Just sweet enough, silky smooth texture, almost pudding, not frosting! Hi Gemma, you could try it, but use good quality cream cheese, not the spreadable one too. Everyone loved it …Thank you. You can try to increase the temperature a bit but watch that it does not get burn so stir it regularly. We did a big grocery run but forgot powdered sugar, so my google search for chocolate frosting sans powdered sugar led me here. Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te guste! Never will I ever use store bought icing again. The first variation is with cocoa powder added at the end, while with the second, it was added in the beginning to make chocolate pudding. Black cocoa powder should also work great! This recipe is just what I needed! Will be my go to method from now on. This is, Plantain Bananas in Syrup (Minatamis na Saging). American buttercream is the easiest to make but it can be too sweet. Try this Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. It is easily the best buttercream frosting I’ve tried. Do we mix it using spoon or mixer? Love this recipe, but have you ever thought of making a video for this? It’s definitely a favorite now. It is light and fluffy and smoother than the classic American Buttercream Frosting. It would NOT boil or anything even though I had it on the right temperature, nor would it thicken. Seems great! Try this Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. We too are housebound. Send the photo via email and I will attach it here. This recipe is enough generously frost about 12 cupcakes or a two-layered 8-inch cake. Love love love this frosting! Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t get any icing sugar at the local shop so Googled to find a recipe without icing sugar., and found yours. My best friend, Sharon, asked me to make a chocolate cake for her hubby, Ariel, for his birthday last week. I got to the saucepan part and I followed the directions EXACTLY. This is also my fave because of the smooth texture and it is not overly sweet like American and even Swiss…. This saved the day – everybody loved it! The first variation is great for frosting cakes as it is sturdier and the latter for cupcakes because of its lightness and fluffiness. Melt the butter and add the melted butter, whole milk and also vanilla essence to the heavy cream mixture in the bowl. Once it starts to bubble, just let it cook for another two minutes or until it thickens into a pudding consistency. Hi, thanks for sharing your recipes. Will see how it goes when I frost it tomorrow. After taking out from the fridge, you mentioned to bring it to room temperature and mix it before piping. this saved my cake. It held well when I use to frost cakes and cupcakes. I’d leave a photo if it’s allowed – so delicious! I made this but at the last second replaced the milk with leftover coffee. It is so light and fluffy and smoother than the classic American Buttercream Frosting. Get updates directly to your inbox, The thing is I know a really good (probably the best), I personally find American buttercream tooth-achingly sweet and I usually end up with a slightly gritty texture (from the powdered sugar) which is fine for other people, some actually like it. And could I use black cocoa powder instead? Above is how your butter should look like after beating it for five minutes with electric mixer. Thank you thank thank you for posting this recipe for a beautiful frosting! Thanks for the great comment and 5 stars, Susan. super liked this one! Now heat the contents in a saucepan stirring continuously and as the mixture begins to boil, transfer it from the hot stove. It is so good, I could eat it without anything else . No powdered sugar needed. Not so sweet and texture is just reat! Thank you for this amazing recipie, really it’s amazing!! Can I make this ahead and freeze it? Hi Sheanne, it also involves butter so if exposed in a warm surrounding, it would also melt. Hi Stella, I am not so sure because it is softer than regular buttercream. Yep, I love ermine icing the most. Love it! But the usual mousse cake I make is probably not the best one in a hot weathered country like the Philippines. Perfect smooth texture and it wasn’t too sweet which I love just the taste of buttercream. Please check your email for a confirmation of your subscription. Also, can I add some shortening? I made the frosting sans cocoa powder and it was great! Sure we have mousse cakes here but I am just worried about the handling from the time the cake will be picked-up up to the time that it will be served. i had absolutely no icing sugar and didnt know what to do! Do you have to use an electric mixer for this recipe, or could you whip the butter by hand? Lol, so funny and I can so relate to that! This search takes into account your taste preferences. I personally find American buttercream tooth-achingly sweet and I usually end up with a slightly gritty texture (from the powdered sugar) which is fine for other people, some actually like it. Your email address will not be published. I actually ended up with two variations. Then remove from heat, add vanilla extract and continue whisking for another minute. Excited to try it out! Thanks for the great review! Bebs here! Will this recipe suffice for an 8 inch cake as frosting and filling or frosting only? This is, by the way, my Bare Chocolate Drip Cake, which I will share on my next post! This tastes just like chocolate mousse! Bring the mixture to a boil over low to medium-low heat while stirring constantly to avoid burning the bottom. Just take them out before transporting them. Could it be adapted for different flavours do you think? Plus get a FREE eCookbook + Printable Recipe Cards. I have to say this worked perfectly and tastes delicious, thanks for a great recipe. I tried this recipe for ermine icing and it is fabulous! Receive new posts directly delivered to your inbox, As a bonus, a FREE eCookbook and printable Recipe Cards upon subscription. Should the butter be salted or unsalted? Homemade Chocolate Frosting Without Powdered Sugar – Chocolate Frosting Recipe, How To Make Chocolate Frosting Without Powdered Sugar, Homemade Chocolate Frosting Recipe Without Powdered Sugar. I can not resist and help myself whenever I make this frosting.. . Never miss a post. After searching and searching for an icing that didn’t require powdered sugar I came across this one and tried it. Hi i made this recipe and it sure is better buttercream since its not too sweet… but may i ask if i can add cream cheese in it … lets say half butter half cream cheese… will it be sturdy to coat a two layer 8 inch cake… im worried that if i put cream cheese it will be runny already… hope to hear your expert advise… by the way thank you for this frosting recipe. WANT MORE RECIPES? I would actually recommend piping the frosting in the cupcakes and refrigerate them. Great to hear it, Kimberly. I just made this frosting and it is INCREDIBLE!!!! Skip. I made it without cocoa and kept it just plain buttercream to frost a chocolate cake. Made it for the first time tonight. I think it should work with other flavors as well. cousins just ate the pudding straight up . If you prefer a bit sturdier version to use for cakes, add the cocoa powder in the end instead of adding it to the pudding. Vanilla Carrot Cake with Chocolate Frosting Receitas Da Felicidade!