So why not flavor it up with Stur Liquid Enhancer? Archived . share. Another way to flavor your water is to add keto-friendly water enhancers and drink mixes. Not all love the taste of plain water, to give it a kick try adding lemon or herbs to add flavor but still maintain your ketosis. Crystal light packets are keto friendly and may be used as a water flavor enhancer while following a ketogenic diet. September 30, 2020 October 23, 2019 by Adam. KETO-FRIENDLY WATER ENHANCERS AND DRINK MIXES. A top list of a keto-friendly drink because it’s zero carbs. Your stories on here and introducing me to Dr Cywes on YouTube has inspired me to make this a true life change. I am at 3 weeks today and doing well. You can take 6 to 8 glasses of MiO Keto throughout the day. Hey all. You can find water enhancers that come as liquid drops or as powdered mixes. Keto friendly water "enhancers" Close. Keto friendly water "enhancers" Hello all, I am new here and just starting on the keto diet to better my lifestyle and eating habits. 12 comments. Utilize this keto-friendly flavored water to make a rapid weight loss process. We all need water to survive. I have done keto a couple of times but always treated as a diet and not a lifestyle. Are there any water enhancers that people are using that have pure Stevia or other sweetener that can be used without the risk of falling out of ketosis? save hide report. List of Keto-Friendly Drinks Water. One thing I cannot find is a good water enhancer. 79% Upvoted. Stur Liquid Water Enhancer Review – Naturally Flavored, High in Vitamin C, Keto Friendly! I now have learned you shouldn't drink Aspartame on a keto diet because of risk of insulin spike. What do you all use to liven up your water? Water enhancers. Look for water enhancers and drink mixes that contain zero calories and sugar. I used to drink Crystal Light 120oz/day while trying to drop into ketosis. 5. Purchase crystal light variety pack here; In this article, I’ll go over all of the different crystal light products, what’s in them, if they’re good for you, how they may or may not break a fast, and other popular alternatives. Thanks. Is MiO Caffeine-free and Gluten-free? Posted by 2 years ago. Please tell us why do you think this post is inappropriate and shouldn't be there: This thread is archived. I'm so proud of this community and the successes I see constantly posted on here. What Water Enhancer Can You Use On Keto Diet? It is a purely keto-friendly water enhancer and flavored water. Of course, unflavored water will quench your thirst and its quite refreshing, but drinking plain old water everyday is straight up boring. Some popular water enhancers brands are: Mio drops: A lot of different flavors to choose from. You will be going to “replace” plain water with the MiO KETO water so you need to know all things.