Contact us at (703) 913-7008. Must try!! Christopher R. Ashburn, VA The kabob was pretty tasty and honestly it rivals that of my favorite kabob establishment--Kabob Palace in Arlington. May 5, 2016. I was also lucky enough to try the salad and rice from what my brother ordered. i thought they over cooked it a touch which made the meat a bit tough. My husband enjoyed the Super Dish, as well. The inside is nice with Afghani decorations  and clothed tables. It is tucked in a stripmall next to JAXX. My husband, not sure what to get on his first trip to an Afghan restaurant, ordered the Super Dish (similar to the Happy Family meal at Chinese restaurants, which features a little bit of everything). The food was delicious specially the Palau which is my favorite one with brown rice was awesome. the meat sauce (palau) which comes on the side was essentially just huge chunks of meats. A kabob is made by skewering pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables and then grilling them. Besides Ravi Kabob this is the best kabob place in a 25 mile radius that we have tried. The customer service was excellent, I would try to use this restaurant when I am around. the soup that they give before the meal was ok. nothing spectacular. Now only square tables remain, and have been laid out in a sensible fashion that allows easy access for customers and waiters alike. Annandale, VA; Centreville, VA; Springfield, VA; Tysons Corner, VA; Catering; Mobile; Reviews; About Us; Contact Us the chicken was amazing. because it is a special dish I can't find in most places. He was very full after this meal! I started my meal with the vegetable soup then followed up with ground beef kabobs with a side of chickpeas. The curry was good, with just the right amount of spice, and the veggies cooked tender, but not soggy. A couple years ago, this was my go to place. You can't go wrong. The naan was probably a foot long, and more than enough for the two of us. By this point, our original waiter had long since seated himself with a coworker to chat. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. This place is absolutely awesome.. May 5, 2016. I have gone here frequently ever since they opened, and since I moved to Austin, it is the restaurant I miss the most. The flavor is still great. the combination of meat came on top of the naan bread. You walk by a huge diorama of an Afghan village, with electricity and shantytown detail, to get to your table. About Kabob Palace Kabob Palace. My favorite dish here is probably Quabili Palau. Everytime I go near NOVA/springfield I head this way, I love the food. I was also lucky enough to try the salad and rice from what my brother ordered. Hopefully the next time I'm craving Afghan food, the spinach will be on the menu. I forget what he said they were called, but they were fried pastries - two with beef inside and two with potatoes (nice of him to remember I was ordering vegetarian! They have a lunch special which is good and very reasonably priced. Khan kabob special is awesome! all together it was great. I also hope to try some of the tea when we come back, as that seemed to be a popular choice. Lamb Karahi (For 2 Persons) With two side orders rice or vegetables and 2 naans. In fact, this caused him to comment that every restaurant should serve a Super Dish or Happy Family type meal with a fork, which allows you to sample many a dish. It's a rice dish with heaps of lamb, raisins, w/ sweet sauteed carrot strips.The mantu was great. The total came to $36 without tip, and we brought home enough food for two meals. Outdated curtains have been removed and replaced with darker curtains, and paintings no longer cover every inch of available wall space.On the other hand, the quality of service has decreased. Submit corrections. We love the food and the service! quabili palau - this was also amazing. We always get two extra large sauces to go with our chicken kabob and chickpeas. I'm picky with my kabob, and this place can stand tall with the best of them.. No need to drive 45 minutes to get to Kabob Palace or Ravi, this place has the best chick peas and bone in chicken of them all. The Peshwari chapli kabob was made very nicely. I stopped going because I moved and the location is not convenient. i did not have that many expectations despite the good reviews once we saw the location. They can smell it. It does smell fine. Chick pea side is mediocre. All in all though, the food has never been anything less than satisfactory. It is always almost empty. I love coming here with my sister and her boyfriend. we ordered kabob deluxe and the quabili palau. The salad was pretty small and dressed with something similar to ranch and the rice was really good with a strong but not overpowering flavor of cinnamon. It was lettuce, carrots, with a yogurt dressing. I work close by and have ordered Carry out at least 20 times. Take about fantastic! the ground beef was pretty standard. 2315 S. Eads St. Arlington VA 22202 (703) 979-3100. Restaurants, Indian. The base of a traditional kabob is some type of marinated meat. My husband and I both ordered a salad, and the salad came out immediately. The staff is always the same and they are always nice to deal with. but the rice here is topped with carrots and raisins which adds the perfect amount of sweetness to this dish. The interior has had a complete make-over. It was DELICIOUS! Great service, great food, great price! Sadly they were out of the spinach side dish and stewed lamb palau that my brother initially ordered but they swapped that out for lamb kabob, per my brother's request and without hesitation. The mint yogurt sauce was absolutely delicious with just a hint of spiciness to it (it was a little too spicy for my husband).Our food arrived shortly thereafter, and I dug into my veggie curry. you go for the food. Come here for something special. Hello kabob lovers, this is one of the best place in town. The lamb palau is fantastic. Flame Kabob Springfield VA gives you the tastiest and most delicious Afghan Kabobs anywhere. The service is awkward but friendly. I could have ate the naan as my mealDuring our meal, our server was very attentive, and refilled water glasses and sodas, as necessary. The ambiance inside is weirder yet. “I know, I know: There’s got to be a more enticing way to share my enthusiasm for Khan Kabob, one of the very best—maybe the very best—of a slew of kebab houses dotting Northern Virginia.”, Todd Kliman Come here if you want to try things that the standard kabob place doesn't offer. I recommend the lamb and rice dish (Palau) as it is super comfort food...warm and aromatic and juicy and saucy. Once we were able to communicate that we were missing a meal and that the tab needed to be corrected, the new waiter was quick on his feet.This used to be a bustling restaurant where lots of people could be found almost any night throughout the week. A new man was happy to help us out, but had a difficult time understanding what we were trying to tell him. The naan was fabulous. The prices have remained the same, although portion sizes (of lamb) have been reduced and a different cut seems to be being used. Although I want to eat everything on the menu, I usually stick with the qabili palau (lamb, rice, carrots,  raisins?)