Along with shredded imitation crab (kani) and julienned cucumbers, we're adding diced Manila mangoes for a pop of color and fresh fruit flavor. The seafood salad is pulled together by Japanese mayo (Kewpie) for creaminess. It’s simple to work with, simple to make, and simply satisfying. Vegetable Rolls # Classic Avocado. Relationships Edit The biggest noticeable difference between California Roll and Kani Tempura Roll is the way they are styled. 7. California Roll is an “inside-out” sushi that’s not wrapped with seaweed on the outside. Kani is often found in temaki sushi, mixed with mayonnaise. 7. Volcano Roll 13. California roll topping. Kani, avocado, cucumber, topped w/ baked seafood, I/O w/ masago, sesame seeds and scallions. Kani has two pincers for pigtails. Avocado, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese # California Roll. She appears as a roll of sushi when the team does their signature Sushi Roll. If you happen to be in Tokyo, you might want to check out Gonpachi Nori-Temaki near the Harajuku station for some real crab rolls. During my early days of training to become a sushi chef, this recipe was key to developing my fundamental rolling technique. Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber # Danielle Roll . Sweet Potato, Avocado, Cucumber. This has led to the dramatic increase in use of imitation crab meat in sushi rolls. It goes really well with avocado. 6. Dancing Eel roll 14. The most important thing is to make the sushi rolls delicious to you personally. 7. Kani (Imitation Crab), Cucumber, Avocado # Sweet Potato Roll. Kani, cucumber, avocado, I/O w/ assorted fish on top and sesame seeds . Shredded Kani (Imitation Crab) mixed with thinly shredded cucumber tossed in a light mayo based dressing . Kani Tempura Roll or simply, Kani Roll is a type of sushi roll that can be found in most typical Japanese sushi restaurants. Kani Roll vs. California Roll. Classic Rolls # Tuna Avocado Roll. The restaurant specializes in sushi rolls and serves some excellent kani ones. While Kani Kama is cheaper and very similar in taste to crab, one problem with it is that it’s hard to know exactly which chemicals and binding ingredients were used in the creation of the product. Salmon, cream cheese & scallions, I/O with sesame seeds. Kani roll Above is the imitation crab found in what are called "kani rolls". JB Roll * 8. Extremely Rainbow Roll * 14. She has a pink sushi symbol on her chest and two sushi-bottomed feet. She is the second shortest member of her team, being taller than Wasabi, but shorter than Ikura. Salmon California Roll * 8. California roll topped with cooked eel, I/O. The Spicy Crab sushi roll is a fantastic recipe for people who are just starting to learn how to roll sushi at home.