Thomann is the largest online and mail order retailer for musical instruments, light and sound equipment worldwide, having about 10m customers in 120 countries and 80,000 products on offer. installation so you can play through an amplifier.Get a free shipping quote by adding this to your cart. option at the string listing. It's made from laminate wood and finished in a high gloss to bring out the outer Ziricote veneer. Diese... Hier finden Sie Neuigkeiten zu uns und unseren Produkten. De plus, vous êtes les bienvenus pour utiliser nos réseaux sociaux comme Facebook ou Twitter. Yes, a laminate. * *If you would like to receive your instrument as soon as possible you can forego the full setup process by selecting the “Basic QC Only” option or by selecting the “Full Setup RUSH” option when adding instruments to your shopping cart. Ziricote wird von Spielern überall auf der Welt wegen seines atemberaubenden Aussehens und seinem warmen Klang geliebt. Die richtige Ukulele zu finden kann unter Umständen eine richtige Herrausforderung sein. Note: Register your product at to extend the warranty to 4 years. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I wish I had a Kala dealer in town so I could try some of these out, but the Kala I have is superb, so I tend to lean towards the idea that ordering one would be fine.On a side note. The Ziricote line features a rich, dark, chocolate brown wood accentuated by a honey blonde Sapwood in the middle and along the sides, finished in a high-gloss to make the details pop. Apart from the shop, you can discover a wide variety of additional things - forums, apps, blogs, and much more. The high gloss finish brings out the colours of the ziricote wood and it had a very rich deep tone. The ziricote is the outside layer. Oh that's funny, I play Creep as G, B, C, Cm. Beautiful pieces of ziricote are used for the ukulele's top, back, and sides. Often underestimated and thought of only as a holiday instrument, the ukulele is experiencing a revival - and by no means only on Hawaii, Often unde­res­ti­mated and thought of only as a holiday instrument, the ukulele is experiencing a revival - and by no means only on Hawaii, Sillets de tête et de chevalet Graph Tech NuBone, Garantie 30 jours satisfait ou remboursé, Le plus grand magasin de musique en ligne d'Europe, Kala Ukulélés Ténors en un clin d'oeil, Afficher les Ukulélés Ténors dans la fourchette de prix 350 € - 450 €, Aller à la catégorie Ukulélés Ténors, Classement des ventes dans cette catégorie. It was a toss up between Ziricote and the Ebony, but I think the Ebony would sound much like mahogany...and your review sealed the deal! Kala Fichte-Mahagoni Tenor mit Cutaway und... Kala Zedern/Akazien Ukulele mit Cutaway und... kokio Fichte-Mahagoni Tenor Elektric Cutaway. Any defective instruments are rejected and replaced. The sound seems very balanced, which is what I am looking for, and I admit it looks snazzy too! We also partner with manufacturers that take pride in their work. It's the same coating though (and I've had satin ukes that I have polished with my arm into gloss through playing! Kala Pacific Walnut Tenor Ukulele. Other than fingerprints, do you think the gloss finish affects the tone? En plus du magasin, vous pouvez découvrir beaucoup de choses supplémentaires. NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You may also be required to pay import duties/taxes, this will vary depending on your location and the value of the item(s). installation of strap button(s) if you like to use a strap.Add a pickup Even though this is a laminate model, it has a super nice tone and a fantastic build quality. Reduzierte Artikel und B-Ware mit optischen Mängeln, Hier finden Sie Angebots-Artikel und (wenn vorhanden) B-Ware mit kleinen opischen Mängeln zu reduzierten Preisen. We can also add a strap button for an additional $8.00 or do a Low G string conversion for $5.00. )Painted ukes though - yes - almost certainly affect the tone. Kala KA TEM Tenor Exotic Mahogany. A laminate is thin layers of wood glued together. Unterstützung und Beratung per E-Mail:info@ukeshop.deUkulele FAQ, Abonnieren Sie den kostenlosen Ukulädle Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeiten und