Sal Cipriano Summary Needed Cover X-Men: X of Swords Drastically Reshapes Marvel's Quiet Council, The Earth's Fate Relies on Goliath Explaining a Complicated Situation (Earth is Doomed), X of Swords Calls Out a Major X-Man Over Their Crimes Against Fashion, Why Ultimate Captain America Is Marvel's Most BRUTAL Hero, Batman: Punchline's Origin Remixes Joaquin Phoenix's Most Brutal Joker Kill, Batman: Gotham's Citizens Are PROTESTING the Dark Knight, Superman Gives the Daily Planet a JAW-DROPPING New Owner. His plan is quite insidious, and for the sake of spoilers, I won’t go into details here. Jock’s style works very well with the Batman Who Laughs. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Within The Grim Knight, art is handled by the incomparable Edwardo Risso of 100 Bullets fame. His style can encapsulate grim, fear, roughness. Final word on this is that this is a must-read. He is a Batman who kills the Joker and is infected with a secret toxin in the Joker’s heart that is targeted for Batman—to turn him into The Joker. Jock His style is pulpy and gritty, a fitting addition to Jock within the context of this story. RELATED: Death Metal: Lex Luthor Is Bringing Back [SPOILER] To Save The World. X-Men: Why Did Magneto Rip Wolverine's Adamantium Out? Executive Editor The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of May, 2019. A Grim Knight in Gotham The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of May, 2019. The world in this book does not feel clean or crisp. Ripped from Batman’s greatest nightmares, the Grim Knight is his world’s most dangerous vigilante, unafraid to use any weapon and go to any lengths to stop those whom he deems worthy of death. After murdering both of the Waynes, this version of Joe Chill dropped his gun. RELATED: Death Metal Already Killed the Dark Multiverse's Strangest Batman. "A Grim Knight in Gotham" You can help the DC Database by adding a summary of the story. This one-shot has a big 28 … Arrested and beaten by Gordon, he was eventually found the Batman Who Laughs and recruited to his cause to become his Grim Knight. Art duties are handled by Jock, with David Baron on colors. Persistent, deadly, and horrifying, The Grim Knight is a stark contrast when compared to the Batman we have all grown to love. Presented by writers James T. Tyrion and Scott Snyder, with … Letterers Death Metal: Jonah Hex Just Took Down A Dragon With… MILK?! A denizen of the Dark Multiverse introduced in The Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder and Jock, this version of Bruce Wayne was very similar to the core version of the character, up until the fateful night when he and his family were confronted by Joe Chill. The Grim Knight initially tries to break Gordon by unleashing corrupted versions of James Jr. on him, but Gordon's son eventually helps his father and attacks the Grim Knight, seemingly killing him. Hand picked by The Batman Who Laughs himself, you can expect the unexpected and some no doubt “metal” storytelling. However, his increasingly brutal and harsh actions (including destroying both Arkham and Blackgate, wiping out most criminals in Gotham) led to him earning the eternal ire and hate of one man: GCPD Lieutenant Jim Gordon. Death Metal: Trinity Crisis reveals that one of the Dark Multiverse's most infamous Batmen is still standing with the Batman Who Laughs. Baron’s colors compliments this very well. Series: In Stores Now. This is, after all, Batman that he has to fight. Atlantis Attacks Just Revealed the Earth's REAL Dominant Species, Death Metal: The Batman Who Laughs' Greatest Dark Knight Returns, Death Metal Already Killed the Dark Multiverse's Strangest Batman. Armed with the finest arsenal Wayne money can buy, he is now one of the deadliest Dark Knights in existence, second only to The Batman Who Laughs.