It looks very appetizing and easy to cook. [16], Some varieties use seafood as casing. Combine corn, green bell pepper, and onion in a small bowl. This base is perfect for ultimate fans of cheese! Oh my! (your #1 fan since 2013). It is the best of both worlds with this classic corn dog. i can’t stop loving your recipes! Sundae (Korean: 순대 [sun.dɛ], sometimes anglicized as soondae) is a type of blood sausage in Korean cuisine. [15], Regional varieties include abai-sundae (아바이순대) from the Hamgyong and Pyongan Provinces,[8] Kaesong-sundae (개성순대) from Kaesong, Baegam-sundae (백암순대) from Yongin, Jeju-sundae (제주순대) from Jeju Island, Byeongcheon-sundae (병천순대) from Chungcheong Province, and amppong-sundae (암뽕순대) from Jeolla Province. Maangchi. Divide the dough into 5 equal-sized pieces. [15][17], Traditional sundae (blood sausage) served with steamed offal, Bunsik-style sundae stuffed with dangmyeon (cellophane noodles). It’s also easy to eat because the hot dog is pre-cut! Regard from Bali,Indonesia, Definitely a keeper recipe, tried it today and it was amazing! by This recipe was originally posted on March 16, 2019 Take the pan out of the oven and brush each bread with the egg wash along the outer edges. First, they wrap the chicken sausage with salty and pungent cheddar then it is coated with their signature CHUN batter. Divide the toppings into 5 portions and put one portion on each sausage bread. Last updated on February 7, 2020. Didn’t have mozzarella on hand, so I used a different cheese. Put the dough on your cutting board, deflate and knead it for 1 or 2 minutes until it’s soft and smooth. Melt the butter in a pot, then remove from the heat. [5], The sundae sausage dates back to the Goryeo period (918–1392), when wild boars, prominent across the Korean Peninsula, were used in the dish. Children will love this sausage-ppang, and you can freeze any extras individually and then thaw them out and warm them up in either oven or microwave before serving. CHUN only sources carefully selected premium quality ingredients to make their signature Korean Rice Sausage. so goooooood. There are sausage bases to choose from: The OG, Cheddar, Mozza, and Mozzacheddar. Thanks Maangchi! It turned out great.❤️. The bakeries are popular in Korea and are spreading to many cities and towns around the world, too. Divide the cheese into 5 portions and spread it on top of each sausage bread, down the middle. Sundae-guk (blood sausage soup) served in ttukbaegi, Sundae-bokkeum (stir-fried blood sausage with vegetables), "Ask a North Korean: what's Pyongyang's street food speciality? [7], Traditional sundae, cow or pig intestines stuffed with seonji (blood), minced meats, rice, and vegetables, was an indulgent food consumed during special occasions, festivities and large family gatherings. Cut the sausage again about a ½ inch further down from the first cut. My whole family really enjoyed it and my 1th y.o niece also love this, so happy. Gently push the cut piece up and lay it down flat on the pan. Hello, foodies! I made it again today, and added pineapple to it. Let the uncooked sausage bread sit for 20 to 30 minutes to rise. 1 cup mozzarella cheese, cut into small chunks, About ⅓ cup tomato ketchup, in a squeezable bottle. You can freeze any leftovers for up to 1 month. CHUN uses premium smoked chicken sausages battered to perfection to create their delicious sausage snacks. Traditional-style spicy fermented whole-leaf cabbage kimchi They have coffee and bread but also Korean treats like this sausage-ppang and usually Korean-style sweet desserts like sweet bread, kkwabaegi, doughnuts, or beautiful soft and creamy cakes. Pinch the ends together to seal it, smoothing it out so the seal is totally even with the rest of the dough and not lumpy at all. First, they wrap the chicken sausage with salty and pungent cheddar then it is coated with their signature CHUN batter. If you are crazy about cheese, you’re going to love: CHUN! Besides gobbling down already yummy stringy cheese, you can top up their bases with crispy and fluffy potato gems. Your sausage ppang look perfect! Mozza is half sausage topped with a block of buttery mozzarella for an additional stringy chewy sensation. Roll the sausage so the dough is smooth and totally covers it. If this is your first time at CHUN and you want to play safe, The OG is definitely your best bet because it’s the original gangsta anyway. It is a selection of fruity drinks that will certainly refresh your palate from eating all that yummy cheeese! Grab your friends and family to enjoy some delicious corn dogs! Add a sausage to the center and wrap the dough around it. The Korean sausage snack … Just made these today! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Still turned out great! Take one roll and cut into the sausage crosswise at about a 45° angle and about ½ inch down from the end. The OG For The True Taste of Korean Street Snack. Thanks Maangchi. Put it back on the baking pan. Gently lift the cut section up, push it to the left, and lay it on the pan. [7][15] Eogyo-sundae (어교순대) is made with the swim bladder of brown croakers. This New Cafe & Patisserie In KL Looks Amazing & It’s The Perfect Place For Pastry Lovers, Bukit Bintang’s Pavilion KL Has Put Up Their 2020 Christmas Decorations & It Looks So Delightful, Purchase Burger King’s New Mozzarella King Menu and Stand a Chance to Win an iPhone 12. Meanwhile make the egg wash by mixing an egg and ¼ cup water in a small bowl. Today’s recipe is for Korean sausage-ppang, or sausage bread, which is a hotdog or sausage baked in fresh bread and covered with  toppings and cheese. [15] Ojingeo-sundae (오징어순대), made with fresh squid, is a local specialty of Gangwon, while mareun-ojingeo-sundae (마른오징어순대) made with dried squid is eaten in Gangwon as well as Gyeonggi. Turn off the oven and serve right away. Press it down with your hands and shape it into rectangle that can cover a sausage. You can also buy sweet and cold shaved ice patbingsu, too. The OG is smoked to perfection and is coated with their signature CHUN batter. Repeat this with rest of the dough balls and sausages, leaving a gap of a few inches between each roll on the pan.