It was half empty--on Mother's Day. I believe if you reserve through open table, or something of that sort, they give coupons for free appetizers for every 2 people in your party. Read More. If you visit this establishment, by-pass the salad and try their soups, they were amazingly delicious. I visited this restaurant for a business meeting. $10.29. Too bad--was hoping to find a nice local bistro. It was very liquidity with very few lobster chunks/bits and they over did it with the tomatoes? This review gets 3 stars instead of 1 or 2 because my parents really enjoyed their food, and because the server brought a chocolate cake slice with a candle for my parents anniversary. The pasta is black and can sometimes be overly cooked. Eat here, you will enjoy it, there's no reason no to. Deals and promos available. Disclaimer: this review is from a vegan perspective  (all others will probably have a much better experience). Just don't expect a 7 oz steak. I guess it would be a big disappointment if that were the portion and to have paid for it. The restaurant offered three main dining areas but they were small and too tightly arranged. Another member of my group ordered the mushroom ravioli as the vegetarian option but when his plate arrived it was this huge pile of steamed veggies with a single ravioli on it. So if you're looking for authenticity, look elsewhere.All in all I will keep coming back here for the corkage fee. They have their prefix menu all the time so I don't have to wait until DineLA week to dine here. If my friend did not tell me it was lobster, I will never know. Baked mushroom was probably the best out of the 3 appetizers. I ordered a Caprice salad (do we have to call it that because we're at a French restaurant? It was yummy. The meat was very tendered but it weren't that tasty. I had the ahi tuna which I don't think was grilled rare as the menu described it would be. What's the singular....raviolae? Wish I could give this place 3.5 stars.We had the combo plate appetizer with the tuna tartare added on. Spend a little more and enjoy yourself at Parkway Grill. We came here for a birthday party. Order online, and get Lobster Ravioli delivered, fast. I noticed from what others ordered it looked like all the vegetables regardless of what dish you ordered probably came from the same steamer pot. They shouldn't have added the raspberry sauce with the Tiramisu. Sesame coated salmon on a bed of potato pancakes.. Start w/ Tuna tartar.. Whats Near Me To Do – were you can find thousands of things to do in your immediate area. Bread was stale and butter was frozen. Menu kind of hodgepodge for a place that by name and the French poster decorations, you would think would have more French cuisine. Vegan review: I've been coming here a while because my parents love the food. The service was slow, not particularly attentive, but not offensive either. When the waiter came to me, I just wanted to confirm that there was no dairy on anything so I asked him if the vegetarian option was vegan. !!! The desserts we had were delightful; both the gluten-free flourless chocolate cake and the sorbet were rich and flavorful. They gave me like 5 pieces of steamed veggies with no seasoning, a half cup of couscous, and ONE ravioli! The sweet and sour teriyaki sauce (not sure) overpowered the lamb flavor. Very good location!When I arrived, they had two long tables set up by the bar area. Read More. Overall this was a slightly positive but not mind-blowingly awesome experience. This place gets packed!90 minutes free parking in the parking garage on Raymond right across from the park. Favorites: Appetizer: Lobster and Salmon Ravioli Entree: Shrimp and Slipper Lobster Tails with mushroom risotto in a red wine lobster sauce  (I've pretty much ordered this entree each and every time I've been here. Read More. Then when I got my meal, my salad was lettuce and balsamic vinaigrette (you couldn't have added a tomato?!) The dish was tasty but did not fill me so I had to fill up on their fresh warm sour dough bread with butter, it was delicious too. It was perfect! See our listing of stores below, and be sure to check this page often for updates. I don't say that so often.I went during the last restaurant week of 2010 when the cafe extended their restaurant week prices to the end of the month.I order the stuffed mushrooms, lobster ravioli and flourless cake for dessert. Parla Pasta is crafted fresh with the very best ingredients using authentic Italian methods, then quickly frozen to retain a pure, fresh taste. If you're on a tight budget but want to take your significant other on a nice date, Cafe Bizou is the place for you!P.S. When ravioli begin rising to the surface, lower boiling water to a simmer and cook for 8 to 10 minutes. That's not what you're going to get.Seafood pasta. He had no idea what that was. Comes with your choice of appetizers and dessert. Or don't and at least get a decent meal at Cafe 140, Akbar's, Louise's Trattoria, even Villa Sorriso! Still, if you’re looking for something elegant to serve, these were pretty much perfect. When I think French I think whole chickens for two, duck, a selection of pate and cheeses...none of that on the menu.