I recommend it if you are looking for an affordable and decent standing desk. In other words, this is much better quality than that $20 bookcase every dorm room has. Your e-mail address will only be visible to me and not to the public. Related: Workload management tips for working from home. When the desk is at minimum height you need to raise it a bit to place the manual handle back to its place – This is not a deal breaker, but I think it should be noted somewhere. There is literally nothing else to it. However, I can’t say the same about the desktop itself. Click on the picture to hear an audio file of the word. Regular expression to extract cookie value from Apache access logs, Park’N Fly Vancouver airport (YVR) parking review, Ikea Skarsta standing desk review: cheaper, reliable Bekant alternative, Flintan IKEA office chair review: simply comfortable, Wave Payroll review: ADP Canada alternative, Free TypeKit alternative: Google Web Fonts review, Pre- and Post-Judgment Interest Calculator BC, Pre- and Post-Judgment Interest Calculator Ontario, Unofficial 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless FAQ. I used it as my workday desk for three days during the review period. height – 70 cm / 27.5″. The bottom line here is that the Skarsta might be too basic for its own good. This post contains affiliate links. I need power supplies, cable management, and storage. November 28th, 2016 at 2:57 pm I assume it should take you about an hour (which is the time it took me – including shooting this video during the process). It arrived in two boxes: a thin cardboard sheath that covered the desktop itself and then a smaller, incredibly heavy box that held the legs, bolts, crank, and other hardware. Pinging is currently not allowed. I would have no fear of getting on top of this desk and standing on it with my full weight. I have no qualms about the durability of the rest of the Skarsta. Giving you as much crap as possible. The Skarsta is just a flat piece of wood that sits upon metal legs that go up or down. You can lean up against it, put your feet against the table legs and base, or even lay your head on it if you’re having a particularly rough day. There are lots of folks out there who absolutely hate assembling Ikea furniture, but I quite like it. Since there’s no power supply, I either need to work with my not-plugged-in laptop (which would not make it through a full workday) or run my power cable to the nearest outlet. You can skip to the end and leave a response. The Skarsta costs $300 instead of $600 for the Bekant. I’d suggest contacting Ikea directly. With more people than ever working from home nowadays, proper home office equipment has become a hot commodity. Though I was glad to learn that I can replace the levelers with wheels, I wish IKEA would offer this option on their own initiative. All that cranking allows you to be more precise with the desktop height. But if you need something simple that won’t break the bank, this is a fine choice. I read some concerns about its 110 pound load capacity, although I think that most people don’t place even close to that much weight on their desk. No other colors other than white – at least from what I know, this desk is sold only in white. It’s not going anywhere. Ikea Skarsta desk review – is it too cheap? There are no electronics here. Now, this kind of minimalist approach might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you need a table that goes up and down, allowing you to either sit or stand while working, the Ikea Skarsta will do just that! Q: What is the maximum / minimum height of this desk? It’s very straightforward, but your mileage may vary, of course. Ikea Skarsta Sit/Stand Desk Whether it’s a great chair or a great computer monitor, you need gear that is going to make your eight-hour workday productive and non-detrimental to your health. Iced coffee in one of those plastic Starbucks cups would likely leave a condensation stain on the desk if left there for a while without a coaster. Thank you for your support & understanding! These are the best AT&T phone deals for August 2020, Crash Bandicoot On the Run! Please check out my disclosure policy for more details. There is no power supply or even a space to put one. The Ikea Skarsta is a terrific desk if all you need is a flat table that goes up and down. A: Yes, you can. It looks great, has a large desk surface, and has a motorized up/down mechanism. With that in mind, I had no problem assembling the Skarsta; it took about 30 minutes. That’s not the only thing the Ikea Skarsta is missing, though. The upper part is wood, and the base is mostly from metal, and I’m happy with the overall quality (assuming you assemble it right). But the metal base is probably what makes it pricier. Comment on any of my posts to contact me. The desktop itself is a particle board construction, yes, but it is very, very dense, almost to the point of feeling like a solid piece of wood. Thus, you can move it to the exact height you want whether you’re sitting or standing by simply pressing on a button. In general I have no real issues with the desk and am quite pleased with it. In this Ikea Skarsta review, we’re going to lay out all the good stuff (and all the not-so-good stuff) related to this adjustable desk. As you may have guessed from the previous section, this desk is not the classic flimsy particleboard we associate with Ikea products. When it first came out, the Skarsta was a game-changer. A cheap entry into the sit/stand desk world. The levelers can be replaced with wheels – this is something that was important to me personally when I considered this purchase because I needed a mobile desk. Peter's Useful Crap is proudly powered by However, the lack of these features, for me, make the Skarsta much less useful. Someone at Ikea had taped it all up to prevent things from falling out. While smoking is probably still the worse thing for you to be doing for eight hours a day every day, sitting is pretty bad, too. Related: How to get into a flow state while working from home. The motorized base model costs $300 and there are plenty of accessories you can buy to help with cable management and storage if you need them. After much searching, I found and purchased the Skarsta desk, which is essentially the Bekant but with a hand crank to raise or lower the desk. This wouldn’t be a good ‘forever desk’ purchase. Of course, as all manufacturers already know, this is both a blessing and a curse. Other than the desktop itself, everything about the Skarsta is metal. That means you’ll need a separate system for storing your cables, pencils, papers, etc., which a lot of people expect their desk to do. Q: What is the maximum loading weight of this desk? You can replace the upper plate and keep the same base – This desk comes in several sizes, that differ only by the size of the upper surface.