We use cookies to ensure the best experience on Skillinked. The Fragger is the first player in the team to enter the buildings and the first to engage in close combat. They pass on valuable information about the threats and help the in-game leaders to make call-outs on the basis of their information. OP,GG are some of the common call-outs or slangs in pubg or in any other game, that is used to compliment or define a situation to your teammates or other players in the game. The first assault weapon should be for him, as well as important accessories such as silencers or the 4x viewfinder. This prevents loss of precious time. Many of the above roles can be combined with other non-conflicting role, like a sniper can assist the team as a scout and the in-game leader can also play the role of support or assaulter. This role mustn’t be unequivocal: in PUBG it’s important that all players know how to do it, since sniper rifles are very good and particularly effective in the end game. Every member of the team gets a specific role that they are required to perform. Sometimes he will spend more time looking at the map than the game itself and it will be up to him to decide whether to enter or not in every place and how to manage the overall strategy. BattleRoyale.it is a Skillinked partner. Having a designated sniper in the team is very beneficial in PUBG Mobile. Sometimes it happens that you can’t bring all the healing kits you want because space is limited. The task of support players includes providing cover fires, smokes, and performing all possible revivals. Somebody who frags someone. Don’t miss any news and guides by following us on Instagram @battleroyaleitalia. Having a specialist can be a great help to the team. They examine the area for possible enemies and search around for potential covers inside various structures. One of the roles that is starting to develop in PUBG is the Explorer. The role of the Sniper can be flanked by a secondary role, such as the Explorer. The Fragger leads squad rushes and needs to be very fast and accurate at close range. No matter how experienced or skilled the player is, they require a team with assigned roles to flourish. On that note, here are some of the key roles of the players in the squad. Definitely one of the most requested PUBG roles. The role of explorer can be approached to the sniper, since the equipment is the same. Support is one of the most underrated roles in the team, but the function is crucial to success. They have first priority on HVP. Also Read: How to increase KD in PUBG Mobile? As the name indicates, the entry fragger or assaulter is the first person to engage in battles on the field. PUBG Mobile is an extremely competitive game. This is Battle Royale. In this way, after a gunfight, the support can pass the necessary resources to the other team members. The in-game leader must be experienced and must know the map terrain. They frequently take down unsuspecting enemies that are wandering in the open. In addition to weapons it’s good to provide him with the best bulletproof vest, which will especially help him in raids on buildings. Better known as IGL (In Game Leader), the Leader is the player who will make important decisions and guide the team in the game. The assaulter or the entry fragger leads the squad while rushing towards the enemies. This is similar in concept to an 'entry fragger'. The individual performing this role must be great in close-range fights. When they lack range power, their goal is to be exposed and lay bullet down on an enemies' cover so your team can reposition.