You can play Bloodborne on PC using PlayStation Access. They used Bloodborne as a stop-gap between two major Souls entries, and what a … "Bloodborne" ist PS4-exklusiv. It's also not that new, like the original FFVII came out on PC just a couple of months after PS1. If Bloodborne 2 comes out on PC at the same time, I'd agree with you. Mar 20, 2019 @ 11:41pm Originally posted by Efesell: From is not a Publisher for starters, and more prohibitively in this case is that the publisher of Bloodborne is Sony. #10. Cyel. Derzeit gibt es keine Windows-Version. Über PS Now ist "Bloodborne" auf dem PC als Streaming-Version spielbar. Lots and lots of people want to play Bloodborne on their PC, and with the game’s addition to the PS Now lineup, you can do that. Gerüchte um ein Remaster für PC und PS5 existieren seit Mitte 2020, haben sich bislang aber nicht bewahrheitet. But it'll be via streaming, capped at 30fps and probably some nasty input-lag. Bloodborne PC has been on our collective minds ever since it launched as a PlayStation exclusive.This unique victorian horror game is emblematic of From Software, the people behind the Dark Souls franchise themselves.