But I'm not that confident in my woodworking abilities yet. Bridge saddles (set of 6) narrow spacing, w/springs & screws for Strat®, 2-1/16" spacing. Yeah, that's why I'd rather not do a wraparound. The remaining pickups are adjusted for roughly equal output to the neck pickup. Currently, it has Fender CS '54's installed, with about 1/8" between the low-E and the pole piece (when fretted at the 21st fret). All rights reserved. I was planning on either getting a fretboard from StewMac (rounded the measurement up to 1/4" just to be safe) or commissioning a neck. The bridge is a Hipshot. However, we may be unable to answer the phones. I've been toying with the idea of just making my own base and buying some saddles to fit BlackMachine-style. I assume you want the height to the bottom of the saddle slot, lowest and highest settings. But of course I have. Show. And it comes with an extra base plate if you like a taller bridge. You can post now and register later. Yeah, the 475 is the one. NOTICE: The Pacific Northwest is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions. NOTICE: Please turn on Javascript in your browser to enable Checkout and other features of this website.   Pasted as rich text. I dunno which bridge you're referring to, Mick. 25.00 EUR . More info Add to cart. build - Warmoth swamp ash body, with a maple USACG neck.   Your previous content has been restored. GTC102 GOTOH HARDTAIL … 32.00 EUR . Narrow Spaced Strat® Gotoh Wraparound Bridge: Gotoh 12-String: Gotoh Standard Tele® Gotoh Humbucker Tele® Gotoh Tune-O-Matic: TonePros Tuneomatic: Schaller 475 Flat: 7 String Flat Mount: Fender® Toronado Bridge: Mustang: Modified Mustang: Jazz/Jag Style: Fender American Standard Flat Mount: 2TEK Guitar Bridges: Jaguar Guitar Hardware: Jazzmaster Guitar Hardware: Mustang Guitar … Super pumped! Schaller sells a hardtail (465?) that's pretty cool -- you can set the spring spacing, and the saddles lock. Hey all, this is a quick one. Paste as plain text instead, × Gotoh Hardtail Bridge - Chrome. Wamoth doesn't say anything about a removable baseplate. I'm trying to find out the height (saddle max and min) for this here bridge. I don't think Warmoth has anything to do with the plate--the bridge should come shipped in its own case, the plate is in that. I'll measure it. A$79.00. Are they all built to some standard? Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Add to Cart. I'm struggling with a hardtail Strat that's a 7 Lb. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. So I'm assuming you're talking about the 475 hahaha. Great deals on GOTOH Guitar Bridges. Thanks for the measurements, Todd! I like my fretboard to sit about 1/8" or so off the body, with the fretboard on top (clearly ), and I don't think this bridge will get me there. The .125" Hipshot bridge would be just a hair under this number, and I always like to have a LITTLE bit of wiggle room, just in case. NOTICE: We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our website on. A$98.00. The best measurement I can go off of is the bridge height itself, which is listed as .437" on the StewMac site. Hey all, this is a quick one. Because if not, it's a rather important piece of info to omit. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Warmoth has the 475 and 756. Gotoh® BS-TC Series; Ferrules, Saddles and Parts ... Axesrus "Cut Down" Bridge - Chrome Axesrus "Vintage" Hardtail Axesrus Hardtail - Suitable for Gibson® Nighthawk® Hipshot Solo Prices From: £37.62 Inc VAT . That is the way Fender hardtails are designed.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Items 1 to 15 of 17 total . Prices From: £21.90 Inc VAT . So I guess you're saying the fretboard's base will be 1/8" off the body but you don't say how thick the fretboard will be. Xanthus, July 16, 2008 in Solidbody Guitar and Bass Chat. I'm assuming the saddles go higher than the bridge height, but how much is the question. SB-5108-010 12 String Non-Tremolo Bridge GOTOH. A$215.00. 54.00 EUR . Through body 76x44mm . Gotoh tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. 21.00 EUR . I bought mine from a mail-order place in Germany. