The double swing gate centre safety edge is designed to be installed in the centre of a double electric gate to prevent injury or damage from the trap point created by the two gates when closing. FROM: £59.00 (Ex VAT £49.17) VIEW. Direct Mount (42) Slide-In Style (52) Monitored/Non-Monitored . Safety devices for power operated doors and gates. Edge And Channel. Chemical Resistant (10) Standard (84) Post Type . For application on gates, we offer pre-assembled safety edges as well as safety edges for self-assembly. When the safety edge detects an obstacle, it sends an impulse that interrupts and reverses the movement of the automation. General principles for the design and testing of pressure sensitive edges and pressure sensitive bars. Gate Safety Legislation. 5. BS EN 12978:2003, Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Miller Edge Sensing Edges are the most positive emergency stopping device available for motor-driven doors and gates. Edge Type . Pressure sensitive protective devices. Swing Gate Hinge Point Safety Edge. Safety edges we carry. Attach the safety bumper edge to the gate and either wire it to the gate … Our innovative Plug`N`Sense system makes it possible for you to fit safety edges perfectly yourself on site on a cost-effective and flexible basis. Edge With Channel (24) DIY Edge Kit (4) Edge (70) Cover Color . if a hand gets in the way of a closing door, it stops the automatic movement. Round (6) Square (54) Fits Any Shape (34) Edge Installation Type . Edges. 4. Monitored (48) Non-Monitored (46) Product . to avoid the risk of crushing. Safety edges are sensors that protect operators from coming between shearing and pinching edges. Requirements and test methods. In June 2010 the tragic deaths of 2 young children in separate incidents less than 1 week apart only served to highlight the safety issues facing the UK gate automation industry. A safety edge is installed on the moving gate to prevent an accident. Depending on the control principle, we supply safety edges as normally open or normally closed chains. BS EN 1760-2:2001, Safety of machinery. Filter. Our wide variety of styles allows for easy installation on nearly any door or gate. Miller Edge Sensing Edges should be specified on all power-operated doors and gates. Some edges are monitored and comply with new UL guidelines where others fit older gate openers that don't require this minimum threshold. Safety edges are edges that can be applied to all the construction elements that delimit a passage (gates, doors, barriers, etc.) Shop By. If the safety edge encounters an obstruction, e.g. SENTIR edge safety edges can be used on automated gates of all kinds. Safety Edges. Safety edges.