Material Kitchen’s 10.5-inch pan costs $95, more than we think you should pay for a piece of cookware with such a limited lifespan. I second this. Wish I had more help for you on the Made In stuff, but since nobody's responded to you yet, I thought you might even appreciate an indirect answer to your question. The latter two are both made in China, but the quality is decent and they are both much less than All-Clad. There's probably some degree of marketing speak to that, but I can attest that their pans do clean up spotlessly with just a bit of boiling water. Still getting used to Reddit. Cookware is sold in sets—consisting of about five to 15 pieces—or as individual pots and pans, typically called open stock. Press J to jump to the feed. They have a couple of different lines that look similar. Everything else, I agree with you. I'm not sure about where they manufacture their non-stick. I mention this because I just saw that the Kitchen Aid set is on sale for 599.00, 40% off the regular I-5 price of 999.00. All of their other stuff is no better than what you can get from any brand at Home Goods, but the stand mixers are best in class. Read on to find out which set we think is the best for most cooks and why we chose it. Demeyere's pots only include heat-conductive aluminum in the bottom disc, unlike All-Clad's construction which spreads that aluminum up the sides of the pot as well. For baking dishes I’d go with Emile Henry (made in France), they make excellent stoneware for casseroles. Users call out how much they like the feel of the cookware in addition to performance. :-/. I'm also very open to promising new brands. Press J to jump to the feed. Love my Demeyere! We cut out the high retail markups found with traditional cookware brands and pass those savings on to you. Out of 16 pans in total, the four with the … Actually, KitchenAid cookware is made by Demeyere and is equivalent to Demeyere Industry 5, a 5-ply clad stainless that's top notch quality. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. In this case, not only are the products excellent quality, … Have fun shopping all the Black Friday deals--you should find some great stuff! not really a pressing issue though. Made In is, well, made in the U.S., and they often offer free shipping. Instead of All Clad, try Demeyere. are made in China--just like the le Creuset farms out all of their non-enameled cast iron products. At Made In, we craft stainless steel cookware, knives, and carbon steel cookware that inspire the home chef. Since you're not generally cooking with the sides of pans, this isn't really a problem (though it should lead to slightly slower boil times). This was super interesting to me and I was able to educate my friends and family as well. The Stoneware baking line is great - seriously the easiest to maintain bakeware I have ever used and works great for roasting veggies. the return process was very easy. Teapot - can't help, I don't own one. I will definitely be looking into these tonight! I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. In our in-depth and unbiased product reviews, we present the pros AND cons so you can decide whether a product is right for your home or not. Their saucepans and other pots look terrific as well, but I'm not rich enough to pay the premium over already expensive All-Clad. There are two size options to purchase. Thermoworks Thermapen as others have said: top quality instant read thermometer. Cuisinart seems on par with kitchenaid. Busy busy . Really good quality, less than half the price. Harder to find in stores, but supposed to be better quality overall. Got all authentic stuff and have been very pleased so far. 2 comments 81% Upvoted We have a Crate and Barrel close by, I'll have to check them out. Made In is a great company and the fact that the cookware is made in the usa is great. It seems their pans are really good. Made In proves you can find durable and versatile cookware and utensils at reasonable prices. I usually start with Cook's Illustrated equipment reviews. Le Creuset for cast iron and bakeware. All Clad was bought out in 2004, and I can't find where they manufacture now, but I'm finding lots of reviews of their items saying 'made in China' now. Anyone have them and use on induction cook tops? I like what they're trying to do and would love to support that company. Wusthof and Shun are both excellent brands. But don't want to pay le creuset prices for kitchenaid quality. So I'm in the market for some induction pots and pans. It works fine on induction. Our collections of critically-acclaimed stainless steel cookware sets and American made frying pans are shipped directly to your door. All-Clad seems to have two different “classes” of products - stuff you buy from regular retailers like Amazon or Target seems to largely be Chinese-made, but if you go to higher-end retailers like Williams-Sonoma or Crate and Barrel you should find the authentic made in America stuff. Seconded. They have recommendations for almost everything you might want to buy, although sometimes they're a little dated.