If you can make … This hydroponic system is the coolest project to enter the planet of hydroponics. Grow lights are an optional part of hydroponic systems. Types of hydroponic weed systems. Advantages of Hydroponic Systems. The hydroponic system is growing in popularity. The system is also relatively inexpensive and … This hydroponics system … Here are the advantages of hydroponic systems… For home use I recommend an ebb-and-flow system like this one. The purpose of a hydropic system is to deliver a water-based, nutrient-rich solution to plants. When it comes to growing cannabis, many weed cultivators favor methods such as the Ebb and Flow (also called the Flood and Drain), Deep Water Culture (DWC), or a top feed system, like the Drip System… Depending on where you plan to put your hydroponic system, and grow your plants. There's little maintenance and fewer opportunities to kill your crops. As its name proposes, you will require a fish aquarium to make it work. This tutorial from YouTube user Khang Starr shows how to make a mini-Kratky method hydroponic system … It allows you to grow any plant anywhere without any natural obstruction. You can use this system to engage your kids with this field. You could choose to either use natural sunlight, or artificial light to grow your plants with. The “set it and forget it” system is passive, and growers are not required to change nutrients in the reservoir as often as other systems.