You can gauge your audience and the space that you have. Avoid missing your ability to submit on time due to website instability by submitting early. Power cut! You try to take questions, but you can’t hear anyone… Then – you wake up. It's crucial that you don't speak for longer than you are scheduled to. The key here is that you are able to give off a certain impression, and being there in person to do so really helps. These usually come in the form of light-hearted jokes and it is best to make them situation-based. It’s important to be yourself and prepare, prepare, prepare. Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas. For example, if you are an art teacher, you might search for “Art teacher conferences.” This would show you that the National Art Education Association is having a conference in March 2017 in New York City. Boom! Check the website of your organization to see if they are sponsoring a conference in the near future. Date- March 20, 2016 . Sometimes conference websites become unstable a few days before due dates because so many people are trying to submit at the same time. Some of our favorite tried-and-true introductions include: Welcome to the CALL TITLE/PROGRAM TITLE. You can even use images in your late in your presentation in expectance of certain issues. What if it is over a phone call with a recruiter for a job you really want, or for a conference call for a contract your new company really needs? The lack of visual cues, such as body language, is perhaps the most significant barrier conference call participants encounter when trying to communicate effectively. Presentation is key to many aspects in life, whether it’s the way you dress, the way you come across in front of others in the workplace or elsewhere. This way you can fine tune how you present ideas and send it out to anyone that wasn’t able to make the meeting. This article has been viewed 78,945 times. If you become too detailed or too technical, you will lose people's attention. If you are recording, you need to alert all participants that the call is being recorded at the start of the call. Most people will make up their minds about whether you and what you are about to talk about are worth their time within the first minute or so. These can be very distracting when teleconferencing. You’re giving a super important presentation via teleconferencing. When you feel that you are speaking... unusually... slowly..., then... you... are... probably... speaking... just... right. Conference Call and Online Meeting Presentations: How to Keep your Audience Engaged. These conferences often receive many more applications than they need, so it would be easy for them to deny yours if you fail to meet a deadline. • Keep a conference call moving along the right path - the key to this strategy (especially when lacking visual clues) is to know your participants and to listen attentively • It is dangerous to assume that silence equals agreement or understanding. And make sure you factor in time at the end for questions, this means that if you’ve an hour set aside for the call, your presentation shouldn’t last longer than 45 mins. You can also conduct a general Internet search to find conferences on subjects that interest you. Include these segments with descriptions in the agenda you send before the meeting, then stick to the schedule during the call. Present Ideas. This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, PhD. If you are already a member of a professional organization, then this may be easy. I don’t recommend using slides to present something on the call, unless you’re doing a demo, but if you are, don’t send them around via email. Find out if you are applying to speak as part a panel (in which several people speak on the same topic) or in an open session (in which your presentation stands alone). Below are a couple of examples. It was just a bad dream! Ensure your paper is written clearly so the audience can understand your points. First and foremost for those of us who have stage fright or get sweaty under pressure. Technical problems are an issue we all face when working with computers, independent of whether you are a computer whizz-kid or not. Silence is okay – don’t be nervous about it or try to fill it up unnecessarily.