Prices for prime-period Morris start at around £500. When prices began to fall for Poole's floral-decorated earthenware of the 1920s and 30s, prices for Morris chargers accelerated. The Art Deco wares produced in the 1920s and 30s heyday are traditionally the most sought after. Worth for a Fiskars Xact Weed Puller. All rights reserved. To ensure you the best experience, we use cookies on our website for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. For this estimated value the Husqvarna Z242E Zero-Turn Mower must be similar to the information…. Now under the control of Group Ltd, which also owns Royal Stafford Pottery, a pottery shop remains open on Poole Quay with a studio on site where one-off pieces are produced. Poole Town Council, a welcome contributor to the market for several years, was among the major buyers at the sale spending £88,000. The designs of the 60s and 70s were a complete departure from anything that had gone before. The standard reference works are a great source of information on both of these. Lamps are among the most eagerly collected of Sydenham's often wacky and witty Atlantis output (smaller utilitarian pieces are less reliable) and prices over £1000 are commonplace. Gouged, carved, encrusted, incised and fashioned from stoneware or earthenware, these celebrated red clay in its 'natural' state. ISBN-10: 0955374162, Poole Pottery (Shire Library) by Will Farmer. Get the Gazette Morning Briefing newsletter: Copyright © Metropress Ltd, (t/a Auction Technology Group) 2020, Greek, Roman, Egyptian & Other Antiquities. When Christie's South Kensington sold the contents of the Poole factory museum in March 2004, a number of Art Deco wares sold for more than £5000. The most popular current line is Living Glaze. Two years after Owen Carter died, his brother Charles formed the partnership with the designer and silversmith Harold Stabler and the Stoke-on-Trent potter John Adams in 1921 that ushered in Poole's heyday. For this estimated value the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Set…, Worth for a French Antique Gilt Ormolu and Bronze Clock Year 1850's. By the end of the First World War this was making a wide range of decorative wares under design head James Radley Young and had established important links with the Omega Workshops. In fact, after some substantial price hikes a decade ago they have stabilised at affordable levels. Toys, Games and collectibles. Designs are typically identified by the two-letter code that appears to the base alongside the initials of the artist. For this estimated value the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Porcelain doll…, Worth for a Children's Razor Rip Rider 360 Caster Trike. With its harbour and an abundance of red clay to the north of the town, Poole in Dorset had long been a centre for pottery making ever since a builder's merchant and ironmonger, Jesse Carter, bought a run-down tile manufacturing company on the quayside in 1873. Much of the traditional range was based on the work of the chief designer in the 1920s, Truda Carter. For this estimated value the DC Comics Aquaman Black Manta Statue must be similar…, Worth for a Odyssey EXO Rossie Golf Putter. For this estimated value the POOLE POTTERY MODEL RACING YACHT Circa 1937 A Rare item John Adams design must be similar to the information provided. POOLE POTTERY MODEL RACING YACHT Circa 1937 A Rare item John Adams design & what it is worth. Her fieldmice groups are common and bring only a few pounds but rarer breeds (such as the Canada goose or the kookaburra) can command substantial sums. Hidden or discarded in the following decades, a revival of interest in the 90s saw prices rocket. For this estimated value the ORIGINAL VINTAGE ROSS DELUXE STAR FLIGHT MEN'S…, Worth for a Seamartin Cedar Antique Fishing Surf Reel. Poole first exhibited their Contemporary wares in London in 1953, two years after the Festival of Britain. © 2020 A 16in (41cm) diameter example depicting a signature design for the artist - sunbursts and sunspots - and dating from c.1963-64 established an auction high for a piece of post-War Poole when it sold at London auctioneers Rosebery's in 2005 for £5200. At the Poole Pottery this meant investment in a new kiln and an influx of new talent to complement some of the old guard. The most talented of these was Tony Morris, a student at Newport School of Art, who joined Poole in 1963. Estimated at £400-600 Fieldings in Stourbridge at a sale in March 2018, it was knocked down at £1200. What it is Worth for a POOLE POTTERY MODEL RACING YACHT Circa 1937 A Rare item John Adams design. In good overall condition with no visible signs of restoration, the huge vase overshot a £2000-4000 estimate and sold for £7800 at Dorchester saleroom Duke’s in March 2019. 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