The food giant was also an early investor in the popular plant-based meat company Beyond Meat, which it sold its stake in when Beyond went public. ", Chris Kerr, Gathered Foods' CEO and cofounder, told Business Insider that the investment "shows our customers and the food industry as a whole recognize our strategy ... and are willing to see more innovation in the space. Good Catch was created to offer the taste, texture, and nutrition of seafood. It also uses seaweed and algae extracts to give it omega-3 fatty acids and a more seafood-like flavor. NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch® plant-based seafood products, today announced the closing of an oversubscribed Series B … The company states that algae oil contributes the much-desired fatty acids present in many seafoods, while also providing real ocean flavor. "When we met the Good Catch team, we were immediately captivated with their mission to develop more sustainable plant-based seafood products that taste as delicious as traditional seafood," John Haugen, managing director of 301 INC, said in a statement. ", Kerr said General Mills "has massive global reach and a portfolio of forward-thinking food brands they've invested in, and having their support in growing Good Catch as a seafood-alternative brand is a big win for us and the trajectory of our company," adding that the company's products will help "the oceans and their inhabitants.". "Good Catch stands out as a strong, expandable brand with passionate leadership, and we're excited to partner to grow. The investment will help Good Catch expand across North America, Europe and Asia, the company said in a statement. Account active Employees will have an initial four-day work week, paid vacation and holidays, the company stated, and a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance plans and 401k options. We have the buildings, workforce, logistics that have always favored manufacturing and now this new emerging industry.". Filed: September 15, 2020 Business management and advisory services, namely, providing assistance in development of business strategies, organization… Owned by: Gathered Foods Corporation Serial Number: 90182312 And soon, plant-based burgers, sliders and crab cakes, and more – new protein-rich, nutrient-dense foods from Good Catch – will become a reality. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider The innovative manufacturing facility will include state-of-the-art processing equipment to produce the plant-based food products, the company said. General Mills, the company behind popular brands like Cheerios and Yoplait, is betting big on plant-based seafood — this week it was part of a $32 million investment into a startup offering plant-based tuna and plant-based fish burgers. We believe that plant-based eating will change – and ultimately save – the world, and we strive to create plant-based foods that taste amazing. Subscriber General Mills, a Minnesota-based company that's been around for over 150 years, has invested heavily in other plant-based food companies like Kite Hill, which makes dairy-free yogurt, cheese, and pasta. The biggest stories in fast food, shopping, and more. US alternative-seafood firm Gathered Foods, which has attracted funding from General Mills and Maple Leaf Foods, has added another new international market to its roster. We conceive and launch brands that revolutionize the way people eat. Filed: May 29, 2020Plant-based vegan processed food, namely, canned textured plant proteins for use as a meat substitute, meat and seafood…Owned by: Gathered Foods CorporationSerial Number: 88940283, Filed: June 26, 2020Fresh and processed vegetables; plant-based processed food made from beans, grains and vegetablesOwned by: Gathered Foods CorporationSerial Number: 90023438, Filed: September 15, 2020Business management and advisory services, namely, providing assistance in development of business strategies, organization…Owned by: Gathered Foods CorporationSerial Number: 90182312. Gathered Foods purchased the building and constructed it for cutting edge plant-based foods production. General Mills, which has been around for over 150 years, was part of a $32 million investment into Gathered Foods' Good Catch line of plant-based seafood this week. Follow future shipping activity from Gathered Foods Corporation. The 42,500 square foot facility, located at 630 Kaiser Drive on the Central Ohio Aerospace and Technology Center campus, started out as a spec building by Southgate Corporation in 2018. Good Catch wants to make seafood that's safe to consume and good for the environment. See their past imports from The Brecks Company Ltd, a supplier based in United Kingdom. All rights reserved. Sign up for Insider Retail. as well as other partner offers and accept our. since. Gathered Foods said it will begin hiring this month, with up to 50 full-time and 30 part-time positions across all facets of operations. Good Catch seeks to create delicious plant-based foods that raise consciousness, reduce harm and preserve environmental resources, according to the Gathered Foods press release. Founding chef partners and brothers, Chad and Derek Sarno, along with an in-house team of food scientists, worked for years to create the Good Catch’s proprietary six-legume blend of peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans, utilized as the protein-rich base of the Good Catch products. General Mills, which has been around for over 150 years, was part of a $32 million investment into Gathered Foods' Good Catch line of plant-based seafood this week. The fact alone that pregnant women are told to avoid consuming tuna is reason enough to seek alternative solutions.". We have the right ingredients to make plant-based food thrive in central Ohio. We start with a proprietary blend of legumes and add farmed algal oil, which provides the clean taste of the sea, plus a nice dose of plant-based omega-3s.