Aktionen mehr! The cost of this permit is $93.00 USD. Tipp: Probieren Sie doch unseren Artikel-Filterfunktion aus um Ihre Wunsch-Ukulele zu finden und... Alles was der/die Ukulele Spieler/in sonst noch so brauchen kann.. Saiten, Stimmgeräte, Koffer und Gigbags, Bücher, Gurte und vieles mehr. One customer has rated this product with one star. Limited Edition Adirondack Spruce Top Ziricote Tenor. I wipe it down after playing as I do all of my instruments. This beautiful Tenor XL model has a Solid Spruce top with Solid Ziricote back and sides. Integrated rechargeable battery with USB power output to charge... We're looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any problems as soon as we can. Note: Register your purchase at for an extended warranty of 4 years. Außerdem elektrisch verstärkte und Bass Ukulelen. So what kind of wood is used for the other layers? This is required if you live in a low humidity area or if you use indoor heating/cooling, especially for areas with winter seasons or hot summers. Color options available. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Got A Ukulele / Barry Maz - All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. gesetzl. Regardless of the outside humidity levels, the indoor humidity levels will drop dramatically once the air is heated. Kala Ziricote Super Tenor Ukelele. It also provides a nice rich tone that combined with the nice low action make this uke a joy to play. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. It also plays and sounds great. I had a ziricote before as well and love the shimmery and delicate sound that you mentioned in your youtube review, and was wondering if you knew of any ukes that had that same characteristic sound. Cela à également un impact sur le prix - bien sûr, au profit des clients. The Dr. has commented on how nice the sound is from this tenor uke. Nos employés du centre de servicel sont pour la plupart musiciens. I just ordered it! I'm not in the market for any more Chinese ukes, but plenty of folks are, and this one's bound to be a winner for Kala. This beautiful Tenor XL model has a Solid Spruce top with Solid Ziricote back and sides. 199 € Lanikai OA-T Oak Tenor Ukulele. Ukulele Pickup & Installation Options Starting At, Ukulele Straps by Sarah Maisel (Chee Maisel - Select from Available), Vista Point Purple Sonoma Coast Ukulele Case (choose your size) starting @, Goat Rock Gray Sonoma Coast Ukulele Case (choose your size) starting @, Russian River Red Sonoma Coast Ukulele Case (choose your size) starting @, Bodega Blue Sonoma Coast Ukulele Case (choose your size) starting @,, Fremont "Soloist" Polished Low G Ukulele String, Ko'olau 'Alohi Strings - Tenor (4 options), UKE LOGIC Sop/Con/Ten "SOFT TENSION" High/Low G (6 options), Fremont Micro Fiber Polish Cloth w/ Ukulele Chord Chart, UKE LOGIC Sop/Con/Ten "HARD TENSION" High/Low G (6 options), Project Aloha T-Shirt - "Aloha - Pass It On" -, The Ukulele Site T-Shirt - Blue Print Grey. I kind of wonder if if the gloss really brings out the ziricote and it wouldn't be as impressive in a satin finish. My go to uke has a gloss finish too and as much as I love it, I would have picked a satin finish if I had the option. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Kala KA TEM Tenor Exotic Mahogany. Yes Glenn - I am certain that the gloss brings out the look of this one. THanks for the reply to my question. As a company, we have a single objective: making you, our customer, happy. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. Delivery free of charge expected between Wednesday, 2.12. and Thursday, 3.12. To estimate these taxes, you can contact your local customs office. Kala KA-8E 8-String Tenor Ukulele. Occasionally an additional charge may be added for compensated saddles on select models. Kala Ziricote Super Tenor Ukelele. We make sure that each Ukulele meets the basic standard for a brand new instrument and will be ready to play once you receive it. I have a question that I can not find an answer to. Alternatively, please feel free to use our accounts on social media such as Facebook or Twitter to get in touch. No customer has written a text about this; or they have written a text in a different language.