Our Goodwill's here don't have much furniture but Salvation Army has lots. AustralianSwingers Contacts is the number 1 swinging resource for Australian Swingers inAustralia! This means that they’re generally in good condition when you find them at the thrift store. I was in high school and I’d been thinking about going thrifting all day because I’d been reading all of these vintage fashion books from the library and I wanted to find a real. For simple modifications like hemming, try doing it yourself with our instructional guide. http://girlwiththeskullscarf.blogspot.co.uk/, okay, yes I am using IE..Probably I should switch to chrome! Shopping for clothes in Greencastle meant hopping on down to Fashion Bug or the Peebles next to China Buffet. With a general knowledge of what you want, it makes shopping easier because you can scan the store and let the things you want pop out. I'm saving this for future use.real estate for sale phoenix, A very good and informative article indeed. 10. Tailor Your Thrift Store Finds. Make a shirt smaller, hem a skirt– if you like a design on a big baggy shirt, think about what it could be! Buy stuff that makes you look and feel really good. So not only has this week been a tough one for us New Yorkers in general, but for the vintage and thrift loving population of the country who frequent thrift stores for their hobby, passion or job. . A nice scrubbing? You guessed it — shopping thrift stores. Join Now Here:>> http://australianswingerscontacts.com/. Great Help thanks! When I was in college, I went at least once a week, always. what a great post, stacie!!! Someone else’s trash can become your … Vintage is a hot thing right now, but can get pretty pricey at those fancy vintage stores. 6. It helps me alot to enhance my knowledge, I really like the way the writer presented hisviews. . when you’re thrifting, you always have to be prepared to lift a box, move a plate, and dig in. Needless to say, the ladies that work at the Greencastle Goodwill totally knew who I was. It is my most beautiful and best Goodwill find yet! I’m always on the lookout for natural fibers, especially silk and wool, and feeling the materials helps me find the silk in the clothes rack. , This is fantastic! FABULOUS tips! Thrift Store Hustle – How to make $1000 a month buying and selling thrift store items. Thanks for this awesome post. The case for thrift store shopping is a strong one: You can score great pieces on the cheap while doing your part to help your community and decrease your own environmental impact.. So, they haven’t undergone too much wear and tear. Score!! , Don’t count out an extra-large shirt if you walk by the rack and the print or pattern sticks out. When I first saw it I thought no thats not really me. You know that you can get exactly what you want without putting strain on your pocket. Clothing with Tags. Totally agreed with the small towns have better thrift stores than bigger ones. I moved to NYC from Indiana 3+ years ago and started the BarkPost at BarkBox. Flex those sewing skills and choose items for what they could be, and not what they are at the moment. I'm an avid thrifter and was like, “YES!” for everything you posted. And those Missoni pumps everyone was fighting for! I used to think that the best thrift shops must be in New York City or somewhere really cool, but that is NOT true at all. Here you can meet, chat, find friends and like minded couples orsingles for partner/wife swapping fun. I just didn’t know anyone would want them!” It never hurts to ask. Not too long ago I I bought a beautiful peacock inspired Indian type shift. FABULOUS tips! Especially 1. In my favorite shop here in town, I usually talk to the book-stocker, Stan, and one day he asked me what I was looking for. The author shows how to makeover lots of thrift store castoffs. Now I’m from a small town, and I love small towns, but when I went on huge study benders where the only cure for sanity was a nice little dose of retail therapy, Greencastle didn’t cut it. My favorite Goodwill shops usually bring in a large batch of new stock on Wednesdays, but it varies from city to city. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along.I'm impressed. They are all different and some carry higher end stuff depending on the neighborhood. Clothing Poverty – The hidden story of fast fashion and second hand clothes. love, love, LOVE your blog! And they're my size! Sometimes if I was really stressed out, I’d even go two times. Whenever I read your blog I always thought, "Man, that girl is so lucky to have amazing thrift stores!." The recycling part is important and something of note but it doesn't have to be set up this way. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Project 365: My Favorite Photos of the Year, https://www.facebook.com/bubblegumcasting, 3 Whiskey Cocktails to Help You Celebrate Like The Irish This St. Patrick’s Day, 3 Unique Orange Juice Cocktails That Will Transport You To Another World, 21 Easy Cocktails Made with Herbs, Unique Fruits, and Botanical Things, 7 of the Coziest Things to Do in a Blizzard. Some new soles? Here you can meet, chat, find friends and like minded couples orsingles for partner/wife swapping fun. Can you provide more information?? I usually walk into my local salvation army (which is probably as big as a walmart) search through a few racks, get frustrated and walk out -_- im going to try some of the neighboring small towns :] good thing is, there isn't many hipsters in my area of florida so they're not out there buying my stuff , great tips! , The things that thrift stores have in stock are always so random, so you need to have a routine to make sure you don’t miss anything good. But while thrift shopping might make you feel your best, secondhand clothes don’t always make you look your best. No joking, that was it. The best places for thrift shopping are often rich towns or tourist towns. =), This is fantastic! The rich towns bit is obvious, but with tourist towns people turn up, donate all their expensive international clothing and pick up local clothes to head back home. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. And be sure to consider an item’s potential as well– just think, what would this look like with a coat of paint? Nice blog with awesome stuff!! Whether it’s new, thrift, or vintage, every piece in your closet should fit you like a glove. blogspot.com. Thank you very much for sharing. We've got some tips of our own over at the Vintanthromodern Blog! The bigger people know they are bigger. Vintage or Unusual Decorations. . , @Caroline– I am so sorry the photos aren't showing up correctly for you! for everything you posted. I hope it's only me that has this problem! You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. bubblegum casting reviews. Great Tips! A small Goodwill just opened up where my parents live which is 40 minutes away from the cities and it a lot better clothing than the ones where I live in the cities. It's not always easy to find stores that sell affordable clothing bu when you do, it's definitely worth it. Amazing tips, I'll be sure to keep them in mind. When you are cleaning out closets or decluttering your home, a thrift store can be the perfect place to cast off the items you no longer want or need. Thank you so much for all of your comments, guys! They are located in 5653 Beechnut St. Houston.