There are 19 frets, with fret position marks located at the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets, both on the fingerboard and on the neck, which is made of mahogany. This ukulele feels and plays like a much more expensive instrument than it is. Made with exotic Indonesian ebony laminate, it features contrasting Maplewood binding. We think that this fantastic instrument doesn’t get you frustrated. I favored the Burl for strumming chords, especially on quicker pieces where a fast response and a nice chunk to the chords help give you a groove or cut through a group. Some of its super features are satin finish, cream binding and the walnut fingerboard. This uke comes with the mahogany body and neck, and rosewood fingerboard. So, this gorgeous instrument delivers a warm, full-bodied, balanced tone. Moreover, the KA-SLNG contains strong Aquila tuning strings that make able the ukulele to deliver the unrivaled tunes throughout the lifespan. Have you checked out the new Ukulele brand? I believe they are the best selling ukulele line in the world market at this point. Also, if you’d like to check out this instrument, you will discover that it is an all- mahogany body with an incredible-looking long neck soprano Ukulele. The Elite MHG series offers a US made all solid mahogany wood in an affordable package. It is light weight with excellent balance. So, come here and pick your Kala ukulele. I bought a Kala SMHT from the Ukulele Site last year. The Kala KA-TG is a ukulele that will provide you with not only the entry … This baritone has an incredible huge round tone with a ton of projection and a smooth wonderful feel. And, with Kala’s typically great playability and easy-to-enjoy tones at prices that say “treat yourself,” these two new Exotics make a strong case for anyone looking to step up to a finer uke, expand their collection, or just play a good-performing instrument that’s solidly built for years of enjoyment. This hard case is essential to keep your instrument in safe condition anytime you are on the go. Kala Brand Music Company is the maker of the Kala Ukulele brand. In the end, we opted to choose three of the best Kala ukuleles from the brand’s mid-range options. The ukulele comes with an effective die-cast tuning machine that enables the instrument to stay right in tune. Kalei gives us a quick review and sound sample. As with the rest of our ukulele reviews, these are highly subjective rather than strictly empirical. However, this kit offers a logo tote bag, a 20-page quick start guide, and all the tips for getting started playing the ukulele. Great ukuleles all! Absolutely! You need to also know that the mahogany body does not only give the musical instrument a traditional look, it also endows it with an attractive old school vibe. Are you looking for a quality ukulele at a nice price? Kala’s Elite Series ukuleles are typically several hundreds of dollars and some of the best are close to the $2,000 mark. My Spruce Top Tenor was my first purchase and continues to get better with age. The quality of the sounds it produces have been excellent from the beginning. You are seeking for a concert Travel ukulele that is quality and affordable. Twitter. This is a high-quality Kala Ukulele that is well recognized for its amazing features. Some their newer models look really funky but they're just all laminate ukes with fancy looks and almost identical sound to everything else they offer, and at the same time they've discontinued really popular models like the solid top cedar laminate acacia model. Anne has a lifelong passion for music. The volume is exceptional and it has that “open” or “broken in” quality you can get from a high quality solid western red cedar top. Kala makes a wide range of ukuleles for brand-new students as well as for musicians who have decades of experience. It’s not, especially after we set it up. The satin finish doesn’t pick up a lot of fingerprints, and the walnut bridge and fingerboard offer more natural warmth to the appearance. If you were considering baritones in the $300 range then this is an excellent choice. Above all, this soprano ukulele offers a full-bodied tone, high quality, gloss finish, traditional white binding, and other functionalities. We have shortlisted some of the ukuleles from different brands, and we will review them for you so that you can find the best one for yourself. It’s basically finished in the same way as there regular gloss but with a black sealer coat and white pore filler. The Kala KA – C is a classic Mahogany ukulele endowed with a contrasting cream binding. To see all the current models available at our store visit the Kala Category. The Kala KA – 15T Kala Ukulele is great for players of all ages as well as skill levels. Love my spruce top, just wish I could play it like they do in the demo video. The gig bag also offers backpack straps and an exterior zippered pocket for smaller accessories. I bought my one and only Kala ukulele about 8 years ago, that's my last one. Mango 4CUSTOM This custom tenor features solid premium mango with curly maple bindings and padauk appointments, a beautiful gloss finish, and Honduran mahogany satin finished neck.