iBT TOEFL Preparation: Listening Skills & Practice 3 Credit Hours. Introduction to Robotics Research. Experiments in polymerization, processing, and property evaluation of polymers. This class is paired with Writing 600. Cannot count toward major area requirements on M.S. Special Problems in Mechanics of Materials. Special Problems in Fluid Mechanics. Create a new GTPE account or login to your existing GTPE account. 3 Credit Hours. ME 8941. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. Scaling laws and modeling. 2 Credit Hours. Special Topics. Robotics Professional Preparation. For the safety of our community, we have transitioned many of our in-person professional course offerings to a virtual format to support efforts to keep you learning, progressing, and connected. ME 2801. Once graduate stand-alone certificate programs are approved by the Institute, they will be listed here. ESL: Leadership Across Cultures Biological, engineering, and medical issues in developing tissue-engineered constructs. 3 Credit Hours. ME 4754. Heat and Mass Exchangers. Analytical and numerical investigation of full film compressible and incompressible hydrodynamic lubrication problems for steady and unsteady conditions. R500L Reading 1 Credit Hour. Project-based course where students in the Technology and Management Program will work in inter-disciplinary teams on projects provided by corporate affiliates. Undergraduate embedded certificates will be granted only to students who, in addition to the … System Dynamics and Control. 3 Credit Hours. Fundamentals of thermal radiation, blackbody radiation, surface characteristics, exchange in enclosures, radiation through continua, and combined mode heat transfer. ME 7201. In this course, students will learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership in the cross-cultural context. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. ME 8803. Principles of Continuum Mechanics. Computational Fluid Dynamics. Students will add information to sentences and combine sentences, as well as link ideas with transition words and dependent clauses. The course provides comprehensive foundational knowledge of the industry enabling the student to understand the role of diverse manufacturing operations and to strategically plan improvements. 4 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. Certificate issuance exceptions include courses with outstanding credentialing entities (i.e. The mechanics of Newtonian viscous fluids. If you have already registered and forgot to use your coupon code, you can request an eligible refund. Special Topics. Cost factors. You will learn the skills necessary in project management including recruiting members, creating a charter/vision for the club, holding meetings and implementing activities for the club. Learn various techniques for sentence combination and word-order variations. Performance and application of microprocessors and analog electronics to modern mechatronic systems. Practice all the language skills–speaking, listening, writing, and reading–while making a class movie. Seminars in Mechanical Engineering. Classroom courses Students will have the same teacher for both courses. Students will have the same teacher for both courses. In this class, learners will write sentences using simple present and past tense. Algorithms for describing, planning, commanding, and controlling motion force. Identify areas of weakness in your writing that affect overall clarity. 3 Credit Hours. Integrative Management Development - Project Preparation. 1-21 Credit Hours. In this course, students will learn how to give effective presentations to American audiences. 6 Credit Hours. ME 7442. In this course, you will develop writing knowledge, skills, and strategies that are essential for improving your performance in both sections of the Analytical Writing section of the GRE. 3 Credit Hours. Organizations could include: Atlanta Beltline, Atlanta Clean and Beautiful, Chattahoochee River Keeper, GA Conservancy, GA Tech Green Buzz, Trees Atlanta. 1-21 Credit Hours. Students will make predictions before reading, identify topics, main ideas, and major details of a passage, and understand vocabulary in context. Manufacturing of Composites. Learners will write short paragraphs (5-7 sentences) about familiar topics and use writing mechanics like capitalization, punctuation, and indentation. Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management. Graduate Internship at a partner company, GTRI or a GT Robotics lab. 3 Credit Hours. You will also learn about the different question types on the test and learn strategies to answer these questions. 3 Credit Hours. Effective communication is more than just grammar; the way you use your voice, face, posture, or gestures affects the message you are sending. 3 Credit Hours. 1-12 Credit Hours. The course consists of faculty and guest lectures, prototyping in design studios, and a multi-disciplinary design project. ME 6776. The fundamentals of pulp and paper technology are presented. 4 Credit Hours. Fundamentals of Mechatronics. ME 8010. Focus on note-taking skills, idiomatic vocabulary use, and grammar structures that are typically found in spoken English. Mechanics and dynamics of machining, machine tool components and structures, sensors and control of machine tools, machine process planning and optimization. If you are not able to attend a live session you you can still complete most required trainings via, Navigating Employee Self-Service and Faculty Data Self-Service, Manage and maintain your team members' profile, Review employee absence request and reported time, How to create job postings for competitive positions for your department, Introduction to Employee Self-Service (ESS), Introduction to Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Faculty Data Self-Service (FDSS), Enter Time with Online Timesheet in Employee Self-Service, Enter Time with Web Clock in Employee Self-Service, Introduction to Manager Self-Service (MSS) for Provisioned Initiators, Introduction to Manager Self-Service (MSS), Approvers, Managers, Provisioned Initiators, Manager Self-Service: Time and Absence Transactions, Managers, Provisioned Initiators, Time and Absence Approvers, Manager Self-Service: Position Management, HR & Compensation Transactions, Manager Self-Service: Recruiting & Hiring, Manager Self-Service: Approving Time & Absence Transactions, Viewing and submitting extended absence requests, Position Management transactions such as add/change position funding, HR Transactions including but not limited to: how to submit a transfer, promotion, Reports-To change, and location change, Compensation Transactions such as how to submit an ad hoc salary change. ME 8882. 3 Credit Hours. ME 8866. ERP has moved to webinar only training sessions. ME 8901. ME 8852. Do you provide transcripts or certificates for Professional Development Hours or Professional Development Units? CEUs earned are recorded in the attendee’s name and will appear on a GTPE transcript. The course offers the fundamentals of pulp and paper testing procedures. North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332 3 Credit Hours. This class is paired with Writing 100. Students will take notes on simulated academic lectures and interviews, as well as authentic newscasts and lectures. Substitutions cannot be guaranteed for classified, restricted, or approval-required courses. 3 Credit Hours. Crosslisted with ECE 6744. ME 8964. 3 Credit Hours. Mechanical Design Engineering. In this course,  you will learn strategies to improve your scores on the Critical Reading and Math sections of the SAT exam. PeopleSoft payments are processed at the time of registration. 3 Credit Hours. Practice three kinds of speaking tasks. Intermediate topics including multidimensional transient conduction, diffusion, boundary layers, internal flows, radiation, phase change, heat exchangers, multimode transfer, and numerical methods with a project-oriented approach. Three-dimensional rigid body dynamics. To receive a full refund, you must submit a withdrawal request prior to the course start date and have not previously accessed the course. Metrology techniques and procedures. ESL: Basic Writing You will gain a better understanding of how the U.S. higher education system works and how the application process differs depending on the program you are applying to. Are there additional fees for books, supplies, or materials?