I always figured I should leave it alone once the water was poured in. This would mean you would need a second cup to pour the tea into. 3 Great Ways To Use LeafLife Tumbler's Tea Infuser - YouTube The only way I could see of brewing loose-leaf tea (to my liking) while you’re running around campus is with the method described by Missy (above). Allow the tea to steep for the desired length of time, depending on what kind of tea you're brewing. However, as an on the go college student I’ve been putting the leaves on the bottom and using the screen as a filter to drink. Actually, too much tea leaves to water ratio actually would cause bitterness as well. If you’re picky like me, you’re going to be worried that the water is either too hot for your green/white tea, or too cold for your herbal/black/oolong tea. Add your favourite tea leaves in the small glass infusion chamber. Rather than using prepackaged tea bags, tea infusers allow you to use fresher, higher quality tea, or even create your own blends. Open the lid over the drinking spout and enjoy your tea. It’s different than most tea tumblers you’ll find because it encourages you to let tea leaves loose as it doesn’t have an infuser basket, but a fine mesh strainer at the drinking top instead. It is great for loose leaf tea, fruit infusions, organic coffee, cocoa or as a water bottle for flavored water. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Yet, it offers an exceptionally convenient and cool tea brewing experience. I have been using a very nice tea tumbler from teavana for a couple months now and was wondering about how others enjoy theirs. How do you think about the answers? I found this discussion on Steepster (a social media site for tea drinkers), as well as the reviews at Teavana's site, to have a lot of good information on this tumbler: The silicone rubber finish allows for a comfortable and non-slippery hold. It offers a seamless tea experience, allowing you to make tea with a simple rotation. If you have an oversized tea tumbler, use 2 teaspoons in the mesh cup. Use the tea infusion chamber for temporarily storing tea. I never thought of it that way, thanks much. How to use: Fill a pot or kettle with water and heat it on the stove until it just starts to boil. 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Until recently, tea drinkers were forced to brew their tea ahead of time, then pour it into insulated mugs for tea drinking on the go. Pu-erh- yes as well. Tea tumbler usage. Haha i assure you this is appreciated. The Post Star: Tumbler Makes Loose Tea a To-Go Beverage, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv. White and yellow I’ve not had this experience but not surprising given that it makes up less than 5% of my tea drinking. I usually put the leaves in the top basket thing of my Teavana tumbler. Twist of the infusion chamber and strainer part and enjoy the tea directly from the tumbler. I have a Teavana tumbler as well. Eco-friendly, reusable, and affordable. The one exception to this rule I found is with Pu-erh (shu, not the sheng). Subscribe & stay up to date with the latest deals and new products or follow us on social media. Use the tea infusion chamber for temporarily storing tea. I was told that you should put the tea leaves on top of the screen and when your done steeping to remove and throw away the leaves. Do not slam or use any force when placing the tumbler on a hard surface. I can leave that stuff in there forever, and it never gets bitter. Add ice and pour hot water in the tumbler. Use your tea tumbler as you go out the door in the morning or as an alternate to tea bags at the office or at school. I always thought it okay to add extra leaves for a stronger tea. Just my two cents. Finally, discard the tea and rinse out the infuser. I use travel cup (seems they are called tumblers in the US) for travel. After brewing time has passed, turn the tea tumbler upside down once, then back right side up to mix the tea inside the tumbler. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. But it’s just so much less hassle when you’re busy running around on campus – I don’t care too much about water temperature when I’m brewing tea bags, so I just go get hot water from the coffee shops around campus. What’s healthiest from that list? Watch the video below and be amazed by how functional this double wall glass tumbler truly is: This glass tea tumbler consists a storage/infusion chamber and a large drinking cup connected by a middle strainer part. Useful for on the go as you can brew whenever you crave for tea. You can remove the basket entirely, or leave it in there, and just drink the a little so that the leaves are no longer sitting in hot water. The combination of these two methods usually works just fine. Most tea blends and herbal teas require 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea. Heat the water until it just starts to boil. Very difficult to get a good brew on the move. An herbal tea, oolong, or the "presentation" blooming teas, can be left in the tumbler for an extended period of time without a change in flavor. Is this true for all teas or only certain ones? Do you put the tea leaves inside the glass and then put the strainer back on it and drink it that way? has been my go-to for the longest. 寿. usually used on a person's 80th birthday (八十大寿) read as ba shi da shou. She's constantly following food and wine trends and has even created her own private coffee bean blend. While the water is heating, open the top of the tea tumbler and remove the mesh insert. I put my leaves in the bottom. I’ve been only putting in enough leaves to get the flavor but not enough to get bitter. That’s why a glass tumbler is a great choice. Measure the desired amount of loose tea leaves into the mesh cup. However, I have a tumbler from The Puritea and with that one it works better to put the leaves in under the filter thingy.