Then carefully place the side panel on top of the assembled parts, line up the 6 wood plugs, and push the second side panel onto the assembly. IKEA's instructions are brief and have no words, I created this project to help new builders by giving more detail and to show how the Instructables interface can make very clear how-to's with real photos and photo-notes and only a little text. You'll most likely only need a few hand tools to put them together like a screwdriver, a hammer, or a drill. Please contact your local store for more information. Links to product pages for all items provided, please don't respond asking for photos, the links should give you all required details. IKEA ALEX Drawer unit on castors & TRYSIL Chest of 4 drawers to be assembled . You can book your IKEA furniture assembly to take place in a separate room of you home by visiting the TaskRabbit website . Answer I don't have a set time frame for when it needs to be done. For questions about IKEA warranties call 510-420-IKEA. It quickly led to IKEA Customer Service UK offering wardrobe assemblers and other providers to help frustrated customers with their products, in the UK, Washington, DC, and even in Australia. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Thanks. For people without the time or inclination for assembling IKEA furniture or performing a random IKEA installation , there is a thriving industry of furniture assembly providers who will do it all for you. While some people relish the challenge of building their own pieces of furniture, others dread having to work through instructions, wondering if they screwed in Bolt D correctly. 2 of the plugs are used for the bottom flashing, 2 for the bottom shelf, and 2 for the top shelf. When you hire a skilled assembler, you no longer have to worry about deciphering a list of steps or figuring out which piece goes where. IKEA assembly - bookcase with extension and small drawers as per the below: 3. Orient it with the nice side facing down, and slide it into the grooves bottom to top as shown.Make sure the back panel is all the way into the groove in the top shelf, then use a hammer (not included in kit) to nail in 4 small nails. Airtasker is where people who want work done can find people who want to work - we're a community marketplace built on trust. Need some help assembling your IKEA furniture? You don't need to carry anything up or down stairs. ", "Fin just gets in and does the task and does a little bit more. Job is at Everton Park. At IKEA East Palo Alto, we have a free children's play area, a baby care room, strollers, bottle warmers, family parking in the front and top level, and more! you can use another piece of wood to enable leaverge between the bookcase side and the pliers and not mark the bookcase. Say hello to our customer services. second, push a screw into the hole matching the round nut, and screw it in using the IKEA tool. I would highly recommend. "Our taskers were fantastic. I started doing it myself, but it's just a bigger job than I can handle. Ltd 2011-2020©, All rights The nails attach the back panel to the *bottom* shelf. We make it a point to assemble your bedroom furniture according to product specifications, so it's best to keep all your instruction manuals handy before your assembler arrives to work on any flat-pack furniture. This kit is straightforward to assemble, a good kit for novices in the smaller sizes. I've followed along exactly as shown in IKEA's instructions… the IKEA instructions also show the attachment of the anti-tip-over "earthquake" strap, this is probably overkill except for a full-height shelving unit. Our Services What we assemble Know whos in your home Professional & reliable Make time for life Save your marriage Retail Partners What you say about us, New South Wales Victoria Australian Capital Territory Queensland, The brand Our offer A day in the life Franchisee Spotlight Find out more, Copyright © Flatpack Assembly Services Limited Privacy Policy | Cookies Notice | Terms & Conditions | Terms of Use of Website | Service Categories. The joints inside 1 panel (1 unit only) broke off, so it'll need some l-brackets or something else to hold it together. Carefully tip the assembly and put it face down. TaskRabbit has partnered with IKEA to help assemble your furniture! Ltd 2011-2020©, All rights No problem! Fret not, my IKEA-loving friends. 1 x Bygas TV unit Need someone who can help assemble and drill to the wall, Someone quick and handy with an Allen Key needed to assemble three pieces of new Ikea furniture - Double bed with two storage drawers, office chair, and three seating sofa (see photos). While you can hire people to do the job for you, through online services, you can also deal with more reputable providers that have paired up with IKEA for the perfect assembly options for you. Item links: Useful Links. Indicate what kind of IKEA furniture you need help with, and set your preferred service date and time. Great work, wouldn't find naan better. If you need help assembling your IKEA furniture you can access the instructions at any moment. Many furniture assemblers will offer both options to appeal to as many customers as possible. Clear indoor area to set up. Our IKEA Business specialists have extensive knowledge of products throughout the store, and can assist you in coming up with a space that is both inspirational and functional.