Paying for a subscription that doesn't work..!! I have been a Foxtel subscriber for over 20 years, four weeks ago I was forced to upgrade to IQ4 because my new apartment only has satellite. Below each cast member, there’s a number that highlights other titles they are featured in that are available in the online library. First week fantastic, 2 weeks later on my second iq4 with still the same problem, which is having to constantly reset. This extended info display extends across all channels. I have complained by text (that is the only way to complain these days) and every day I get a different person who doesn't read the whole thread ... and offers the same idiotic response. We've purchased additional booster modem packs and installed them, still not working. Fortunately, now that branding has been dropped, the coverage of each section has drastically improved. Program starts at 7.00pm and ends at 8.00pm. The Best Telstra NBN Plans for Seniors in 2020. This is the second recent IQ4 box I have had and the same problem has occurred with both of them. But for the most part, the now-iconic Foxtel remote design has never significantly changed. As mentioned above, the new remote has three big red buttons for TV shows, movies and sports – and it’ll be no surprise that pressing any of those takes you straight to a dedicated page for your choice on the iQ4 (those using the older remote can simply press Home then use the direction buttons to navigate between categories). UHD TVs have a lot more pixels than an HD TV, but they also cost a lot more. I might have rebooted the IQ3 2 or 3 times a year. Ultra-high Definition (also called 4K) could be the next 3D in the sense that there's a lot of hype, but virtually no content available yet. The Good Foxtel's iQ3 is a genuine step up from the last set-top box, with a big 1TB hard drive and a good mix of traditional Foxtel channels with video on demand features.. Foxtel IQ4 (MS6505NF) review 1000GB hard disk capacity. I have the same problem but how do you sync your account with the IQ4 box? I have lost numerous series, seasons and shows due to being 'un-watchable' due to the freezing. Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. The iQ4 will soon support voice commands via a button controlled microphone built into the new remote, bringing the platform in line with other devices like the Telstra TV 3 and the Apple TV. Anybody got any ideas?? Models scoring 0% use more than 1.5 W in standby mode which CHOICE feels is not acceptable. With that in hand, just press the Netflix button and you’re good to go. We have now also been onto Foxtel. Plus get $10 bonus off for the next 11 mths on some Foxtel Plans! They said the box must be too far away from the modem. This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs. When l did this they all started working again. 2 hours over two days talking to (so called) technical support; and being told that the headphones are the problem (over and over again). The quality seems better and there is 4K. Plugged everything in and turned it on. Over the years, there have been several subtle improvements made to the familiar Foxtel remote control – such as the addition of a Bluetooth-only model for the iQ3 and iQ4, and new buttons being quietly added to enable additional features. This shows which products have been discontinued and which are still available. * If I download and pay for a movie, it freezes constantly. Full marks to JB HiFi at Capalaba, Brisbane - and ZERO to Foxtell Technical Support. Foxtel Now Box review An impressive and affordable 4K streaming solution By Stephen Lambrechts 05 December 2017. Forced to watch Netflix through smart TV. The new menu system is good and the new handset is great. I have to say that after a couple of months using and getting used to the new IQ4 format, it really is hard to fault. Had issues with iQ3 box on receipt therefore Foxtel upgraded us to iQ4 and not had a single issue. The only way for the reset to work is to turn the power off each time everytime we want watch foxtel. I have used three different ethernet cables. The big news, of course, is the addition of a Netflix app to the iQ4, and what that means for Foxtel subscriptions in the future. Sport, in particular, gets a much-needed facelift, with dedicated sub pages for AFL, League, Motorsport, Rugby and Cricket, and on-demand access to replays and shows, as well as something new – “Fox Minis” – condensed versions of matches similar to Kayo’s extremely popular Minis concept. This is the product's overall performance score, based on key tests conducted by our industry experts in the CHOICE labs. Our IQ 4 turned off during the storm last night. Foxtel through Telstra. In order to get access to Foxtel’s 4K live channel, you’ll need to have the new iQ4 set-top box, which is said to be Foxtel’s most advanced streaming set-top with smarter features that would make your viewing so much more convenient. Patrick Delany, Foxtel CEO, said, “Innovation is in Foxtel’s DNA and we have continuously redefined entertainment for Australia putting us at the centre of connecting subscribers with the sports and the shows they love.” Got it with free upgrade from Telstra. It's very frustrating and a waste of time . Last I heard Foxtel has 2.8 million subscribers, and only 330k of them have the iQ3. Foxtel has brought voice control to the iQ4 and iQ3 so subscribers can search and browse and navigate their favourite shows simply by using your voice. It will come as no surprise that Netflix on the iQ4 is identical in every way to Netflix on every other device – the “look and feel” of the app is integral to their brand – but how you launch it differs depending on whether or not you have the new remote control. Timer accuracy: 5% We also play back recordings to check the quality and range of functions that are possible. It has NBN. Timeshift allows you to pause, rewind and rewatch parts of a show as you're watching it live, because the PVR is constantly recording whatever you're watching. Our tester assesses the accuracy of the timer recording and whether the beginning and end of the show is recorded.