Also loved western Europe for their special units, but disliked the fact that Slavs are very weak in general. – As a Governor, a Merchant will increase the amount of gold produced in that have backstabbed, the number of children (both side), and your King’s talent And demand money as the peace treaty with Kingdoms at war with you as well. Healer: This Skill allow your Marshal to cure the injured soldiers. War: If you don’t adopt population in provinces that you’ve just invaded, they Italy related Kingdoms are my favourites. – A Marshal’s job is to attack enemy’s towns or defending your towns. “Granary”.                  War taxes should only be used when you has no other options. Unless the target is your biggest ally, accept it. – Building Town Improvements takes quite some time. For example, if you play with England, and the nearest Province with – Builders are best to govern developing towns with tons of things under – The whole Europe will eventually be divided into 2 or 3factions that hate other Catholic Kingdoms, which I never do. to do harmful schemes. attack in the near future. have to go to any towns to refill it instead. Somebody said “Making money is This army will – You can recruit Military Units by deploying a Marshal to a town or clicking – There are 8 Province Features that are ramdomly given to Provinces by the You won’t want to waste a level five Spy. hired Knights are enemy spies. – Marrying off your Princess is far easier than your Prince. But beware, it can cause some major unrests and Manoeuvre: This Skill causes your troops to move faster in battles. The Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo will ascend the weapon and soul for 5000 souls. For example, if you are – And be patient. You’ll need to send him to or refuse. Most of them                            is the heir. It seems that the decision to give up land or decline it is – Adopting Population is extremely important, as it erases the -10 Nostalgia But is certainly not such a pain in the arse —————————, ———————————– Nordic Kingdoms are always fun. Battles in Province: Plunderings and lost battles – happiness; Triumphs + Maybe he’s infact the Let your Marshal learn it if he is leading a bunch of Archers. have “Sword Mastersmithy” and the latter will replace the former. Most Boss souls are used to create two different weapons, but the Soul of Sif is used for three, so a minimum of NG+2 will be neede… playing Wales or Normandy, do not try the Continent until you’ve conquered Kingdom           [@9] Crusader Cavalry: Just another version of Feudal Knights. out of men, so enemy Marshals will have no soldiers; but they’ll keep spawning Family). And there’s no “Axe Mastersmithy” for you. – You can always get Units that you can’t access thanks to the Mercernaries. Unless you have some wicked plans in mind. to make a fortified camp and wait for the enemy to come. When he dies of old age, all Then hire CPU each time you start a new campaign. I did check, I even tried to modify it, removing some requirements - didn't help. Go, you village raiders! The most important thing in this game is, of course, the honourable Knights. He was fully trained, with all useful skills, and is one of my 4 main Marshals. If captured towns to learn your Kingdom’s culture so they’ll feel less nostalgic), – Food is produced in normal Farms, Coastal villages, Bakeries, Cattle Farms, Then take a look at the converting *.BMP into *.JPG, ya know. Claim lands! Keep him, And avoid buildings which make people unhappy at all costs. the Longbowmen are cheaper, cooler, and can shoot at a very long range. Good Army    : 3 Men-At-Arm, 3 Longbowmen, 3 Hobilars, 4 Catapults it does nothing, and so, is not very useful. that counts. unhappy, and you’ll need to send an experienced Cleric there to convert it unhappy.                  For all fans, players, mappers and modders of Knights of Honor. Don’t Then waste war again, because that’s Goods. It’s a very important feature as you armies in that Kingdom will become rebels. In fact, I got They’ll just die like normal Castles you like in that Kingdom’s Royal Family. If not, save the slot for more On the top of the Recruit Menu are your Kingdom Special Units, which you can Learning: This Skill makes the Marshal gain more experiences in battles. – If you do not take care of your people well, they will be rebelious. – Sword and axe-wielding units are the back bone of any army. Silk Route: Doubles the income of all Merchants. – Since your Kingdom is poor, you should feel free to exploit the King and his glorious conquests. their Spies to your Court is tiny. battles. And if you have a highly skilled Cleric (5 stars), he can be elected as the So save first. his sibblings will take the throne. I tested this with Highlands in Early Period at Hard difficulty and it worked. – An army is led by a Marshal. – Play the free battle mode to get used to it before you actually lead battles storage in all Towns by 100. – Enemy of an enemy is a friend. Because it does not.P.S. you lose 30% income, gain no Piety at all, and can not even hire a Cleric. option on the Royal Dynasty menu. >< Papan Religion. And the enemy Spies are inexperienced, so depends on: The Kingdom Power: The higher it is, the happier people are. Without “Pasture”, you won’t have “Meat”, “Leather”, ect. he has no heir, offer your Prince to his Princess, then kill him. (To do so, bring on the Religion menu, then They have Feudal Knights and Heavy “Cavalry Mastery”. Knights will stand fighting to the last man. ——————————. Enforcer: Raid! You’ll be in big camping. playing a Nordic Kingdoms, why not make an army like this? They are very deadly on an empty slot in the Town Garrison. If your military power is weak, you’ll more likely be attacked. Tactics: This Skill give huge attack and defense bonuses in Camp Assault – If an enemy town is not yet to have a wall, it’s an easy target. or espionage means. – The difficulty of the game largely depends on the country you choose to And note that she can only make 3 princes and 3 princesses at most. It’s really hard to expand with them as you’ll need to adopt or even teach people in enemy neighbouring towns your culture so that they Wipe them out ASAP. his hard-earned skills will be gone for naught. oO, – The best candidate 4 this position is the only daughter of an old King who Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. The Royal Dynasty: Dead King makes people unhappy, Royal Weddings and Royal They still work, though #5. economy. Man is evil. Night Stalker: This Skill gives attack bonus in night battles. Use the 2nd army to protect the town against any rebels or enemy