor inspiration. Posted in General Discussion, By I'm mainly wondering what you think and if i should glue those two pieces together to make the Monitor riser or just buy the 74" one. First- For the desk i already have one of these tops: so i could just buy another and put these legs on it which i already have two on the desk I'm using now as well as a Computer case holder thing.. ... IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. 2. We have gathered all the best Ikea desk hacks … I don't really know but anyways that's basically the idea. A Botti é um estúdio de arquitetura e design de interiores com mais de 12 anos no mercado construindo junto aos clientes, estilo, personalidade e conceito. Jules Yap May 27, 2017. I'm doing the same thing he is right now. You could get something like black coroplast to cover the frame and wires inside. I pulled together a list of my favorites to share with you. Dormitorio con dos camas,zona de estudio de rincón y armario Opciones: Habitación juvenil para un niño,niña o adolescente compuesta por una cama tipo compacto,a los pies de la cama unos cubos a modo de estantería,encima de la cama compacta una estantería de cubos,mesa de estudio a medida haciendo rincón con un módulo de 3 cajones …, Home offices become ideas work spaces for those who enjoy work from home. Started 2 minutes ago, it,,, these, together,,, Do you have any ideas for a deep drawer? Started 10 minutes ago Powered by Invision Community. Here are 6 ideas. How to Decoupage Furniture With Fabric for an "Upholstered" Look! Ikea … Started 6 minutes ago Yeah that would definitely work it is a bit shallower than the table top, the drawers being 22 7/8" and the table 29 1/2" you might needs to leave a lip at the front and back so the drawers aren't flush to the front. PandaTheCat I think i will stick with the desk tops but i do agree more support could be added. Saiba como fazer uma ótima Decoração para Ambientes de Trabalho, inspire-se em 55 modelos maravilhosos pra realizar a decoração do seu escritório. Yeah i have a parts list and i was wondering if you could give me some feedback on it. gtx2660 Seems like a good idea for the wire management I think it wouldn't be too noticeable unless you look underneath it or the back is against a wall. I was thinking maybe a storage container or something..... That's basically where I'm at right now. hacks from … IKEA-hacks Sign In With Twitter/Steam/etc is not currently working. But DON'T WORRY! -Stay under $300. I', Ikea Kitchen Countertop and Drawers into a Desk, Ikea Desk with Plank Top and Copper Pulls, How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way (2 days, no packing), How to Paint Your Tile Backsplash in 5 Simple Steps, 12 DIY Countertops That Will Blow Your Mind. Share … In general it's pretty easy just get a couple of table tops and sets of legs that you like and setup the desks in the L shaped fashion, you could bolt them together if you want them to be as a single unit. Thanks for the help. For one end of the desk you could replace the legs with say a deep drawer unit to hold small items and things and give good support if you plan to place a heavy PC on the desk. Totality PSA! Building an L shaped desk. I'm trying to build a "custom" desk from IKEA with these specifications: -L shaped desk. Sign up for a new account in our community. Duckeee It's easy! I would also be interested in putting the AMP down below like this: -29"+Height and 25"+ Depth for the main desk. If anyone could give me a guide or show me some images or tell me how i could do this or even recommend me some items on IKEA. Well i think the desk is solid so far. I didn't mean the height but depth wise since the depth of the table is greater than the actual drawers so it would overhand the drawers a bit. IKEA-hacks. i think you might have seen this post from a while back since you have a photo form it but it basically has the idea of it. I'm going to wait on it and measure everything out and see what my final build ends up to be. Also any suggestions you have are welcome. As for the monitor riser you can add on parts or systems that are either prebuilt of create one yourself from materials from ikea:, Any ideas? It is basically a box with a hole for a full sized PC that has a few slits in the back for air ventilation.