Before the rice is fully cooked, Patel then drains the rice with a strainer and rinses the grains under tap water. For more of Hersha, she can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. To all my new friends/haters @MrNigelNg and I have just had a lovely afternoon discussing my 'crimes' against rice… watch this space.. collab coming soon, give me a follow! Otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you,” Ng was heard saying in the video post. Nigel said that he just had a dinner with Patel and asked the public to stop bullying the cook. In the video, he tells everyone to not harass Patel too much. “I thought it was funny,” she said. Some branded Hersha’s recipe as blasphemy while others went as far as harassing her on social media. The tweet received more than 4,700 likes and 1,300 retweets and comments (shown below). JustOrdinaryMan. Who chooses what dishes get more coverage? But some people have pushed back against the idea of cultural appropriation. Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, also known as Uncle Roger, has met up with BBC Food host Hersha Patel, whose egg fried rice recipe he mocked in a reaction response video. However, she did not wash the rice first. Until then, perfect those fried rice-making skills! LET March 2020 Postponed? Fried Rice, Where you learn how to make rice, some white people cooking school or something?”. Uncle Roger’s egg fried rice recipe. It’s agreed that Asian cooks are the authorities on rice, so when they reacted in such unified horror at the BBC chef washing her cooked rice, you should assume they know what they’re on about. Thankfully, Nigel and I have embraced the narrative and turned the negativity into positivity,” Hersha said. How did this woman get on BBC Food?”. “You’re killing me, draining rice in a colander,” Ng said, telling his viewers to invest in a rice cooker instead. In fact, she said they shot a brand new video last Friday, which will be coming out soon. Publications including Nextshark[8], Inquirer[9], Mothership[10], Malay Mail[11] and VICE[12] published articles about the controversial rice video. She revealed that the initial reactions were actually fine after the video was released online. Unfortunately, Patel sparked outrage among Asians on the way she cooks rice. Some branded Hersha’s recipe as blasphemy while others went as far as harassing her on social media. On July 23rd, 2020 Facebook[4] user Wai Lester reposted the video and cropped it to only focus on Nigel's reaction about Patel's cooking rice method. “I started to get more and more trolls coming to my social media channel, abusing me,” she said. Within food media, Bon Appetit -- owned by Conde Nast -- is the best-known example. Why do publications continue to use language that frames "ethnic" food as occasionally bizarre and often incomprehensible -- for example, Bloomberg calling tofu a, And why are "ethnic" chefs -- a euphemism for non-Whites -- often paid less? The scrambled egg was overcooked instead of runny. to view the video gallery, or Otherwise, Uncle Roger will come for you,” Uncle Roger said. A lot of netizens criticized the BBC host’s way of cooking rice. Sometimes chefs don't just change up cooking methods, they blatantly insult the cuisine and culture of origin. “This video is a total blasphemy,” said another. Chinese? Learn how your comment data is processed. Dash and Lily Review: Is Netflix’s New Series Worth Binging? Ng’s Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice video was posted earlier this month but only went viral last week and has racked up nearly 6 million views since. 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Recently, Uncle Roger and Hersha finally met each other and now planning to make a collaboration with egg fried rice. You're killing me, woman. “Now, the rice stinky like you! “I grew up with strict South Asian parents so am pursuing acting and performing late in life. Hersha said that while the audience response, including backlash, is part of being a public figure, it is up to her to handle it in a positive manner. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. The video not only caught the attention of the Asian community but also eventually attracted reactions from online trolls. She shared that she mostly focused on Indian food on her YouTube channels as it was the food she grew up with but didn’t cook every day.