The original Warriors logo is an native American dribbling a yellow basketball with one yellow feather. On January 5, 1933, authorities started building the construction of one of the largest Golden Gate bridges connecting San Francisco and the southern part of Marin County. Above the orange circle, there is a dark blue inscription “GOLDEN STATE,” and under the bottom – the word “WARRIORS.”. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. Artists redrew the logo, changing the proportions. A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Beaches in Chile, The 20 Best Things to Do in Chile for First Timers, The 10 Most Reliable BMW Models of All-Time. Now, the circle contains the borders of the US state of California with a blue star located on the site of the San Francisco Bay Area and indicates the team’s geographical location. Traditionally, the team got its name in honor of the former basketball team, with the incredibly original name Philadelphia Phyllis. Designers used a large circle as a basis and placed a smaller circle in it, and in the center, they placed the national headdress of the Indians. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items. “The City” refers to the city of San Francisco. Useful & free design resources delivered to your inbox every week. Another logo was introduced on July 17, 2010. From 1989 until 1997, the Golden State Warriors used another version of the 1976 logo in which they changed: the yellow color to a darker shade, the font of the wordmark “GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS” and blue color also went a shade darker. Here is the Detroit Pistons logo in vector format(svg) and transparent PNG, ready to download. Download free Golden State Warriors vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. The basketball he was dribbling was yellow and beneath it were three blue lines. The Golden State Warriors logo illustrates a simplified, yet sleek design of a span, part of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which is a spin-off of “The City” logo. The palette is selected by the official color scheme of the club: royal blue for a circle and inscriptions, yellow for Golden Gate Bridge, and a ring passing along the inner edge. **New** NBA Pacific Conference Logo Battle. In the 1961/62 season, the San Francisco Warriors showed themselves. Golden State Warriors Primary Logo 2011 - Present, San Francisco Warriors Primary Logo 1970 - 1971, Philadelphia Warriors Primary Logo 1952 - 1962, 1. Scegli tra immagini premium su Golden State Warriors Logo della migliore qualità. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; The color palette remained untouched and the logo looked bright and strong. Work on it has been ongoing for 18 months. The depiction of the Bay Bridge in the primary logo serves as the link between the Warriors’ original Bay Area home in San Francisco, where the team arrived from Philadelphia 48 years ago, and its current home in Oakland. Happy downloading! In 1976 the Warriors changed the yellow backdrop to be yellow basketball with the outline of California and the star on the Bay Area. Golden State Warriors. During the debut season of 1926/27, Phillies were renamed to Warriors, whose name was picked up by talented heirs from the BAA. The new name is reflected in the logo. The team got rid of the cartoonish warrior, replacing him by a silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1971, the club was renamed Golden State Warriors. Lightning merges with the letter “W” and seems to be its continuation. In 1962, the Philadelphia Warriors moved to San Francisco Bay Area and changed their name to the San Francisco Warriors. Golden State Warriors Wordmark Logo 1997 - 2009. First, the basketball team was named Philadelphia Warriors, then – San Francisco Warriors, and only in recent years became known as the Golden State Warriors. Currently over 10,000 on display for your viewing pleasure The team’s official colors are Royal blue, California golden yellow, slate. The wordmark “SAN FRANCISCO WARRIORS,” in blue and on a white background surrounds the circled headcrest. The “W” in “WARRIORS” is extended to be a lightning bolt which is held on to by a blue masked man and behind him, there is an orange basketball. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Also, on the logo, there is a yellow inscription “Warriors,” made in a handwritten font. The original logo, introduced in 1946 for Philadelphia Warriors, was composed of a simple yet funny image of a Native American man executed in purple lines and a yellow basketball. As you can see, the movement of the ball was traced in the form of a “W” letter (from the word Warriors). A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Pre-Owned BMW, The Patek Philippe Twenty 4: A Buyer’s Guide, The Five Best Patek Philippe Quartz Watches of All-Time, The 10 Best Patek Philippe Women’s Watches of All-Time. This is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s main attractions, which allows you to identify the location of a professional basketball club and emphasizes its commitment to the native region. In 1962, Frank Mulie, the wealthy businessman from the Bay Area in San Francisco, acquired the team. Scopri le migliori foto stock e immagini editoriali di attualità di Golden State Warriors Logo su Getty Images. They used this logo until 2010. Above the circled Golden Gate Bridge is the wordmark “The CITY” in blue, referring to the city of San Francisco. The typefaces look very much like Copperplate Medium (for the “GOLDEN STATE” lettering) and Copperplate Bold (for the word “WARRIORS”). The redesign of 1969 brought a new image to the Warriors’ visual identity. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; They then modified their logo to have the yellow making a comeback. How Much Money Can an NBA First Round Draft Pick Make? In terms of the … The yellow circle was redrawn as a basketball in 1975. Seventy-two years ago, a new promising basketball team appeared in Pennsylvania. The revived Warriors established themselves as the powerful team by winning the first BAA (and NBA) championship title in history. In 1969, the emblem developers decided to move away from the theme of the Indians and emphasize the team’s territorial affiliation. Golden State Warriors 1997 - 2009. Currently over 10,000 on display for your viewing pleasure In 1973, the Golden State Warriors logo did not change much from the previous logo and only changed the wordmark such that “WARRIORS” now rested at the top of the circle and “BASKETBALL” sat at the bottom. The club relocated to San Francisco in 1962, and its logo was changed in the same year. The team is also known as “Dubs”. To do this, they depicted the Golden Gate Bridge in a yellow circle with a blue frame and placed the inscription “The CITY” on top. It had been performing for two years in the ABL. Six home games were played in San Diego, but more importantly, no matches were played in San Francisco or Daly City. In 1971, the San Francisco Warriors changed the geographic moniker to Golden State, and hence the team came to be known as the Golden State Warriors, a name they have retained to date. The “I” in warriors is an arrow. Here is the Dallas Cowboys logo in vector format(svg) and transparent PNG, ready to download. The new concept comprised a bold yellow circle with the blue contour of the California state and a solid blue five-pointed star on it. The current logo of the professional basketball team Golden State Warriors has received mixed reviews, from admiration to criticism. The redesigning of 2010 brought up a fresh insignia for the basketball team — a light blue loop medallion in a double yellow-blue outline with an elegant and sophisticated image of the bridge drawn on it in yellow lines. In 1951 the logo was redrawn with its lines being strengthened and the color palette switched to blue and white. How Do You Spot a Fake Patek Philippe Watch? {{familyColorButtonText(}}, Guarda {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} risultati. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at The blue feather Indian headpiece was placed on the yellow part of the badge, while the wordmark was written in a white part, around the badge’s perimeter. They began using their first logo in 1947; it was a cartoon figure of a Native American drawn in blue color.