Lifetime Supporter. Tried boiled Balsamic vinegar and then lemon juice. Bushclass III. Jun 2, 2014 #6. Step 6: Develop. Jun 2, 2014 #5. ; It can be the lichen on old buildings and bridges, unchanged for centuries, or the look of a well loved piece of antique furniture. Oct 7, 2013. The carbon steel knife I got was made custom for me, so I really want to take the best care of it possible. For a heavier patina, let your copper sit for several hours to a couple of days. When I took out the knife, it had worked! Needs to be high carbon steel. 147. Because it’s a controlled oxidization, it’s a similar process to rusting, but to a lesser degree. I put in a dozen pennies and waited for about 2 hours. This was just after 30 minutes out of the solution. The first knife I ever tried this on was a Old Timer Sharpfinger and it looked much like yours. I messed it up though by trying to patina it another way. Last edited: Sep 9, 2012. I found the old image of my old Schrade SF... My CPM D2 . Spiggles. Feb 1, 2012. Bushcraft Friend. It was pretty cool, sorry I don't have any pictures. buckfynn Old Geezer - Young At Heart. Tried it, unsuccessfully. 3,051. My question is this--is there any way to keep a patina off of the knife? Feb 6, 2014. Playing with Patina Techniques This truck had the paint brushed on it. After reading up a bit on different ways to make a patina, I tried doing a combination of copper and vinegar to make a coppery patina on my knife. On top of the added protection, many people like the look of a forced patina. Joined Jul 13, 2011 Messages 9,384 Likes 76,488 Location Native Idahoan. Both are A2 steel, which I've never owned. Sosa . In fact I think you have better luck hitting it big in vegas than getting that type of patina on that knife. All of my 1095 traditionals currently are all natural over time patina. The patina, though a form of rust, ironically protects the blade and adds a layer of protecting against deeper corrosion. Patina is a catch all phrase to mean the look of age or weathering that occurs to all items. I was curious as to how they would patina, supposedly being more corrosion resistant than a lot of other carbon steels. 11,783. Reactions: Jim L., Mikedbr, MrFixIt and 5 others. The patina will come out charcoal grey and its shade will depend on how long you apply the acid. This may be a little pic heavy. Did not take on a VG10 blade. Feb 21, 2012 #13. pertinux Basic Member Basic Member. I wanted to force a patina on a couple of L. T. Wrights, a Forest Trail and a Patriot. Forced Patina is nice but so is good old use. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Once removed by renovation, the patina will never be the same. It's a little hard to see, but in the 4th picture blue patina has started developing around the lightening bolt. 12 months from now you will have a much better appreciation of the knife. Oct 10, 2020 #6 Nice knife! Very cool.