Now you should have something that looks like small black rocks. All you need to do is grow them in containers. Want to showcase your backyard garden on This Is My Garden? You can't grow them from "saplings" but you can grow them from the top of the pineapple that you buy at the grocery store. About the Pineapple Lilies. It depends. This will be approximately 6 to 8 leaves. Change the soil at least once every year if you plan on keeping them in pots. Tamarind. AnkurMohta (114). soccerguy0405 you are my idol!!!! How To Grow Pineapple Plants – Container Style. Drop the seeds in a glass of water for 1 week. I looked a couple weeks later, and it had sprouted. That’s how they grow. fruit You can't grow them from "saplings" but you can grow them from the top of the pineapple that you buy at the grocery store. (300WGrowlight), (Plant Pot),  (Potting mix), Bitcoin: 151jD1UW63iT3aQLzvgrStUakwcETHVRur, Ethereum: 0x737e5f443C05B51a3Ce7C40806B47Bf0C711fC42, Litecoin:  LfurmTgB6zYNT8qoP8RuZB6V1QnqWkfAR7, I also found seeds in a pineapple I bought at the supermarket, that was really sweet, and would like to try it. John (9008). How to Grow a Tamarind Tree from Seed. add a comment Put you tamarind in a warm and sunny window. Allow soil to nearly dry out almost completely in between watering. Pineapple lilies are in the genus Eucomis and include a wide range of tropical plants native to warm moist regions of the world. The 5 Simple Secrets To Keep Flower Pots Blooming All Summer Long! remove the outer husk and eat the delicious fruit. Pineapples come from trees. It’s actually quite easy, especially if you grow them in containers. Pineapples do not grow on trees, the plants more resemble a bush. How to grow a pineapple from seed The pineapple fruit - Ananas comosus , is a common sight in most supermarket fresh produce aisles, but as familiar as it is today the pineapple is steeped in history and was once considered to be the most coveted of all fruit. Product Link : White Jade Pineapple Plants, How To Grow Cauliflower Successfully – Tips and Tricks, Night Blooming Plants – How To Create Evening Beauty In The Landscape. Product Link : White Jade Pineapple Plants. Place in a warm sunny location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight each day. At this stage you should remove the plastic wrap. They are part of the bromeliad plant family. Try your best not to damage the root. It took me about 2½ months to be successfull 1 out of about 30 made it to a plantlet. A little known fact about pineapple lilies is that they are actually related to asparagus. It allows for plants to be moved indoors in the winter to protect from freezing. How to Grow Lychee Tree from Seed. Rooting can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. Simply email us at, and your garden or garden tip might be our next feature! Step: 2. Be sure to select one that looks deep in color and thoroughly ripened. Please try again! For most pineapple plants, you can get three “harvests” before the plant finally begins to fade. Be patient though – it can take three years for the plant to develop fruit. It is usually best to start the plant in a smaller 8 to 10″ pot. How To Create An Inexpensive Homemade Compost Bin That Works! Anonymous, I actually found a pineapple seed and I put it inbetween a warm, wet papertowel and let it sit. 5 Great Christmas Garden Gifts For The Gardener In Your Life. Many folks mistakenly think pineapples come from trees. Assuming you grow a pineapple plant from the top of a fruit, a pineapple will grow only one fruit per plant. This way you will get a large bushy plant … It is best to transplant from the smaller starting pot to the larger pot after a year’s growth. Perhaps you have a few tips on vegetable or flower gardening. Step: 1. They are part of the bromeliad plant family. Thanks for the info. Water when the soil gets dry. This article may contain affiliate links. Answer by  Now peel of the outer black shell till you have a clear white seed. Lychee. Product Link : Cactus Potting Soil. To handle the full growth cycle, plants should be grown in a minimum of 5 gallon containers as they approach full size.  garden, Question by  This allows the cutting to cure and begin to set the rooting nodules. Think its impossible to grow pineapple plants if you don’t live in a tropical area? Pineapple plants grow and mature slowly. Cover the pot with plastic wrap. However, for the large majority of folks who live in cooler climates, growing pineapples can still be possible by planting in containers. Both plants are in the Lily family. How about becoming a contributing editor to This Is My Garden and share your story. Keep fertilizing to the bare minimum, much like over watering, more is not better. Pineapples do not grow on trees, the plants more resemble a bush. This makes it easier to keep moisture levels regulated as the plant roots into the soil. Grow your very own tamarind tree in just a few easy steps with this guide. November 2, 2019 admin. They also require very warm weather, so people who live in cold areas will probably be unable to grow them successfully at all. They are, however, a perennial plant. As most gardenlovers would have noticed, is that since the last year all pineapples or ananas have the ends chopped off. They make a great over-wintering house-plant. Over watering is far more detrimental to pineapple plants than not enough moisture. Now if you are lucky enough to live in Growing Zones 11 or 12, you can try your hand to grow pineapple plants outdoors, the whole year round. Even in climates with cold winters. Potted plants grow to 2 to 3 feet in both width and height at full maturity. Although it is, of course, possible to grow them from seeds, it is much easier and more common to grow them from saplings. Using a sharp knife, cleanly cut the top 2″ of the pineapple off. A Visit To Seattle’s Beautiful Chihuly Garden – A Garden Of Wonder! Remove the bottom few inches of leaves from the bottom of the shoot area. Think again! When the warm temperatures return, plants can go back outdoors and flourish. It is actually a Carefully dig around where you think the root is. It is these nodules, After the plant has cured, plant the cutting in a coarse potting soil that is well drained. on A Visit To Seattle’s Beautiful Chihuly Garden – A Garden Of Wonder! JeffWintaz (24). Do pineapples even have seeds? Hi, Just managed to grow a miniature pineapple plant from a pineapple seed. You could also plant them outside at this stage. And although they need warmth to survive, they can be grown almost anywhere. This will soften the outer shell and speed up the germination process. Although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a crop of home-grown pineapples, you may be in with a chance if you provide the right growing conditions. All you have to do now is to keep watering them when the soil gets dry. Pineapples are usually propagated vegetatively. In just a week or two you should have a tamarind tree with a few leaves. Product Link : White Jade Pineapple Plants. Be sure to select one that looks deep in color and thoroughly ripened.