Significant dehydration, poor fitness and electrolyte imbalance, particularly excessive salt loss, can play a role as well. Nutrition per bottle: 136 calories, 1 g protein, 33g carbs, 0 g fat, 441mg sodium, Nutrition per bottle: 150 calories, 0 g protein, 39g carbs, 0 g fat; 467mg sodium, Nutrition per bottle: 156 calories, 1 g protein, 39g carbs, 0 g fat; 449 mg sodium. Place raisins and boiled water in a blender container and let soak for 30 minutes. The beauty of these DIY gel-like carb bombs is that they have extra water built-in to aid with absorption and limit the digestive pitfalls that can come with sucking back too many packaged gels. You don’t just have to rely on sports drinks for electrolytes anymore. You can now power your miles with sports drinks made with matcha tea powder and gels that taste like French toast. They do not cost you anything to use, but are a huge help to support the ongoing content creation process. What are y, I’M TRAINING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT J/K but this, LESS THAN 1% OF THE US has completed a half or ful, WHAT YOU DON’T SEE is often the more interesting, WEAR IT TWICE, JUST AS NICE...or EWWWW??? Each of these recipes provides a concentration of carbohydrates (about 5 percent) that encourages better intestinal absorption to quickly give your working muscles the energy they need and to lessen the risk for stomach issues. Top with extra water if room remains in flask. The shots can be made a day or two in advance if kept chilled. #runchat, Electrolyte Energy Drink Bright ‘n Early Recipe, Check out the Ultimate Running Hydration Guide, Ford Island Bridge 10k and Tantalus Time Trial, Comment on Should You Include 20 Mile Long Runs in Marathon Training? Make These Healthy Homemade Sports Drinks. These DIY recipes are easy, tasty, and—most importantly—perfect for boosting performance. Sure, store-bought products are ultra-convenient, but if you can spare some time before lacing up, you can easily craft your own homemade electrolyte drinks and energy shots in the comfort of your own kitchen using nothing more than a few simple ingredients. Homemade Electrolyte Replacement Below is my recipe for a simple electrolyte drink that is tasty as well as effective. Sticky gels are a go-to for athletes when in need of a big shot of sugary energy at once to stave off that running through cement feeling. View my full, herbal or green such as pomegranate, acai, or raspberry, GLUTES NOT FIRING - What does it mean?! “If you do choose to take salt tablets, be sure to drink a sufficient amount of water,” warns Dalzot. Running Times' Guide to Sports Drinks and Gels. All opinions, tips and reviews are based upon my personal life experience and the experiences of those around me. The Big Book of Running for Beginners will take you through everything you need to know to get started, step by step.]. However, I'm not totally convinced that the home made variety is as effective as shop bought because I have been experiencing more stomach problems after I run which I think may be due to the acidity of the orange juice. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. Place all of the ingredients in a large water bottle and shake well to combine. [Want to start running? These days, there are endless options for electrolyte drinks and energy gels for runners. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. It is excellent for rehydrating after a hot sporting event, hydrating a day or two before a sports event, and/or recovering from the dehydration caused by a tummy bug. Place dried mango and boiled water in a blender container and let soak for 30 minutes. The fast-working carbs in these products can help you avoid the dreaded wall and the electrolytes work to maintain fluid balance and muscle function when out for the long haul. Claire Bartholic 1/4 teaspoon baking soda (307mg sodium) 1/16 teaspoon Morton's Lite Salt (87.5mg potassium and 72.5mg sodium) 1/16 teaspoon epsom salt (30mg magnesium) optional flavor such as juice, tea, stevia, or water enhancer Can Spitting out Your Sports Drink Boost Performance. Nutrition: 195 calories, 2 g protein, 51g carbs, 0 g fat, 320mg sodium. by Nicole @ Fitful Focus, Running On Snow and Ice: 9 Tips to Stay Upright, Coros Apex Review | Fit, Function and Features You’ll Want, Piriformis Syndrome Exercises: Alleviating a Pain in the Butt, Best Virtual Races and 11 Reasons You Need to Do One. T, What every runner needs to know about electrolytes! It can be so easy to make your own electrolyte drinks for runners. They also typically have fruit-like flavors but labels that say “contain no fruit.” Complete Comparison, Balanced electrolytes prevent muscle cramping, fatigue and decreased performance, Salt tablets (salty foods) only provide 2 of the 5 that you need to stay balanced, You can’t replace what you’ve lost all at once, which is why it’s best to consume them during and post exercise. Don’t feel like running out to buy anything, no worries here's a quick make at home Watermelon Zinger that will top off electrolytes without any added sugar This beverage {photo thanks to Thrive} is a great choice if you are experiencing joint or muscle inflammation. But hold back on the idea of using nearly all fruit juice, as that will greatly raise the carbohydrate concentration of the solution leading to delayed gastric emptying and an increased risk for digestive issues. 1½ cups chilled berry flavored tea herbal or green such as pomegranate, acai, or raspberry Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Should You Grab a Gel, Energy Bar, or Sports Drink? This means that every function in the body that is dependent upon our nervous system (muscle movement, breathing, digestion, thinking, etc.) Plus, they deliver a natural source of the electrolyte potassium and a bright fruity flavor to prevent palate fatigue. Let cool and then transfer to a gel flask. Add remaining ingredients and blend until as smooth as possible. If you want fewer sugary carbs and a touch more sodium (a good option for hot, sweat conditions), simply replace some of the fruit juice with water and add an extra pinch of salt. When your workout lasts beyond one hour, reach for any of these homemade rocket fuel options to energize your runs. Our nervous system runs on the electricity generated by the manipulation of these molecules, called ions. I am a certified personal trainer, but any advice should be taken as general information and not a personalized plan. Add remaining ingredients and blend until as smooth as possible. I know that drinks such as Lucozade Sport are probably mostly water and that the salt is an electrolyte to replace salt lost through sweat. Electrolyte or sports drinks are designed to deliver liquid for hydration, fast-digesting carbohydrates for a source of energy, and some electrolytes (namely sodium) to replace some of what is lost in sweat. Nutrition: 110 calories, 0 g protein, 29 g carbs, 0 g fat, 320mg sodium. Please note that affiliate links {such as Amazon} may pop up on RTTF from time to time. In an iced-tea pitcher or half-gallon glass jar, combine the water, coconut water, cherry juice (if … Nutrition: 152 calories, 2 g protein, 40g carbs, 0 g fat, 291mg sodium. None are overly sweet, and there is enough sodium to help prevent too drastic of a drop in levels when working up a sweat. Runners can also go overboard on electrolytes during taxing runs. 1/3 cup chopped dried mango 2/3 cup boiled water 2 teaspoons honey 1 teaspoon lime zest 1/8 teaspoon salt How we test gear. Ginger is naturally anti inflammatory, and supports effective circulatory function. Website written, managed and maintained by Amanda Brooks. 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