I am deeply suspicious of anyone who takes a position as virulently as you are doing, I may be being unfair to you, but neither you nor the member of my own family who takes a similar position appear to be being very rational on this, you are making some concrete supported acusations and far more nebulous accusations that I can see no evidence to support such as the distorting of the whole field by the corporations. the best agricultural system isn’t dominated by any sort of corporations but based on local, sustainable production using good science, and I believe the science supports that view as well. Clear and enforceable rules are behind this seal. The Non-GMO label began use in 2012 with N… Because I don’t think anyone is making that claim. Their capacity to distort agricultural science and regulation in their interest, it should be noted, has paled in comparison to that of traditional agribusiness. Nongmo unhappy. 30 March 2013 - 21:28 GMT, Free newsletter Blue Diamond declined to comment. NFC had picked the term 'GMO Guard' rather than 'GMO-free' or 'Non-GMO' deliberately, added Flamer, who launched NFC in 1997 and became the first Rabbinic-led kosher agency to certify organic under the USDA National Organic Program in 2002. But, if a product label says “non-gmo” then I can do more research to see if I trust it or not. Any time you see anything on packaging except dry facts, it’s lies spun by marketing people. So you may have seen this label around, from the Non-GMO project — it’s a kind of seal of approval by unscientific hoodoo artists to declare food “safe”, unlike those foods that were generated by intentional, directed genetic modification. I’ll be interested to hear more about this particular case. I have posted about them hundreds of times over the past several years. I went back to your earlier comments and I don’t think that you have given a single reason why GMOs are bad and cannot be part of improving agriculture for large or small farmers, in developed or developing nations, or for rich farmers or poor farmers. The process includes on-site inspections, paperwork review, and regular testing of high-risk ingredients, such as corn and soybeans, to verify that the level of GMOs is below 0.9 percent for ingredients in human food and below 5 percent for ingredients in animal feed. Most likely the bacteria will win and the farmers and consumers will lose. The conclusions of large-scale, international scientific assessments have not been favorable to the Monsanto gang (and their promises of wonderful GE breakthroughs have failed to materialize), but it’s important to note that these assessments have concluded that no system in which large corporations (of any sort) are dominant is the way to go. However, the Princess Bride meme above is pertinent, because this new appeal to our ignorance is definitely coming from “someone who is selling something.”. Edward Bernays (an American) defined and established the fields of public relations and marketing. Same with Trader Joe’s who state on their website that they use no GMOs in any of their Trader Joe’s-labeled products. There is another reason that this particular kind of disinformation is a problem. When will people wake up to the truth about Elon Musk? It’s also gluten free ™. and Ph.D in Plant Pathology (study of the…, I’ve been involved with agricultural technologies for more than 40 years. They are tasty and sweet, a beautiful red color, and seedless. [11] It asserts that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified organisms.[11][12]. (I’ll ignore your following remarks.). Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox. They say things like: The Non-GMO Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focusing on genetically modified organisms. I try not to be a moral monster, so let me know what I am doing wrong. So, if you are OK with GMO, what you are really saying is that you’re OK with consuming Roundup, because that’s what GMO enables the farmer to do and the sole reason why they use GMO. 30 Aug 2009, "Global ID was engaged by the Non-GMO Project to design and administer a non-GMO verification program. If the case moves forward, and is not dismissed by a judge, we’ll find out more. GMO or Non-GMO choices are not about feeding you and me. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); The problem with this distinction is that corporate monopoly/oligopoly control of anything is inseparable from the science of said thing. There are few foods which are processed which do not frequently come in contact with equipment that also processes wheat. The farmer would not be able to propagate his hybrid stock. It has led to fantastic improvements in agriculture over that last few thousand years. If your point is something else, then I am unclear on what your point is. Thanks for your shipments. Meanwhile, all employees must receive documented training in NFC’s GMO Guard program. 9. William Neuman for the Taipei Times. We are Non-GMO Verified by the Non-GMO Project If something is Certified Organic, isn’t it also Non-GMO? With a court system like the US one, who needs war, Jon? Since April of 2016 I work part time for the non-profit, CropLife Foundation communicating the benefits of crop protection agents via blogs and the POPagriculture podcast, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Dump them! Corporations shouldn’t be able to impose themselves, in the name of progress or science or whatever.