And, O king, it hath been heard by us that while Samvarana, the son of Riksha, was ruling the earth, there happened a great loss of people from famine, pestilence, drought, and disease. Their mothers, therefore, became angry and slew them all. However, the Pandavas selected the Matsya Kingdom for their 13th year of anonymous life. The eldest of them, Dushmanta, became king. He told them: ‘Not far off before you is a delightful town.’ Saying this, he led them into the town of Ekachakra. And the latter of eyes like lotus-petals had his sway over the whole Earth bounded by the four seas. But none of them were like their father and so Bharata was not at all pleased with them. Viswamitra also was mentioned as possessing a large army and many animals and vehicles. The Panchalas observe the duties enjoined in the Vedas; the Kauravas observe truth; the Matsyas and the Surasenas perform sacrifices. After the defeat from Vasistha, Viswamitra adopted the life of an ascetic. Meanwhile Drona continued to reside in Ahichatra. Dushyanta is the son of Ilina and Rathantara and is a descendant of the Puru dynasty, a great warrior and a just ruler. In the course of their wanderings the Pandavas saw the countries of the Matsyas, the Trigartas, the Panchalas and then of the Kichakas, and also many beautiful woods and lakes therein. Vedas Pioneered Economic thought trends latest research shows.. Yazh (Ancient Indian Instrument), the original Harp. And Manasyu had for his wife Sauviri. They were Dushmanta, Sura, Bhima, Pravasu, and Vasu. The 10 sons of Drupada and his five sons are mentioned as participating in the Kurukshetra War. And the sons of Janamejaya were all endued with great strength and became celebrated all over the world. And the king retook the capital that had been taken away from him and once more made all monarchs pay tribute to him. Viswamitra (Kusika’s race) was born as a Kshatriya and later became a Brahmana, much like what was common in Madra cultures. Their mothers, therefore, became angry and killed them all. During the reign of Drupada, no shift in the location of southern Panchala is mentioned explicitly. Valanika, Jayanika, Jaya, Prishdhra, and Chandrasena — these heroes were also believed to be of the Panchala, slain by Ashwathama. They attired in the garbs of ascetics. They are Richeyu, Kaksreyu Vrikeyu, Sthandileyu, Vaneyu, Jaleyu, Tejeyu, Satyeyu, Dharmeyu and Sannateyu the tenth. O thou of ascetic wealth, I desire to hear the histories in detail of those famous monarchs endued with learning and all accomplishments.'. "Puru had by his wife Paushti three sons, Pravira, Isvara, and Raudrasva, all of whom were mighty car-warriors. The powerful Samvarana, thus installed once more in the actual sovereignty of the whole earth, performed many sacrifices at which the presents to the Brahmanas were great. Most of them were alive till the end of the war, however all of them were slain by Ashwathama in an ambush, while they slept in their tents on the last day of the war. Then they proceeded towards the country of the southern Panchalas, ruled over by the King Drupada. All the tribes of the Panchalas are descended from Dushmanta and Parameshthin, two sons of the second wife of Puru, King Ajamidha. There the Bharatas lived for some thousand years, within their fort. He is mentioned as a friend of Bhargava Rama. And the lord of the earth, Suhotra, begat, upon his wife Aikshaki three sons, viz., Ajamidha, Sumidha, and Purumidha. And they were Dhritarashtra who was the eldest, and Pandu and Valhika, and Nishadha endued with great energy, and then the mighty Jamvunada, and then Kundodara and Padati and then Vasati the eighth. And they were all proficient in morality and profit and were kind to all creatures. His rule is believed to have spanned from Gandhara (now, Kandahar in Afghanistan) to the Vindhyas and from Sindhu (now, Pakistan) to Banga (now, Bangladesh). Ancient Suraj Kund Temple Ruins in Multan, Pakistan, A Foreigner’s account of Chidambaram Temple Festival in 1924, London, Vedic Cultural Influence in Africa, also known as KushaDeep, History of Vedic Culture in the Middle East, The Plot To Suppress Vedic Archeology in India, Islamic destruction of Hindu Temples: Tip of an iceberg, Good governance of the Hindus in Ancient India. And he subjugated the whole earth and acquired great fame and splendour. Using those animals and vehicles, he used to roam around in forests in search of deer. Also, it documents the fate of the Kauravas and the Pandavas family. 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