are going to talk about and telling your reader what you will argue. It should mention, in sharp detail, the several components of your paper and how they each serve to support the conclusion, which is essentially your thesis. This may seem like a great idea when it’s 3 a.m. and you still need a 100 more words to hit the word-count, but I assure you, it’s not going to make your paper any better. A series often just does not communicate its message as clearly and effectively as the Where a thesis tells your reader what your essay is about, a road map informs your reader about how you’re going to flesh out your argument, or thesis. The problem should be to confine your paper to the page limit, not to should be simple, direct, and to the point. [Notice that professor of mine used to tell his classes, “There is, and can be, no direct Second, be Don’t In general, a term that we have given some A philosophy paper consists of the reasoned defense of some claim. A road map is always mentioned right after the thesis. It’s incredibly important that each paragraph in your essay corresponds with your road map! Hopefully these tips help you out! care enough about your work to run it through a spell-check program. �q�x5��"�"�t�x���Nã1��2f O�ޚ�M/U^����|g�)��0�J]Y��7�!����'/[� W�p%~��� quality of the results – not what you meant to say, but what you make a claim about what is said in the text, it is appropriate to provide a It’s what brings an essay to life. and quality of their explanations. When she’s not studying or doing some writing, you can catch Chelsy in pajamas, watching Hamilton while singing along. recollection, this would not provide an adequate answer to Meno’s paradox. This shows comprehension, that you have much more than a superficial understanding of the text. and interested in the subject but has not studied it. Even a brilliant essay cannot get a good grade if it does not As a say to reach the word limit, you’re probably missing something. Following these steps, you must revise the paper meticulously and edit it as required. What follows is opponents also have good points.”  Also , Do the math and put the answer in the box! already know, since you already have the knowledge in question. give her the impression – a false one, perhaps – that you simply don’t I had written it the night before, but I remember feeling very pleased with the quality of my work precisely because I managed to produce a 1,500 word essay the night before it was due. Title: A Simple Foolproof Method for Writing Philosophy Papers Author: Amy Scott Created Date: 2/18/2006 7:51:54 PM taught, a geometrical claim that they did not already know. When you use conclusion sets out problems that still remain. This might seem like common sense, but it’s natural to get carried away while writing and forget to space out your essay into neat paragraphs. will argue that Socrates does not adequately defend his theory of recollection. The less annoyed your grader is while reading your paper, the better. In fact the opposite is true: the more random and unnecessary babble you throw in, the more complicated your paper becomes. is no way to inquire into something that you don’t know, since you don’t fact, you will probably not have argued for the latter conclusion in your paper, ALWAYS err on the side of caution! Here are the top 10 tips to keep in mind when writing a philosophy paper: The answer to which is a resounding no! Compare: In the Meno, Meno presents Socrates produce results, but only that some people can do with great ease what others She is also a Head Peer Leader for New College’s SPROUT Mentorship program and writes for the UofT Chapter of HerCampus. excellent paper does. re-read your paper, think about whether it is organized in the best way. you will be in a better position to write an introduction after you have written Chelsy Caranto is a 3rd Year student, tackling a double major in English and Book and Media Studies. In what follows, I What objections might be raised to these premises? Thus, always turn. Very often, Finally, do you can go back through your work and see whether there are sentences or find some nice way of wrapping up your essay. you do not claim that you have shown more than have actually shown in your endstream endobj 224 0 obj<>stream your paper carefully. First, address the question that is asked. Do Instead, imagine your audience as someone who is intelligent with a paradox about inquiry. © 2011-2019 • New College • University of Toronto • All rights reserved. not use different terms just for variety’s sake; unfortunately, synonyms your roommate.). philosopher’s conclusion. Whatever your reason, I have a solution. Provide just enough information to give your essay context, the rest should be arguments. Philosophy essays are argumentative essays, not informational essays. What I am trying to say, however, is that there are certain tips and tricks that you don’t always find in those unnecessarily verbose essay guides that professors hand out in class, guides that very bluntly profess certain academic and personal ruin for those students who forget to use quotation marks when directly quoting philosophers. already know, since you already have the knowledge in question. reader as well). Your reader should be able to tell within the first 5 sentences of your essay, what the rest of your paper is going to be about. Proofread Return to all (This process is awkward and weird for most. As you reread each sentence of your draft, ask yourself: “Is this point Also You have to take notes, you must research and read your text, and you will most likely have to write out what you've learned. (This again points to the need to understand what the endstream endobj 225 0 obj<>stream He loves to tell a good story and is excited to get to know the college community throughout his first year. Which (Image source). I don’t think I even proofread my first essay. Some questions you might consider: does her argument succeed will discuss Meno’s paradox and Socrates’ criticism of it. Also make If you're going to write a paper, you have to get some kind of help. Even though you have probably read these texts previously, it is a good sufficient to make parenthetical references, such as (Meno You need a handy compilation of tips and tricks that you can quickly refer to while working on your essays to ensure you’re on the right track, and which prove especially invaluable if you, due to some unforeseeable circumstance, do end up doing an essay the night before it’s due. As a rule, Naturally, depending on your argument and how you plan to flesh it out, your roadmap may be longer or shorter, and have more steps than I’ve just illustrated. of geometrical knowledge to knowledge of other sorts of facts. Chelsy prides herself in her eccentric imagination, passion for writing, and love for her dog, Mocha. of these introductions is superior to the first. resist this temptation.). often find philosophy papers difficult to write since the expectations are very decent paper may not make any obvious mistakes or omit anything crucial; it I had never taken philosophy in high school, but I always did well in my English and creative writing classes. Of course, my illogical bubble of satisfaction burst two weeks later when I got my graded paper back with a D+, also known in my family as “Doomed+”. there? is no way to inquire into something that you don’t know, since you don’t In other words, your thesis is the whole point of your essay, it should clearly explain what and who you are arguing for, or against. Don’t Jimmy Gao is a first-year student studying commerce. the view or argument under consideration. explicit as possible. Statements like, “The purpose of my essay is to…”, or “In my essay, I will argue that…”, will serve as clear thesis indicators to your readers. percolate for awhile. The key is to make sure you are as clear as possible in letting the reader know every step you plan on taking in your paper. You have written a short paper; the reader recalls your argument and will H�|TMo�0��W�6�]�q3ڦ�(6�;���K-�R�e�~$�i��#����GGYe��e�C���s��cZ�-t5���FRX�Շ�ЩN�@�뽅ZY���_wzr������U��t��7���|�\@77w��U�eUI�Pm�$N���%1�7�h����[e�[)̲�+�.c�j �)�_C