Melted salty, gooey cheese with the sweet partially melted guava paste. Looks delicious Erica. So excited to show you this delicious, yet simple pasta de guayaba con queso recipes or guava paste with cheese that will be the talk of your next gathering. (Keep the other puff pastry sheet in the refrigerator.) Spread some of the cream cheese, if using, on top of the guava paste (about 1 1/2 tablespoons cream cheese per pastry). next guava paste with cheese recipe is called Guava with Cheese Empanadas and these are one of my kids’ favorites It has been a long time since I had guava…this post brings back a lovely tasty memory of guavas which would grow in our backyard . Bake pastelitos until puffed and golden brown, about 15 minutes. Aren’t they easy to create? Hi everyone! Brush the pastry edges with some of the egg wash. All you must do is stroll to your local Walmart head to the dairy wall and grab a few blocks of Heluva Good!® Cheese block cheese. So what do you think about these guava paste and cheese recipes from my family? This was my favorite treat as a kid! A coworker is Colombian and brought it today. Opt out or, sheets frozen puff pastry (about 8 ounces each), defrosted and refrigerated, ounces/160 grams guava paste, cut into 8 even, rectangular slices, or 1/2 cup strawberry jam or other fruit jam or preserves, cup/170 grams cream cheese, softened at room temperature (optional), tablespoons granulated or turbinado sugar. this is called arequipe in Colombia. According to “Paladares: Recipes from the Private Restaurants, Home Kitchens, and Streets of Cuba” by Anya von Bremzen (Abrams, 2017), the shape of the pastel correlates with the filling: Triangular pastels are filled with guava paste and cheese, while rectangular ones are filled with just guava. Learn how your comment data is processed. sometimes the bocadillo comes with out it… Also the bocadillo (guava) can be really soft with the arequipe in the middle or it can come in little rolls. The dough should still be cool to the touch; if it is warm, return the pastelitos to the refrigerator on the baking sheet for 10 minutes to firm up before baking. I like to make dishes for them…and now I want to try some appetizers and desserts. You can use queso fresco, mozarella cheese, feta or cream cheese. Paint the top sheet of puff pastry with egg wash. Sprinkle the surface with sugar. If you are thinking that this is not a dish, but rather a couple of ingredients on a plate, you’d be right! Super easy but a great pairing of the sweet, tangy guava with the creaminess of the cheese. What is the beige-colored stuff surrounding the guava paste? White cheese, guava paste, and crackers it’s all you need. You are then going to close the dough and use this high-tech technique of using the fork to seal the edges. I know many here in North Carolina who have never even heard of it. Such a cute and tasty appetizer! You can find guava paste in bricks at Latin American grocers, or swap in about 1/2 cup jam or preserves for a nontraditional take. I know I’m kind of late to the party but just wanted to add that I think this would also be phenomenal with brie, mascarpone (Italian cream cheese) or even buttery muenster! it varies all shapes and sixes. Oh! Often salty and sweet make a nice combination. Fold the pastry over the filling … Serve it as a dessert or an appetizer, cut into little pieces. Hello…Greetings from Atlanta Georgia. Please read my Disclosure and Privacy policies here, July 20, by Joyce @ My Stay At Home Adventures 4 Comments. I absolutely love this!!! Spanish. Cheese is a common pairing for guava paste. I am not a big guava fan but I would love to try this combination A lovely recipe! on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Using the side of your palm, press around and between the mounds of filling, pressing out any excess air, and to glue the top pastry to the bottom, creating 8 even, rectangular pockets. Interesting, cant imagine how they would taste, very nice im sure. Hannah- First picture I used Queso blanco (Latin cheese), second picture, mozarella cheese. Filed Under: Appetizers and Snacks, Desserts Tagged With: Sweets, Traditional Colombian. You can use queso fresco, mozarella cheese, feta or cream cheese. What a beautiful sweet and savory combination! Please follow Heluva Good! I’m surprised more ppl haven’t had it…I think it’s best with cream cheese. The next guava paste with cheese recipe is called Guava with Cheese Empanadas and these are one of my kids’ favorites! Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar. By continuing, you agree to their use. Slice the guava paste and cheese and place on a serving plate. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. The combination is known as Romeu e Julieta or Romeo and Juliet. The good news that we have found you can find the perfect cheese to go with the pasta de guayaba/guava paste. They … Popular in the Caribbean and Spain, guava paste is typically sold in short, wide cans or plastic packaging. Dip a pastry brush into the egg wash, and paint a line in lengthwise along the center of the pastry sheet, followed by three crosswise lines, evenly spaced, forming a grid of 8 rectangles, each approximately 3 inches wide and 4 inches long. We like the combo and definitely will make this! my sister or my dad will always come back with these guava paste and i love it!! I hope you all enjot this wonderful dessert!!!! I Personally love it! This is almost a stupid question..because I actually adore guava paste and there might not be any left after i open the package…….But how do you store guava paste after you open the package. Top with the cream cheese. Another very sweet food blogger is sending me some guava paste and I am definitely going to try this out!