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Add to Cart. So with the screws just a touch below flush with the top of the saddles, the height is .44. there's still .13 or .14" or so of thread left, but at .48" height, it's starts to look silly to me. That is also the case for the Gotoh you linked (see the 2nd diagram on the link) and appears to be true for the Callaham as well. I'm trying to find out the height (saddle max and min) for, ** Current Guitar Of The Month contest **, Entry for the November Guitar Of The Month Contest is now open. Hope that helps, but if I wanted it at .48", I'd probably put a .05" piece of wood or black plastic under it, screw it all to a board, and trim the pad to fit with an Xacto knife and then some sand paper. A wraparound is a different type of bridge -- they stand much taller and for that reason usually require an angled neck.   You cannot paste images directly. The .175" Hipshot bridge will, but Stewmac doesn't sell it, and I don't feel like paying $90 on a bridge. Something went wrong. I usually have a 1/4" thick fretboard. It....... might be? HARDTAIL BRIDGE FRAMUS 52.5mm SATIN CHROME + FERRULES FRAMUS. Would I have to buy it direct from Schaller? More info Add to cart. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. More info Add to cart. Very cool, but I don't feel like recessing it, or spending that much. Orders can be placed on the website as usual. per page . That is an excellent idea I never thought of, screwing a veneer between the bridge and body. Gotoh 510FX-6 Hardtail Bridge - Gold. % GB-2540 Gotoh Nashville Tunematic Bridge from $35.00 . Prices From: £11.04 Inc VAT . Im trying to find out the height (saddle max and min) for this here bridge. × The Hipshot 1/8" bridge has a max string height of .46", so I'm guessing that because the two numbers are so close together, the Gotoh bridge is the same height as the Hipshot. Hey all, this is a quick one. × FENDER STRAT STANDARD BRIDGE HARDTAIL - CHROME FENDER. Copyright © 2020 Warmoth Guitar Products. In any case, thanks for the responses, guys! Also, buying a strat would let me switch it out fairly painlessly with a Kahler if I decide to do so, later on. Generally when it's called "vintage hardtail" for a strat bridge, they mean that the top plate has 6 holes drilled in the bottom of it so that the strings are channeled through the body to rear-mounted ferrules. I was trying to find out the height of various bridges I see on sale, and most sellers do not state the max and min bridge heights. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Add to Cart. Well that was easy, but it's a bit of an odd measure because it depends on how little thread you're willing to leave in the adjustment slots and when you think it looks silly. 12 String Non-Tremolo Bridge ABC PARTS. The Gotoh website is being less-than-helpful, and I can't find any manuals or diagrams on it either. More info. CATEGORIES. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Display as a link instead, × More info. Prices From: £15.44 Inc VAT . In other news, the V is done, and I'll be assembling tomorrow! More info Add to cart. Clear editor. The 756 is an all-in-one TOM /tail with fine tuners. Upload or insert images from URL. Page: 1; 2; Sort By. Or do I need more coffee? Please click here for important information regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus. Taking into account fret height and action, I'd be looking at a 15/32" max saddle height, taking the measurements from my old Carvin. Isn't that Gotoh taller than the Hipshot? View cart for details. 4 product ratings - NEW Gotoh 510T-FE1 Non-locking 2 Point Tremolo Bridge w/ Hardware - CHROME, 5 product ratings - NEW Gotoh 510UB Wrap Around Bridge Tailpiece w/ Studs - 10.4mm Spacing - BLACK, 34 product ratings - NEW Gotoh 510UB Wrap Around Guitar Bridge Tailpiece w/ Stud Lock - CHROME, 2 product ratings - NEW Gotoh GE103B-T Large Metric Posts Tunematic w/ Studs - BLACK, 7 product ratings - NEW Gotoh BS-TC1S Steel Tele Bridge, Cut Down Sides, Brass Saddles - NICKEL, 10 product ratings - GOTOH GE103B-T Guitar Bridge with large metric posts, 4 product ratings - NEW Gotoh GE104B - ABR-1 Gibson Style - Tune-o-matic Bridge Tunematic - NICKEL, 4 product ratings - Gotoh 510UB Wrap Around Bridge Tailpiece w/ Studs - 10-4mm Spacing - GOLD, 8 product ratings - GOTOH® In Tune Compensated Brass Saddle Set For 3 Saddle Telecaster~Brand New, 3 product ratings - NEW Gotoh GTC201 Telecaster Vintage Style Bridge Brass Saddles 10.8mm - CHROME, 36 product ratings - GOTOH 201B-4 4-String Bass Bridge for Fender® Precision P Jazz J Badass - CHROME, 5 product ratings - NEW Gotoh 510TS-FE1 Non-locking 2 Point Tremolo Bridge w/ Hardware - CHROME, 1 product ratings - Gotoh BS-TC2 Brass In-Tune Saddle Dual Load Bridge for Fender Telecaster Tele, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like.