Live animations are yet another feature of AwesomeWeather that can truly enhance your app experience. We will receive sales commission if you purchase items using our links. Thanks to the versatility of the Android platform, you also get information directly on your home screen. This app is for the experts as it offers to-the-point data that sometimes cannot be comprehended by the average user. There’s also a wildfires layer, showing you heat spots on the radar. It comes with all the NWS data you can ask for as the app was built using NWS’ public API. Locations can be customized as per your convenience. They actually get their information from AccuWeather, so data stays pretty up to date. This is one of the nicer options out there, actually offering you pretty nice looking dynamic animations. If you’re on the hunt for the best weather app available, this list will help you a great deal. An excellent design and user interface is one of those ways. This is a must have NWS app curated by an independent developer using real time data from National Weather Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you’re looking for data right from NWS, getting this app is a no-brainer. This app has everything that you need from a weather app and more, so you’re surely not going to be disappointed. You won’t get much in terms of user interface here, but if raw, real time data is what you’re looking for, this app will surely come to your rescue. Aside from the accurate temperature readings, the app provides its weather forecast for the next few days. It also has a “feels like” temperature reading, which is vital as the weather we feel sometimes differs significantly from the actual weather around us. Weather apps have been included by default on most modern smartphones, although only few stick out. Most of these are free, but that does mean that you’ll have to deal with advertisements and in-app purchases. MyRadar is a free download and is ad-supported. For example, if it’s snowing in your location, the homepage of the app will show a snowing animation on top of your city. In this article, you will read about the top 15 thermometer apps Android/iPhone 2021, which will be a … There’s information on precipitation, maps, graphs, and other metrics available at your disposal. This is yet another beautifully designed weather app that can brighten up your day regardless of the weather outside. On top of information on upcoming weather, like what the weather will look like over the next few days, heat waves, and more, you also get information on storm tracking, live radars, and more. The fact that it’s been around for years perfecting its product continually is why AccuWeather remains the preferred weather app for millions of people. This app provide temperature graph so that you can easily compare temperature with previous temperature. After all, they’ve got to make their own money somehow. The app helps you set 12 different locations to track weather at your place of choosing. One thing that sticks out from this weather app is the way it’s designed. Everyone’s familiar with The Weather Channel, but they also have an app, too! There’s an earthquake layer feature on the map, which shows you part of the world that are at risk or have been affected by an earthquake. Data for this is sourced from USGS, Inciweb, and the feature is only limited to the U.S. for now. Keeping this in mind, there’s still some ambiguity on the best weather app out there. This is rated as the best weather app for Android by a number of news outlets. You get access to graphical hourly forecasts, data on NOAA Nexrad Radar, Hazards and Hurricanes, voice synthesized weather alerts and more to keep you updated on the weather around you and the world. Regardless of whether it is cold or hot it the applications are sufficiently equipped for perusing and giving you … If you want a brief and direct idea of the weather around you, however, this app is meant for you. The app has different features which offer real-time temperature, location access facility, different weather and temperature option, and various temperature graphs. Most of these are free, but that does mean that you’ll have to deal with advertisements and in-app purchases. Up next, we’re looking at the Weather app that comes built-in with most OnePlus smartphones. An app that most Android users are familiar with, AccuWeather is offered by default on a number of Android smartphones. While most weather apps follow the same protocol as far as weather information is concerned, there are a few ways that a developer can stand out. It’s highly data-driven, and in addition to getting weather info, you also get access to the minute-by-minute weather forecast and rain tracker, allowing you to plan ahead for up to two hours. This is rated as the best weather app for Android, How to show Battery Percentage on Oppo A9 (2020), Fix “This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country” error in Android. There is support for both temperature units, five languages, forecast information like wind speed, humidity, sunset and sunset, and more. It’s not really groundbreaking tech, but a nice touch nonetheless. It’s not going to impress you with its user interface or design, but if you want a no-frills weather app with just the data you’re looking for, this NWS app makes sense. You might recognize some of these names, while we’ve made sure to include some relatively unknown but highly functional apps. The weather around is constantly changing, and it helps to have a good idea of what the weather will be like over the next few days with the best android weather app, especially if you’re planning a vacation or trip. EasyBBQ is a smart cooking thermometer app for both android and iOS users which display temperature in real-time on your device. It comes with the ability to select preset backgrounds for each location, and it looks simply beautiful. It is easy to use and fully customized preset temperature app with countdown timer option. There are several features this app offers. It shows a radar view of your location, giving you access to metrics like AIRMETs and SIGMETs, turbulence, TFRs, flight plan paths, and flight tracks, helping you plan your flight journey. All of the aforementioned features are also compatible with Wear OS smartwatches, so smartwatch owners are assured to get the best out of AccuWeather. You can view things like AQI, Wind, Body Temp, Humidity, Visibility, UV levels, and Pressure, but all in a neatly designed format. It has seen nearly 10 million installs, making it immensely popular among the masses. As you can imagine, you’re probably going to get the quickest and most detailed information from apps like the National Weather Service and NOAA.