Ultimate Stars (Import) Majin Buu FAQ, Jump! Part 3: Perform a push-block by hitting X while guarding just as you are, Part 4: Switch characters by touching the other large panel on the bottom, Part 5: Call a SUPPORT CHARACTER by touching the panel on the lower left of, Part 6: Call a HELP COMMAND by touching the smallest panel on the, KO the opponent to get a point, but lose a point if you are defeated! Get enough points before the, time runs out to clear the stage! Dragon Ball is one of the most represented series in Jump Ultimate Stars, with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo, Frieza, and Kid Buu being fully playable (they have Battle Koma forms). Platform(s) Kinikuman Clear and ring out your opponents at least twice, 5. 2. Collect all the stars within 30 seconds. Clear and use DREAM COMBOS at least 3 times, 2. This guide will show you how to beat mission mode with 100% completion even if you don't know a lick of Japanese! Jump Ultimate Stars (ジャンプアルティメットスターズ, Janpu Arutimetto Sutāzu?Jump Ultimate Stars is a fighting video game developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS.It is the sequel to Jump Super Stars, also released for the DS.The game was released in Japan on November 23, 2006. Ultimate Stars (Import) Support FAQ, Jump! Clear with 'laugher' type battle characters only, 3. Some characters have alternate block paths which unlock a different type for that character (e.g. Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Cobra Jump Ultimate Stars(ジャンプアルティメットスターズ,Janpu Arutimetto Sutāzu) is a 2D fighting game developed by GanbarionW in 2006 for the Nintendo DSW. Prince of Tennis The stronger type will deal more damage to the weaker type. By sakurionsakurion. Ultimate Stars (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough (Spanish), JUMP ULTIMATE STARS PLAYERS IF U WANT TO PLAY. Clear with at least 10 HELP COMMAND characters in your deck. Doing this will unlock Lenalee. Clear by ONLY ring-out KO'ing your opponent, Avoid being hit by your opponent and bomb blasts until time expires to, 2. Publisher(s) Nintendo DS Cartridge. Have the most points before the time runs out to clear the stage! 5. Ring out at least 1 opponent and clear, 3. There are three kinds of koma that can be initialized in battle: Battle, Support, and Help komas, with decks needing at least one of each type and an assigned leader before being playable. two or three characters. deck. Support komas are two to three squares that represent non-playable characters that can perform actions such as attacks, healing or status effects. Clear and get at least one ring out KO, 5. Jump Ultimate Stars (ジャンプアルティメットスターズ, Janpu Arutimetto Sutāzu) is a fighting video game developed by Ganbarion and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. Capt. This page has been accessed 39,055 times. Any corrections, are appreciated. Jump Super Stars Mission/Translation Guide. Get at least 10 hits with support characters and clear, 4. Character selection and usage is only possible through the koma; koma appear as structures that take up square areas on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS. Clear with a deck with at least 12 panels. This is also true for Support characters being Help characters. Doing this will unlock Kanda. Do a guarding attack (down+B or down+Y), 2. However, the exception is Sasuke Uchiha, Raoh, Frieza, Kid Buu, and Heihachi Edajima; these characters do not have a Support character koma ("panel" in Japanese), but they do have their Help koma alternative.