I too never thought to check the low beam fuse since the low beams were working. What is wrong with low beam? This leads me to believe the issue is in the high beam control stalk/switch. When I manually set them at high beam, they do not dim to low beam. Auto high beam headlights ford co pilot 360 technology how do automatic high beam systems work the globe and mail ford fiesta st to enter the hot hatch segment in … I have noticed that when the auto high beam is on, the car takes care of high beam on its own with no issues. I've casually mentioned it to the dealer, who gave me a deer in the headlight stare. I have traced the wiring for the low and high beam to the fuse … read more Hey guys, Have an issue with my low beam lights not working. My headlamps refuse to dim from high to low when meeting another vehicle at night. The Automatic High Beams feature automatically toggles between high and low beams so you don’t have to. I have a 17' 802A without the tech package. Both low beam headlights stopped working at the same time. but no luck. There are certain situations where the system may not switch from high beam to low beam. The truck uses standard halogen bulbs, powered by automotive relays and a headlight switch. When meeting a car, they stay at low. I've checked message center settings, the manual, etc. Car was moving when this happened. How does Ford Co-Pilot360 Automatic High Beams Work? The high beam headlights work. Started it, turned my headlights on, but to my suprise, lowbeam is not working. This system utilizes a camera mounted behind the rearview mirror to detect approaching lights up to 2,000 feet away. High beam yes, spot lights yes, fog lights yes and parkers yes. I have a 2019 Focus Vignale has anybody had any problems with auto high beam when travelling down a dual carriageway they lift up when cars are passing you so your dazzling other driver from behind and on a single carriageway they don't drop only time they do work is when you approach a street with streetlights then they drop ive had the car in a ford dealership they said there was an … I turned on the lights and the low beam headlights and they were out. I drove home (i live only 3 mins from work) with parkers and fog lights on. It does have the 360° cameras and Bliss. Tonight when i knocked off work, i jumped into my Xh ute. The features self-activates in low lighting at speeds above 25 mph. In this circumstance, you will need to manually override the system to switch off high beams to low. The multifunction switch is working correctly. Low beam headlights Issues - Ford Modifications Website. Problems with your headlights can range from the simple and inexpensive (bulbs and relays) to … The headlights on your Ford Ranger pickup truck are similar to the headlights on most other vehicles. The low beam headlights of my 1999 Expedition do not work. I can turn the high beams on and all the lights turn on fine but its only when I turn on the low beams that only the little parking lights turn on. Ford Mondeo Auto High Beam Limitations and Warnings. Couldnt see very far at all. See all problems of the 2012 Ford Fiesta . I looked it up on the web and Fiestas in canada have been recalled for this problem, but for some reason not in the us. I had 17' Lariat that had the auto dimming high beams and kind of miss it. I have the control knob set at Auto, but the headlamps seem to default to low beam. High beams still work. I see on the forscan spreadsheet an option for Auto HeadHigh Beam (AHB) control under IPC … I too noticed in the manual of the low beam, but nothing was listed for the high beam. For example, a manual override may be required when approaching cyclists. I also asked Ford about it, who also said they had no reports of the issue. I was about to take the car to my dealer to have them search the problem.