Planting Walnut Trees – Number of Walnut Trees per Acre. Example 1: 14" DBH black walnut tree with one 16-ft log contains approx. Some cookies will only be used when you use certain features on the site, and some cookies will always be used. It was a healthy and big tree. Walnut Tree Propagation & Pollination, 7.) As always, I hope this forum helped you out! As always, I hope this forum helped you out! According to timber experts, black walnut trees, when planted to maximize tree growth, can grow as much as 3′ to 4′ per year in good soil, reaching a mature height of over 100′ and 30″ to 40″ in diameter, with 16″ diameter saw logs ready to harvest in 30 years. Thanks for your help. Is there any market for these beautiful logs at that short of a length? Or a formula? The trees bear in 12-15 years. DBH is always measured on the uphill side of trees located on sloped terrain. Thus, a 22-inch DBH black walnut tree with one 8-foot veneer log may bring $510 (170 board feet x $3.00/ft), whereas a 26-inch DBH black walnut tree with one 8-foot veneer log may command $1300 (260 board feet x $5.00/ft). Additional Tips: Grow your black walnut trees to a "minimum" of 24-26” DBH for veneer markets. Need I say more? If these needs in cold are not satisfied, there will be a delay in bud formation, which will result in low fruit set and production. Please note, however, that if you delete cookies or do not accept them, you may not be able to use all of the features our website/ application offers, you may not be able to store your preferences, and some of our pages may not display properly. uses both “first party cookies,” which are cookies placed by service, and “third party cookies,” which are cookies placed by other select companies. uses cookies on website and related domains and applications. Rainfalls during late spring (after leaf growth) have been reported to favor the spread of the bacterium Xanthomonas juglandis, which causes serious damage to trees. Cool riversides and seaside areas are often considered suitable for cultivating walnut trees. The only market you really have for 18-inch long walnut logs is local woodturners, woodworkers, and craftsmen. Growing black walnut trees for wood and profit in America. However, major walnut commercial orchards are found mainly in California, but also in Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa. 50 board feet (Doyle Tree Scale). Walnuts are cultivated mostly in China, Iran, US, Turkey and Mexico. Areas with frequent night frosts during the spring should definitely be avoided. to this category]. Most walnut varieties are sensitive to extremely low winter temperatures. When in dormancy, they can tolerate on average temperatures up to 14°F (-10°C) without suffering serious damage. I have some trees that need to go n have baby ones already started to replace...but if it's not worth a gal of gas, I won't waste anyone's time w it. 50 board feet multiplied by $1.00/ft stumpage value = $50. Try to grow your walnut trees to at least 22-26 inches in diameter -- harvesting trees smaller than these thresholds is very unwise, unless of course the trees are severely damaged (butt rot, basal damage, or severe crown damage). In contrast, the biological maturity of a tree or a stand of trees occurs when the tree or stand achieves maximum merchantable volume. Google’s use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to users based on their visit to our sites and/or other sites on the Internet. *** Black walnut can add 4-inches of diameter growth every 10-12 years on deep, fertile, well-drained soil***. Most of the sawmill owners I have talked to, including veneer buyers, do not want logs smaller than 12-14" in diameter at the small end. 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If you do not want to receive cookies through website / application, you can change your browser settings. [Post Try conducting a Web search for local woodworkers or woodturners... Can you give me an estimate of the minimum diameter that a walnut tree should be before its mature enough to be cut? Click here to learn about tapping walnut trees for syrup making. The moral of the story with black walnut – grow’em big, grow’em tall, grow’em straight, grow’em with minimal defect! (Partally self-fertile, plant multiple trees to ensure pollination) (zones 4-9) Alleopathy is the term given to the suppression of growth of one plant species by another due to … Similarly, our partners may also use these cookies to learn whether members who saw an ad on our website and later visited the advertiser’s website. Black and English walnuts can grow throughout the United States and Southern Canada. Cookies can either be session cookies or persistent cookies. I was wondering by forestry standards is there a procedure they use for measuring the diameter? Cool riversides and seaside areas are often considered suitable for cultivating walnut trees. 100 board feet multiplied by $1.00/ft stumpage value = $100. If you plan to grow walnut trees in high altitude, you can select spots where cold air masses can escape easily, or use late varieties, which sprout well after the frosts. You can also read how Google uses data when you use its partners’ sites or apps. You may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting Ads settings. First, let me show you a little comparison that should peak your financial interest! However, the crushed black walnut shells can stain fingers, clothing, and concrete. how Google uses data when you use its partners’ sites or apps. What would a black walnut tree with a diameter of 5 ft value at? What cookies are used when I use the service? We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. How do third parties use cookies on website / application? Session cookies are temporary cookies, and they are erased after you close your browser. Do you have experience in Walnut Tree cultivation? 100 board feet. If you use our website or application without changing your browser settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our service. Similarly, we may also use these analytics cookies to test new ads, pages, or features to gauge users’ reactions. We use these cookies to track our sites and plugins performances across the globe. The moral of the story with black walnut – grow’em big, grow’em tall, grow’em straight, grow’em with minimal defect!