From da’ beginning! He has his apprentices massage the tako for at least 45 minutes straight. on Thursday, November 25th, 2010 at 6:00 am and is filed under Kauai Community. 16 large ti leaves Tone it down. Same said for the Tako’s head part. Place the turkey in the oven or a roasting oven at 200 degrees( I usually do this the night before to eat the turkey the next day or in the morning to eat the turkey for dinner). Begin to stuff the neck and the bottom of the turkey with the oranges, lemons, onions, and garlic (sometimes I place additional stuffing under the turkeys skin). I have some stashed samples of Apple and Peach wood from Crash that I’ll try using next time, if I can find it. Also notice I placed the cooking grate so that the opening on the side is over the burning Kiawe wood smoking pyre off to the left. Guess it would be like a Hawaiian bacon, but way leaner We used an old army field stove. Mix Shoyu, sugar and ginger together. If you attend a luau in Hawaii today, chances are you'll have the opportunity to see an imu, where your evening's kalua pig is being cooked. Well then, Crash and I agree on this. 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Part 4, Kauai Real Estate - Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Hanalei School’s Starry Nights – April 6, 2013, Kauai North Shore Land for Sale - Serenity in Paradise, 2011 and 2012 Kauai Board of Realtors Top Producers, Visiting Kauai and Want to Buy, So Where to Begin? 1 1/2 Cup Shoyu (I prefer Club, but Aloha works just as good). This one takes experience. Which is why next time I’ll boil the tako first to cook it, instead of trying to smoke-cook it, as I did with this batch. Bring on the MEAT! In all, it took about 3 hours where I was confident in its doneness. Still, not bad. here is another alternative recipe. You might like it, but I didn’t care for it, and wouldn’t recommend trying it. Roast in electric oven at 375 degrees F for 6 hours. When the meat is done, remove the ti leaves, the banana leaf (or bananas) and shred the pork. Pat, this is the first time I’ve used store-bought kiln-dried Kiawe chunks this big. Looks like our Tako smoking party is in full swing! Area 51 declassified photo: Research Sector: 5-AXR, Origin: Orion Nebula Cluster, Species ID: Wikijabba Octoxanos. Sometimes hickory, but I really like apple for a good and mild smoke. Smoked Tako Misoyaki style I’ll try experiment with fruit wood on the next round, like Lychee or Guava.I also won’t keep adding smoke wood entirely during the cooking/smoking process, but let just it cook in the last hour or so. That’s the money. Smoked Squid Big Island style Recipe | Courtesy of Fresh Catch. It tastes almost like smoked pork! Total Time: 1 day 6 hours 35 minutes. In fact, Diner E just caught a couple 3 pounders the other weekend that were so long, he had to raise his hands to hold them high enough without dragging on the ground. No pun intended, of course. ½ cup raw sugar Go try buy some store-bought Smoked Tako and pan-fry it in a little oil. Home Depot often has the mainland fruit woods available in the BBQ section cut for smoking. Admittedly I was initially skeptical about adding a mayo’-based “sauce” to this, but you know what? Charsiu style I-Sho! Too strong. LOL!!! Jardine recalled that at one time, pipikaula — Hawaiian-style jerky — was just beef and salt; today, shoyu and other marinade ingredients are used before the meat is dried or smoked. Cut the oranges, lemons, and onions into round slices then cut the round slices into fours. Too acidic. lol. • Smoke profile: Kiawe smoke a bit too intense; needs to be toned down a bit. And where’s their suckers? North Shore of Kauai is Hawaii Vacation Paradise! Kauai Vacation Rental Planning - Book Early! Remove fibrous part of the veins. Definitely gotta’ have some Cocktail Sauce and squeeze of Lemon with that. So I added more dry Kiawe wood for the fire and another chunk of wet Kiawe for more smoke and let her smoke for another 2 hours, bite-checking small pieces of the Tako along the way at that point, as being my first time smoking Tako, wasn’t really sure when exactly it would reach the doneness I wanted it at. Cut the ribs from the ti leaves and wrap over the banana leaf. Therefore, if your marinade has salt in it, such as shoyu, it should be in short duration, not long like how I did it this first time. So I tried pan-frying the smoked Tako I made here, and you know what? The Pas flavored the sausage with paprika, lots and lots of garlic, chilies and Hawaiian salt. Now I use Weber just like you.