It can be used to introduce yourself or to introduce someone. Read this study to find out more. If you are required to write a 300-word French essay, you should aim for: 300 words / 15 words per line = 20 lines total. But if there's a minor additional detail you wish to say and or don't like the cramped look, it's better to have a two 'faux-paragraphs' in this section. If you are writing to your loved one, you may start with a French love nickname. Elle aime chanter et danser. Elle est belle et intelligente. Begin by welcoming your audience. To introduce someone else, your wife for example: Je vous présente Fabienne, ma femme. My wife, Fabienne. 2. “Ma chérie” when writing to a woman, “mon chéri” for a man are the norm. How to write a good French detailed study introduction - contains valuable information for other languages VCE orals. For example: Ask for something. At the end, you’ll probably say I love you in French: “je t’aime”, “je t’aime de … Draft the outline of your essay French Letter Closing. 6 – How to Write a French Love Letter. Mon Amie s'appelle Simona. "Bonjour (or bonsoir) mesdames et messieurs" will do nicely, as it is the expected French greeting. Elle est timide et tetu. Make your offer. (épouse = femme, see family) The verb "to introduce" is "se présenter" (1st group verb). This is the most important part of your entire professional introduction. Let me introduce you my wife, Fabienne. Elle a les yeux bruns et les cheveux bruns. Say thank you. Ideally, write your closing in one paragraph only. Ending your self-introductory email with gratitude can boost your chances of getting a reply. Show the hiring manager how they will benefit from hiring you, and ask for an interview. Ex: You write an average of 15 words per line. Voici Fabienne, mon épouse. Writing a speech in French follows the same basic rules as writing one in English: introduction, body of the speech and conclusion. This will give you a good indication of how many lines your text should be. Elle est de taille moyenne.